State of Decay 2 Guide, Tips and Tricks

Survive the apocalypse with our guide to the new zombie survival game from Undead Labs and Microsoft.

Survival is not just running faster than zombies, it is also knowing when to run. In State of Decay 2, management is as important as action to see a new day, and with our tips you will have all the keys to be stronger than the undead.

General tips and tricks

In a game like this, it’s easy to topple over and try to be superheroes capable of killing dozens of zombies with just one metal bar. Well, not in State of Decay 2 . This is a title that rewards you for keeping a cool head and thinking before you act, so keep these tips in mind before it’s too late.

  • There is usually no rush:Take your time. If any mission is against the clock, you will be warned. Infected survivors also have a timer.
  • Unity is strength:Play with friends or ask for help online through the drop-down menu assigned to the crosshead. You can also take other AI-controlled characters with you.
  • Running is cob … survivors:If things look bad, run. It’s not worth infecting or losing a character for trying to be the hero or rushing a situation too much.
  • Plan before taking action:Think about what you are going to do and what you are going to face, and the objects you are going to need for it. To be well prepared is to win half the battle.
  • Humans are more dangerous than zombies. Don’t get distracted by the undead and make sure you keep a good base climate. A fight between the survivors can be more dangerous than the zombies themselves.
  • Explore non-stop:Resources do not regenerate automatically, so you will have to go to new areas to find more resources.
  • Read the tips:The game will bombard you with tips to the point that your brain will start to ignore them. At least for the first few hours try to pay attention.
  • Ask for help; By pressing up on the crosshead you can open the menu to request help. Don’t be afraid to use it. There are no penalties.
  • Choose your battles:Just because there are enemies doesn’t mean you have to kill them. If it is not necessary, it is probably a good idea to avoid problems.
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