Nier Replicant Guide, Tips, Tricks and Secrets

This is everything you need to know to complete NieR Replicant to 100%, including the new route and the Secret Ending. All without spoilers!

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 … or, more commonly, NieR Replicant is a remake of the original NieR, with various graphical, playable and even plot improvements. In it we will live the story of a young man who struggles to save his sister from a mysterious disease. So that you do not leave anything in the pipeline, here we will tell you how to get 100% of the game without spoilers , from how to complete the plot to where and how to overcome all the secondary missions, how to get all the weapons, where to get each type of material and much more.


NieR Replicant tells us the story of Nier (although you can give him whatever name you want). In the middle of an apocalyptic world, his sister will contract a terminal illness . In our search for a cure for Runic Necrosis, we will discover that not everything is what it seems, for a change. In this guide we will tell you what you have to do to move forward, without spoilers and completing 100% of the game as you go. Tips to overcome battles, missions available as you advance, weapons at your path …

  • Prologue :a young man protects his sister in the ruins of a city.
  • Village of Nier :a new and desolate world to explore awaits us.
  • Lost Sanctuary :Nier goes into a temple in search of his sister.
  • Nido del Águila :Popola recommends visiting a town in the mountains.
  • Coastal City –We’re still looking for something to help Yonah get better.
  • Junkyard :Before continuing, we should upgrade our weapons.
  • The Battle of the Eagle’s Nest : It‘s time to settle scores with the huge Shadow of the Eagle’s Nest.
  • Façade :our new ally tells us about a kingdom in the middle of the desert.
  • Arid Temple :We are looking for a king, lost somewhere in the desert.
  • Forest of legends :we are heading to a place that is the victim of a strange disease.
  • Mansion :Yonah asks us to contact a friend.
  • The village battle :the Shadows are looming over our home.
  • Basement of the mansion :there is something in the mansion that could help us.
  • Return to the Lost Sanctuary : itseems that the key to advance would be where we found Weiss.
  • The law of robotics :something is moving in the Junkyard.
  • La Sirena :what happened to the boatman?
  • Faithful Cerberus :Nier receives a very special invitation.
  • The tree of memory :deep in the forest a mystery is hidden.
  • Sacrifice :the last fragment of the key is in the Eagle’s Nest.
  • Castle of the Lord of Shadows :Yonah’s rescue is at an end.
  • Route B (New game +) :what if what we have seen is not the whole truth?
  • Path C and D (New game ++) :another future is possible.
  • Route E :something very special.



NieR Replicant has five endings , instead of the four in the original . In this section we will tell you, without making any spoilers , the requirements of each of them. Remember to make a backup before each one … for what might happen.

  • A Final .
  • Final B .
  • Final C .
  • Final D .
  • Final Secret E .


There are 34 weapons available in NieR Replicant . They are divided into two-handed swords , spears, and one-handed swords . In this guide we will show you where to find them all, as well as the necessary materials to improve them to the maximum:

  • One-handed swords :small, manageable weapons that will allow us to quickly hit enemies.
  • Two-handed swords :large two-handed weapons. They include large swords, an ax and special spears.
  • Spears –Sharp weapons to keep the enemy at bay.

Side missions

Throughout the game we will find around 70 secondary missions . We can help lots of people with their problems, getting large amounts of gold and a weapon . Here we will show you how and when to complete them all .

  • All NieR Replicantside quests and how to complete them .


To improve all weapons of Nier Replicant need a lot of materials . In this section we will show you everything you need to know about them: location, how to get them and the most complicated farming systems :

  • How to increase the% drop of items .
  • How to get materials in the world (not from enemies) .
  • Materials that can be sold (not used to improve weapons) .
  • How to get Eagle Eggs .
  • How to get Black Pearls .


During his long journey through the history of NieR Replicant , our hero will be faced with tons of bosses to contend with. So that you do not have problems with any of them, in this section of the guide we will show you how to defeat all the final bosses in the game:

  • Hansel & Gretel –Two animated armors protect the top of the Lost Sanctuary.
  • Hook –A huge Shadow looms over the Eagle’s Nest.
  • Geppetto :Deep within the Junkyard, a machine is still trying to protect it from intruders.
  • Hook (II) :we meet again with this huge monster.
  • Shahriyar –An ancient device protects the arid Temple.
  • Grimoire Rubrum :a strange book very similar to Weiss.
  • Jack of Hearts :A gigantic Shadow looms over the village.
  • Grimoire Noir :the evil twin? de Weiss stands in our way.
  • Halua :the basement of the mansion hides a powerful weapon.
  • Gretel :Someone is still watching the Lost Sanctuary.
  • Louise :something is hidden in a stranded ship.
  • Roc : it‘s time to kill the wolves.
  • P-33 :a strange couple reign in the factory.
  • Wendy :a huge Shadow looms over the Eagle’s Nest … again.
  • Devola and Popola :the twins have their own plans.
  • Goose :a huge beast protects the Castle.
  • Devola and Popola (II) :the sisters decide to explain part of what happens to us.
  • Lord of the Shadows : Itis time to settle accounts with our arch enemy.
  • Kainé :keep your word.
  • Stewards’ Guardian :A New Threat Looms Over Us.
  • Administrators hook :something ends, something begins.


The fishing is one of the secondary activities that will take more time in Nier Replicant . The process to learn and fish all the species is long, but here we will tell you everything about this activity.

  • How to fish .
  • Where to get baits .
  • Sardina .
  • Blowfish .
  • Rainbow trout .
  • Sea bream .
  • Seabass .
  • Shark .
  • Sand fish .
  • Real fish .
  • Blue needle .
  • Hyneria .
  • Rhizodontid .
  • Dunkleosteus .
  • Carpa .
  • Giant catfish .

Grow flowers

We can use the field of Nier’s house to plant flowers . If you are able to successfully cross the flowers , you will be able to cultivate the Lunar Tear, the legendary White Flower , which in addition to granting you a NieR Replicant Achievement / Trophy , can be sold for a generous sum. Here we will tell you everything you need to complete the process:

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