5 best programs to design furniture

Perhaps they will think that furniture design does not require much effort, that it is not complex to do it. But what happens is that the programs for it make it look very simple. In fact, with some practice and dedication it is possible to do it. In this post we will tell you the 5 best programs to design furniture.

Virtually all fields have been touched by new technologies, between sectors and professions. For this reason the working methods have changed, going from manual to digital, is the case of design. Design programs have become an essential tool for furniture designers, making their work easier and allowing them to put all their creativity into it.

The programs that we will mention below are not only useful for designing furniture, they also specify the details to the minimum so that they are perfect. Read on and determine which is the best program for you.

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  • Furniture design programs
    • Autocad
    • SketchChair
    • QuickMobel
    • PolyBoard
    • Sketchup

Furniture design programs


Autocad 3D is one of the most popular and used programs for furniture design, with it you can make professional technical designs. You can design any type of element : utensil, material, lamps, chairs, Christmas decorations, all in 3D.

On the other hand, Autocad 3D is used in other professional fields such as engineering and architecture. The tool has a number of options for developing digital plan drawings and 3D modeling. You can also develop geometry for plans, 2D drawings, functions involving curves, rectangles, arcs, lines, etc.

Some of the main features of this program are:

  • The software can work for both Windows and Mac .
  • It supports the following programming interfaces: ActiveX Automation, ObjectARX, AutoLISP, VBA, Visual LISP, and .NET.
  • It incorporates a number of specialized tools, for example Autocad Map 3D (with topographic functions), AutoCAD Plant 3D (for the 3D design of plants) and AutoCAD Architecture (oriented to the architecture sector).
  • The software has 4 types of modeling (wireless structure, solid modeling, surface modeling, and mesh modeling).
  • With Autodesk you can have a free educational version for 3 years.
  • All versions of the program have a 30-day free version.

Download | Autocad


The SketchChair tool is open source, so it is free and constantly being improved. With this program you can design your furniture and various types of chairs, etc. It has a large number of prefabricated designs that will serve as a model so you can make your own furniture. In addition, it has a 2D interface that automatically generates the structure of any chair model.

The program establishes the cut profiles so that later you can use it physically. The parts generated by the program can be cut with a CNC router, laser cutter or a paper cutter using a flat plate of suitable material.

On the other hand, the authors of the chairs will be able to sit on them through a simulator with their own image. In this way you ensure that you have the comfort and perfection required. Chair designs created by users can also be uploaded to the web and shared through a design library.

Download | SketchChair


QuickMobel covers all aspects of designing a good piece of furniture, giving it a three-dimensional appearance. In addition, as soon as you start using it, you will realize that it is easy to use and very intuitive. You have the option of making an expense budget that the client will make and it will show you various perspectives of the furniture.

The program has a three-dimensional view where you can combine elements of plan, scale and perspective. In addition, it is very efficient in terms of interior decoration and gives access to at least 7 thousand generic furniture. This design tool is ideal for furniture vendors and traders.

Download | QuickMobel


It is a tool available for many years, which means it has already been tested many times. With PolyBoard you can handle various complex furniture programs, also chair designs.

PolyBoard is not intended for professionals, rather it is like homemade, which can be used by anyone. It is also easy to use and intuitive, and the projects you do with it will also be of a high quality.

On the other hand, PolyBoard is a software created in France, it is very versatile, which means that it maintains the same version and there will be no need to add modules. It is also a low-priced software, which gives it the opportunity for small businesses to use it at no cost.

The learning process for this tool is relatively simple and it is also multilanguage . With this useful tool you will be able to design complex furniture that even other programs are not capable of doing for the same price.

Download | PolyBoard


SketchUp  is a 3D modeler with which you can easily design your furniture and know how it will look before bringing it to life. You can use this tool to visualize your furniture without wasting material, eliminating possible errors before you go to the hardware store.

With SketchUp it  will teach you to be productive, with it you will learn to draw easily in 3D even if you are a beginner. After you have absorbed your basic knowledge, the tool itself will lead you to the path of making more complex drawings. The measurements you make within the program will always be accurate, so you can model almost anything, from walls, cabinets, etc.

Some of its prized features are:

  • Allows you to make 3D designs easily.
  • The program includes a video tutorial where it explains in detail how to model.
  • Conceptualize 3D images of objects such as: cars, furniture, buildings, people, etc.
  • Includes a gallery of objects, texture and images.

Download | Sketchup

Each of these programs to design designer furniture that we just gave you are accessible and you can start whenever you want. However, the most complete is Autocad, which has a great track record in terms of designs. Any of these programs will be useful for your furniture modeling, you will see that they will be excellent.

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