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Discover all the secrets, tricks and collectibles of the Baker Mansion with our Resident Evil 7 guide to complete the game 100%

We invite you to read our complete guide to Resident Evil 7 , also known as Resident Evil Biohazard, the first in the saga that is based on the first-person game. With this novelty, CAPCOM tries to make the player completely immerse himself in history and suffer all the terror that the game and the horrible Baker Mansion will offer .

In this installment the action is also mixed with more leisurely areas in which we will have to move stealthily so that the enemies do not detect us and kill us.

Of course there will be no shortage of the most famous elements of the series such as weapons, trunks in which they keep the game, herbs and a lot of documents that will offer extra information about the events of the game. So that you do not miss any secrets of this great game and you can complete it 100%.

Resident Evil 7 approach

The story of Resident Evil 7 begins with the reproduction of a video in which we see Mia (wife of the protagonist of the game) terrified while sending a message to her husband Ethan asking him not to come and look for her. Where the woman is, the reason for the terror she transmits and from which she tries to protect her husband are a mystery.


After the intro scene we will see Ethan driving on the Louisiana highway while talking to someone on the phone. Apparently someone has informed him about the whereabouts of his wife and everything indicates that she could be at the Baker house.

Is she the woman who ended the life of the protagonist of the last member of Caimanes? Maybe the Bakers have something to do with Mia’s madness … or there’s some other ulterior motive we’re not prepared for.



He is the protagonist of Resident Evil 7. His goal in life is to find his wife Mia, who has been missing for three years. A clue will lead you to the Baker home in Louisiana, but nothing has prepared you for what you will find there.


She is the wife of Ethan, the protagonist of the game. At the beginning of the game we will see a scene in which she urges her husband not to go looking for her. Everything indicates that she is the woman who ends the life of one of the members of the recording team of the Caimanes program if we complete the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo with the bad ending. What reasons have led the woman to this state of madness?

Jack Baker

He is the father of the Baker family, an older man who wears glasses and with a beard. During the demo Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour we can see a photo with his family. According to the documents that we can find, he is a good man who has always taken care of his family, previously a marine and now a man who is dedicated to taking care of his own farm.

Marguerite baker

She is the mother of the Baker family, a slim woman who is shorter than her husband. A woman who at the moment we have only been able to see during some promotional scenes of the game and who in some way will also suffer the state of madness.

Grandma Baker

Nothing is known about this woman whom we have already seen in some promotional scenes of both the demo and the final version of Resident Evil 7. Whether or not she suffers from madness is still a mystery.

Lucas Baker

He is the oldest son of the Bakers. At the moment the story that revolves around this character is unknown but the inhabitants of Dulvey assure that he is a good boy who has never caused problems. The reason is unknown but Lucas will also end up suffering the fate of his parents.

Zoe baker

She is the youngest daughter of the Bakers. Nothing is known about Zoe but everything points to the fact that unlike her family she is immune to the madness suffered by her parents and her brother. Is she the one behind everything?

Pete, Andre, Clancy (Alligators Recording Team)

These are the three protagonists Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour . Three young men who go to the Baker home to record an investigative program to shed light on the deaths, disappearances and ghostly events that are originating in the area.

Depending on the ending with which we end the demo, it may be that everyone ends up dead or that only Clancy (character we control in the demo) escapes alive.

Difficulty system

Resident Evil 7 has a total of three different difficulties, Easy, Normal, and Madhouse . Only the first two are available at the beginning of the game and the third is unlocked by completing the game in any of the above.

Here we explain the differences of each of them:

Easy difficulty

  • Automatic life recovery quickly.
  • Abundant checkpoints.
  • Enemies deal less damage, are slower, act more “clumsy”, and spawn less.
  • You can save the game unlimitedly.

Normal difficulty

  • Lower auto health recovery than easy difficulty.
  • Less frequent checkpoints.
  • Enemies deal more damage, are faster, act less “clumsy”, will appear in greater numbers and even in some areas the enemies that appear change.
  • You can save the game unlimitedly.

Madhouse difficulty

  • Life does not recover.
  • Control points in very specific areas.
  • Jack Baker chases us around the house until we defeat him a second time.
  • Enemies are lethal (one or two hits will kill you), they have a much more dangerous reasoning and enemies of the most dangerous tend to appear more frequently.
  • Next to each recorder we will see between one and three cassette tapes that we can use to save the game. If we run out of tapes there will be no way to save unless we reach a checkpoint.


  • Crosshead:Quick access to equipment.
  • Left stick:Move the character / Run when pressed
  • Right stick:Move camera / Crouch when pressed
  • L1 / LB:Take cover.
  • L2 / LT:
  • R1 / RB:Use healing item.
  • R2 / LT:Attack with the weapon.
  • Square / X:Organize inventory items.
  • Triangle / Y:Open inventory.
  • Circle / B:
  • X / A:Action button.
  • Options / Start:Pause menu, Statistics and Load checkpoint.
  • Panel / Back:Minimap and list of documents.
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