Sentences with adverbs of frequency in English

In the English language, as well as in the Italian one, some adverbs are used to describe the frequency with which we carry out an activity. These are called frequency adverbs and the most used are: always (always), usually (usually), often (frequently), sometimes (sometimes), occasionally (occasionally), hardly ever (almost never), rarely (rarely), never(never). They must be positioned between the subject and the main verb, but if the auxiliary is present, they must be positioned immediately after it. Furthermore, some adverbs of frequency can be used at the beginning of a sentence. There are also others and to learn more about the subject we advise you to go and read the English grammar note regarding adverbs of frequency in English .

Below you will find a series of sentences with adverbs of frequency in English , and these are highlighted in bold. Immediately under each English sentence you will also find the Italian translation.

Adverbs of frequency: sentences

always do my homework.
I always do my homework.

often get up early.
I often get up early.

My father never watches television.
My father never watches television.

sometimes read English books.
Sometimes I read books in English.

usually get up before 7.00 am.
I usually get up before 7.00.

always go to bed before 11 pm I always go to bed before 11 pm

I occasionally read comics.
Every now and then I read comics.

sometimes play football on Sunday.
Sometimes I play football on Sundays.

They never study geography.
They never study geography.

They often go to the cinema.
They often go to the cinema.

She always comes here at weekends.
She always comes here on weekends.

Simone often gets ill.
Simone often gets sick.

often speak English, but people always know that I’m Italian.
I often speak English, but people always know that I am Italian.

She always play badminton.
She always plays badminton.

Marco usually practices in the afternoon.
Marco usually trains in the afternoon.

usually have milk with cereal for breakfast.
I usually have milk with cereal for breakfast.

often surf the internet.
I often surf the Internet.

occasionally eat junk food.
I eat junk food from time to time.

seldom read the newspaper.
I rarely read the newspaper.

hardly ever drink alcohol.
I hardly ever drink alcohol.

He is often late for work.
He is often late for work.

We seldom see Maria.
We rarely see Maria.

She sometimes visits me at home.
She sometimes comes to visit me at home.

We usually drink coffee.
We usually drink coffee.

Sara always goes out on Saturday evenings.
Sara always goes out on Saturday nights.

Lucia and Vanessa often go for lunch together.
Lucia and Vanessa often go to lunch together.

It’s often difficult to find a place to park.
It is often difficult to find a place to park.

Usually they study on their own.
They usually study alone.

Sometimes she does her homework with friends.
Sometimes he does his homework with friends.

Sometimes I go swimming.
Sometimes I go swimming.

I am never late.
I’m never late.

They were always noisy.
They were always noisy.

Francesca doesn’t usually smoke.
Francesca doesn’t usually smoke.

Usually I don’t give personal advice.
I don’t usually give personal advice.

I play tennis occasionally .
Sometimes I play tennis.

John eats meat very seldom .
John eats meat very rarely.

Adverbs of frequency in interrogative sentences

How often do you watch films?
How often do you watch movies?

Does she always work so hard?
Do you always work so hard?

Do you often come here?
Do you come here often?

I have never visited Paris.
I have never visited Paris.

What do you usually do on Saturday nights?
What do you usually do on Saturday nights?

Do you ever go to the theater?
Do you ever go to the theater?

How often do you see your best friend?
How often do you see your best friend?

Are you sometimes late for work or school?
Are you sometimes late for work or school?

How often do you eat at a restaurant?
How often do you eat in a restaurant?

What time do you usually go to bed?
What time do you usually go to bed?

Do you ever watch films or TV programs in English?
Do you ever watch movies or TV shows in English?

How often do you play sport or go to the gym?
How often do you play sports or go to the gym?


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