LEGO constructions: everything about the bricks par excellence

With more than 100 years of history behind them, LEGO bricks can be defined as the toy constructions par excellence . LEGO is today a multifaceted and constantly evolving empire, whose beating heart remains the brick. The enormous and highly varied catalog is the strong point of the company which produces, year after year, sets differentiated by price and target audience . In our guide we have dissected the universe of LEGO constructions , describing most of the products it contains and offering a rich selection divided into price ranges.

How to choose a LEGO set

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How much do LEGO buildings cost?

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How to choose a LEGO set

Here are the salient elements to evaluate before purchasing:

Age – Keeping track of LEGO builds is impossible because the catalog expands in all directions, year after year. To narrow the search field and make a successful choice it is always a good idea to start from the reference age . In fact, each box is dedicated to a specific target, a factor that makes the difficulty of assembly tailored to the manufacturer. We start with the LEGO Duplo line reserved for little ones and move on to the more complex sets with the 18+ tag.

Categories and genres – Even in this case, the breadth of the proposal could be disarming. The good news is that the entire LEGO range is well organized into numerous macro categories . LEGO Duplo, LEGO Classic , LEGO Technic : here are the main ones, to which further families are added, including LEGO City , LEGO Creator , LEGO Disney , LEGO Friends and LEGO Icons .

Number of pieces – The number of pieces in the package does not always coincide with the actual difficulty level of the set. There are small boxes that, perhaps, are intended for the 16+ target. And large packs designed for children. In general, we start from less than 50 pieces to reach almost 10 thousand with the most majestic sets.

How much do LEGO buildings cost?

The creative approach of LEGO bricks has led to the great success of the Danish brand. Furthermore, the plastic material used to make LEGO construction pieces is safe, resistant and chromatically stable. From the union of the design element with the manufacturing one, quality bricks are born, whose average price is inevitably higher than that of the competition. The cost of the box, however, is directly linked to the number of pieces present, ranging from less than 10 euros to over 500 . But it is also the presence of exclusive components , advanced mechanisms and electronic parts that pushes up the purchase cost. In any case, the enormous offer in the LEGO catalog adapts to all budgets, including quite convenient boxes. We are talking about rather simple packages that are configured as pieces of an immense world to be built, adding details and accessories each time. To make the proposal varied, we have chosen the most interesting sets, dividing them into three price categories. Within 30 euros we have the economic range , from 30 to 80 euros the medium range and, above this threshold, the high range . For each box, we have always specified the recommended age.

(Data updated as of December 2023 and subject to change over time)

Economic range (within 30 euros)

We open our journey through LEGO constructions with the LEGO Duplo Fire Engine , the cute fire truck complete with lights and sounds . Ideal for ages 2+ , it includes a character and a cute puppy to save. For little builders aged 4 or more , here is The Fairy Kitten’s Garden Party , a fun-filled LEGO Gabby’s Dollhouse set. Between a tea on the tree and a ride on the slide, good mood is the protagonist in a 130-piece set. Dedicated to children in the 6+ age group, however, is the Imperium Hunter Dragon Knight from the LEGO Ninjago series. With almost 200 LEGO bricks available, the level of challenge grows as does the involvement. And 3 minifigures are included in the package. Veering towards unisex subjects, the colorful Lego Creator 3 in 1 Exotic Parrot is striking . Realistic and highly detailed, it is aimed at the 7+ age group , allowing young builders to create two alternative animals: a fish and a frog. We are nearing the end of this section with a truly unique LEGO Harry Potter box. Dobby, the house elf is the most faithful friend of the boy wizard with glasses. Perfect for ages 8 and up , don’t miss the cake and the spell book with sock hidden inside. Last but not least, the amazing Ferrari 812 Competizione is a 4-wheeled dream yet to be built. Part of the Lego Speed ​​Champions series , it is made up of 261 bricks and is recommended for ages 9+.

Medium range (from 30 to 80 euros)

As the available budget increases, the number of pieces increases, the packages become more elaborate and the fun grows. The LEGO Duplo 3-in-1 Tree House is aimed at little builders in the 3+ age group , a set full of surprises and activities to do. Can be assembled in 3 different configurations , includes 4 characters and 3 puppies. Equally fun, the LEGO City Urban Skate Park brings adrenaline to the city through amazing bike, skateboard and scooter stunts. Recommended for ages 6 and up , it consists of approximately 450 pieces. More relaxed and immersed in the countryside, the Autumn LEGO Friends stable sees 2 minifigures and 2 horses practicing trotting and galloping. Designed for baby builders aged 7 or more , it includes a carriage and many accessories. From earth to sky it’s a short step with the beautiful Lego Disney House of “Up” set . Inspired by the animated film of the same name, it allows us to take flight pulled by a flurry of balloons. Suitable for ages 9+ , it includes minifigs of grumpy Carl, little Russell and Dug the dog. In conclusion, we left room for two adult packs. The Lego Creator Expert Orchid is a wonderful flower with vase to be built using 608 LEGO bricks while the Vespa 125 is an explosion of nostalgia on two wheels. Part of the Lego Icons family, it puts more than 1100 bricks at the service of the scooter par excellence.

High end (over 80 euros)

Here we are in the most sought-after place by LEGO brick enthusiasts. In fact, it is above 80 euros that the largest, most beautiful and complex packages are found, always available for all age groups. We start, as always, with children, presenting the Loop of the Death Challenge in Sonic’s Green Hill Zone , a very complex package featuring the most famous hedgehog in videogames. With the press of a button, Sonic starts running in a breathtaking loop. Recommended age: 8+ . The Downtown LEGO Friends set is aimed at the same age group , an evocative city scenario in which to have fun with friends while shopping. Consisting of over 2000 pieces , it contains 14 minifigs. Another high-end showpiece is the LEGO Marvel Avengers Quinjet , the highly advanced aircraft that transports our heroes into the heart of the action. Perfect for ages 9 and up , it can be assembled in two different versions. Remaining in the cinematographic field, the Lego Star Wars Walker AT-TE is one of the most iconic vehicles of the saga that reinvented the science fiction genre. Accompanied by 8 characters , 2 shooters and a rotating turret, it is always dedicated to the 9+ age group. While the LEGO Technic John Deere 948L-II Tractor is ideal for ages 11 and up . Imposing and highly refined in terms of construction, it is equipped with all-wheel drive, steering wheels and pneumatic claw . And we close our selection in the best way with a Lego Architecture set . The Great Pyramid of Giza is the exceptional reproduction of one of the seven wonders of the world. Dedicated to adult builders, it is also visible inside thanks to the removable cover.

A brick-shaped world

Nathan Sawaya was the first artist to use LEGO bricks as a means of expression. “ The Art of the Brick ”, the exhibition that took Sawaya’s work around the world, was a resounding success, as a demonstration of the public’s affection for LEGO constructions on a global scale . Today the bricks of the Danish company are used to express reality and fantasy in hundreds of different and creative ways. And alongside construction, the brand has added a universe of gadgets, films, animated series and video games.

A history more than a century long


To trace the origins of the LEGO phenomenon, we need to go back in time more than 100 years. The year was 1916 when carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen opened his first workshop in Billund . Specializing in wooden homes and furniture, it began producing its first toys only in 1932. The very successful name of the company was chosen two years later as a fusion of the words “leg” and “godt”, which translates into Italian as “play well”. LEGO , therefore, was officially born in 1934 but it was at the end of the 1940s that the progenitors of today’s modular sets were launched. The construction material also changes: no longer wood but plastic . And the shape of the brick is gradually refined and, in 1958, it reaches its definitive appearance. Despite some rather difficult phases, the growth of the Danish brand proceeds gradually in the 1960s, culminating in the opening of Legoland in Billund : the first theme park.

The most successful lines


In 1969 the LEGO Duplo series was launched , still one of the most loved today. In the 70s, LEGO games became increasingly rich in pieces and situations , finally including characters. The LEGO Technic line , on the other hand, was launched on the market in 1982, paving the way for the enormous success of LEGO games in the 1980s. Pirates and knights are the protagonists of the sets most desired by children all over the world. And at the end of the 90s, the LEGO Star Wars line made its appearance , inspired by the characters of the famous science fiction saga which also fascinates adults. From 2000 onwards, the launch of new products has become increasingly frequent, often accompanying the release of themed films or cartoons. Marvel , Batman , Harry Potter , Jurassic World and Ninjago : here are just some of the universes interpreted through LEGO bricks.

The right constructions for every age

LEGO bricks are educational as well as fun. Assembling and combining the various elements, in fact, contributes to the development of cognitive and spatial abilities. All as long as you choose the right LEGO constructions depending on age . This indication, always present in the packages, affects the gaming experience, through a calibration of the difficulty weighed on various age groups. Here are the three main ones:

1-5 years


Within the first age group that we identified, there are the large bricks of the LEGO Duplo line but also the traditional LEGO Classic sets with standard-sized pieces. Precisely for this reason, it is possible to identify two further sub-ranges: 1-2 years and 2-5 years . A common element in these packages is the simplicity of the components , especially choosing the basic boxes with only the bricks inside. As age increases, boxes appear which include characters and objects designed to allow children to familiarize themselves with what surrounds them. Animals , vehicles , plants, crafts and buildings : no category is overlooked. All this always in total safety and in compliance with the stringent regulations that protect children from the potential dangers deriving from toys.

6-11 years


This age group can also be divided into two subsections: 6-8 years and 9-11 years . In both cases, alongside the classic lines, kits inspired by the most popular animated and film series make their appearance. Harry Potter , Star Wars , Friends : here are just a few, to which are added those dedicated to Marvel and DC superheroes. What differentiates the two ranges of LEGO games is the complexity of the constructions and the number of pieces present in the box. The LEGO Technic line itself is characterized by a different approach depending on age, including battery-powered components, gear mechanisms and radio controls in the more elaborate sets. There are also many additional accessories to purchase separately to personalize the experience.



Designed for children aged 12 and over, they are the most challenging sets of the Technic and Icons series , alongside those of the Architecture line which reproduce the most well-known architectural works and monuments in great detail . Furthermore, some boxes are so structured that they are aimed at an even more mature audience, in the 16 or 18 year age group and above . Finally, the LEGO Ideas line is very particular and includes creative packages that are a little outside the box. Among the many available we remember two: LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith and LEGO Ideas Central Perk , the second inspired by the famous TV series Friends.

Fantasy in power: LEGO core sets

To start building with LEGO bricks , there is nothing better than starting from the Lego Classic basic sets , generic boxes containing pieces of different shapes and colours. Of course, some boxes also include characters and animals as well as simple everyday objects, including the inevitable vehicles. In general, however, by not binding children to a specific theme, these sets allow them to express their imagination by creating situations, buildings and scenes of everyday life from scratch. Through LEGO constructions , the little ones begin to familiarize themselves with the surrounding world, offering a personal miniature interpretation of it. The dimensions of the bricks also differentiate the various LEGO basic packs. In LEGO Duplo sets , such as the Brick Container , the generously sized components are perfect for little ones. While the reduced dimensions of the LEGO Classic elements contained, for example, in the Large Creative Bricks Box , stimulate children to build more elaborate objects. The number of pieces present in the box also has a significant impact on the complexity and variety of the gaming experience. Not to mention that as the bricks increase, the price of the boxes also increases.

Little ones’ favorite LEGO Classic sets:
Creative transparent bricks Creative
Creative suitcase

Daily life through LEGO bricks

One of the strengths of LEGO packages is the vastness of everyday situations that can be reproduced with the bricks. Fun at the nursery , main street , family house and electric car : here are some of the most beautiful scenarios to create. Added to these are bridges, trains, boats and uses of all kinds. But we could go on for a long time listing the many LEGO City , LEGO Duplo and LEGO Creator sets , designed to portray real scenes with which children and teenagers can identify. Very interesting, then, is the LEGO Dots line which allows you to create objects of practical use, such as the cute Panda object holder . Unlike the basic sets, these boxes allow little builders to assemble specific subjects, buildings or cars, through the addition of more detailed accessories and better characterized characters. Each box contains a complete and simple instruction manual that guides children step by step. And some LEGO sets , such as those in the Creator 3 in 1 line , are designed to create three different constructions starting from the same pieces. Versatile and fun , the boxes that portray everyday life help the little ones to relate to others and discover the world.

Most popular LEGO City sets:
Passenger Plane
Ski and Climbing Center
Express Passenger Train

LEGO in the universe of film sagas

At the end of the 90s, LEGO launched one of the most successful lines ever: the one dedicated to Star Wars . Thanks to the enormous following of fans that the science fiction saga has been able to create over time, LEGO Star Wars boxes are very popular among adults and children. And they propose, season after season, always new situations, as in the case of the recent N-1 Starfighter of the Mandalorian Microfighter and Boba Fett’s Mech . The target audience is expanding dramatically and LEGO constructions , which have always been aimed at children, identify a new and constantly growing target of users. It is no coincidence that from 2000 onwards, sets inspired by films and cartoons have multiplied. The world of superheroes, to which LEGO dedicates the Super Heroes line , is a source of great inspiration. Batman is perhaps the most loved character but Marvel heroes are also highly appreciated. Spider-Man, for example, becomes the protagonist of the rich set The final battle of Spider-Man . Even the scenes played by the Harry Potter characters find precise correspondence in various LEGO boxes, including the evocative Hogwarts: the Room of Requirement . And again, let’s think about the prehistoric adventures of Jurassic World , the timeless ones of Indiana Jones and the science fiction universe of Avatar .

Most popular LEGO Jurassic World sets:
The search for the Triceratops
The discovery of the Brachiosaurus
The escape of the T. rex and the Atrociraptor

LEGO bricks and cartoons

LEGO and cartoons : here’s an extraordinarily successful combination. Double the fun for children who can reproduce the heroes of their favorite animated series with bricks. Specifically, Disney characters remain the most loved and coveted. Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , Minnie Mouse , Goofy and Pluto : alongside the great classics, there is ample space for more recent heroes but with a huge following, such as the characters from Oceania , protagonists of the colorful Moana’s sailing boat set . Equally popular is the line of LEGO constructions dedicated to the Frozen universe and, more generally, to the Disney princesses, gathered in the evocative Enchanted Tree House . Also available in a LEGO Duplo variant , Disney playpens provide hours of fun for boys and girls of all age groups. And the same goes for the LEGO Friends and Lego Gabby’s Dollhouse games , inspired by two hugely successful female-led series. There are many boxes that portray the protagonists, including social events and everyday situations, as in the case of the generous Lego Friends 41748 Heartlake City Community Center set or the Lego Gabby’s Dollhouse 10785 Fun in the kitchen with Dolcetto package . The Ninjago series , however, is expressly designed for boys . Finally, with LEGO DreamZzz we return to unisex tracks. Launched very recently, the new LEGO animated production is accompanied by dream sets, such as Mr. Oz’s Space Bus .

Latest LEGO Ninjago sets:
Spinjitzu Race Car Zane’s Dragon Power
Lava Dragon Transformer Heatwave
Moto-Mech Sora’s Transformer

LEGO and videogames

lego and video games

After films and animated series, some famous video games have also been interpreted in a LEGO way . Let’s think, for example, of the LEGO Super Mario line , created in partnership with Nintendo . LEGO constructions with an original and innovative profile are the link between physical and digital play. The bricks that come out of the boxes, in fact, make up an ultra-technological mini Super Mario . Equipped with an LCD display in correspondence with the eyes, mouth and chest, it is able to give life to ever new expressions and reactions. Equipped with motion sensors , it can then be moved along a path that we will create. Grass, water, lava: there are three scenarios to face, each of which is symbolized by a specific colour. But the fun skyrockets thanks to the use of blocks, rotating platforms and clouds to jump on. The pieces included in the sets are all designed to interact with the protagonist electronically, recording his actions and progress. And through Bluetooth connectivity , Super Mario is able to send results to a specific app in real time. App which is also a fundamental guide when assembling the game. Moving from one classic to another, the LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog series portrays the zippy blue hedgehog tackling courses at full speed. But the LEGO Minecraft universe also comes to life through LEGO bricks with which it is possible to build the most popular sandbox buildings par excellence.

Most popular LEGO Super Mario sets:
Mario Adventures – Starter Pack
Diddy Kong’s Mine Run – Expansion Pack
Picnic at Mario’s House – Expansion Pack

Complex and innovative constructions

The 10+ age group includes the most complex and innovative LEGO sets , designed for kids who have already had the opportunity to deal with challenging constructions. The LEGO Technic line , launched in the early 1980s and still in vogue today, is one of the company’s symbols. Created to reproduce sports vehicles and work vehicles , it currently has hundreds of stimulating and fun boxes, such as the exhilarating NASA Mars Rover Perseverance set . The number of pieces contained influences the complexity, as well as the price. And the addition of radio controls, electric motors and other advanced mechanisms makes the gaming experience even richer. The same goes for the LEGO bricks of the Creator Expert series , exceptionally represented by the refined Library . Finally, among the LEGO constructions most appreciated also by the adult public, we cannot fail to include LEGO Architecture , the line which reproduces in abundance particular architectural works, monuments and historical buildings, including the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of New York City .

LEGO Technic sets dedicated to means of transport:
Audi RS Q e-tron
Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica
Heavy mobile crane

LEGO between art, creativity and icons

Some of the most engaging LEGO constructions allow us to reproduce works of art and iconic objects or give life to personal creations outside the box. For modern art enthusiasts, here is one of the most famous Japanese woodcuts of all time: Hokusai – The Great Wave . Three-dimensional work that looks fondly at the original, includes the inevitable frame in the set. And remaining on the theme of LEGO Art , icons also take center stage, as in the case of the Jim Lee Batman Collection and the timeless red tongue of The Rolling Stones . Equally iconic are two vehicles made immortal by the big screen. We’re talking about the ECTO-1 Ghostbusters with which our heroes zoomed around Manhattan and the Time Machine from Back to the Future , the most famous DeLorean in cinema. For those who prefer natural subjects, the choice can only fall on the beautiful Dried Flower Centerpiece or the Wild Flower Bouquet , both from the LEGO Icons line . And staying in the floral field, the LEGO Ideas Tree House remains one of the best designed and most fun sets to build.

Collectible minifigures: the characters at the center of everything

In the evolution of LEGO constructions , 1978 was a turning point. After a long period of incubation, in fact, the first characters to accompany one of the most famous and sought-after sets of all time: the Knights’ Castle are born. The “LEGO men”, officially called Minifigures (or Minifigs), immediately become an integral part of LEGO games , offering children a higher level of interactivity and immersion. About ten years later, the addition of specific gadgets ensures an even better characterization of the characters. But it is only since 2010 that LEGO Minifigures have become openly collectible. It is with the launch of the first series of Minifigures in sachets that the phenomenon expands on a large scale, conquering a wide audience not exclusively made up of children. Each sachet is sold separately at a very affordable price. The customer cannot see the contents but can choose their favorite product line. It is precisely this perfect mix between affordable price and desire for surprise that has led to the success of the Minifigures, available today in many numbered series, each inspired by a piece of the LEGO universe.

Most loved LEGO Minifigures:
Series 24
Marvel Series 2
The Muppets

LEGO Advent calendars

Among the most interesting sets launched by LEGO in recent years, the Advent calendars represent a pleasant surprise while waiting for Christmas. Inspired by highly successful film sagas, the LEGO Marvel , LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Star Wars boxes are among the most appreciated by adults and children. But there is no shortage of Advent calendars available across the more classic LEGO Friends and LEGO City universes . The packaging, whose sales price remains quite affordable, is already part of the set in itself. Once the appropriate flap has been folded, we will have a support surface on which to place all the LEGO constructions contained in the box. Enriching the scenario day after day are the surprises hidden in the numbered niches, from 1 to 24, to be opened in sequence. Each box corresponds to a small construction or, alternatively, to an exclusive minifigure. The pieces contained in the package may vary in number from subject to subject, settling at around 300. Coming to age groups, most LEGO Advent calendars are aimed at little builders aged 6 and up . Obviously, nothing stops adults from letting themselves be influenced by the unique atmosphere of LEGO games dedicated to Christmas.


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