How to get all the weapons with infinite ammunition in Resident Evil 3 Remake

We tell you how to get all the weapons with infinite ammunition in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Make your escape easier using overwhelming firepower.Resident Evil 3 Remake has a good amount of weapons with infinite ammunition , which we can unlock in the Store once we finish the game for the first time. To get hold of them we have to spend points that we will get by completing the Merits . All these weapons with unlimited ammunition meet the following characteristics:

  • They will be in any trunk.
  • They will be available in all difficulties.
  • They will be available for both characters. That is, if you take a gun out of the trunk with Jill, you will not be taking it from Carlos when you play with him.
  • They do not affect your ability to achieve S Rank.


  1. Samurai Edge
  2. Hot Dogger
  3. Rai-Den
  4. CQBR assault rifle
  5. MUP gun
  6. Rocket launcher

Samurai edge


No, it does not have infinite ammunition , but we include it here because it is a weapon that is obtained the same, buying it in the store. It is a more powerful version of the pistol .

Hot dogger

This knife sets fire to enemies it hits.


This is a weapon that instantly kills any enemy if you shoot at their weak point (the head, basically). If you shoot at any other point on the enemy’s body, it won’t do any damage. It takes a few moments to reload between shots.

CQBR assault rifle

It is the infinite ammo version of the CQBR . You must bear in mind that it does not support the modifications of the standard version, so you will have a 32-round magazine.

MUP gun

A Heckler & Koch pistol. This is the best pistol you are going to use: it is powerful, it is precise, it has a 16-round magazine and with two headshots it makes any zombie fall to the ground.

Rocket launcher

Satisfaction guaranteed. Kill any enemy in one hit, on any difficulty (except Nemesis phases 2 and 3, of course). You have to wait a few seconds between each shot, but it is difficult for you to miss, thanks to its wide radius of effect. In addition, it combines with everything and is ideal for any social event, party or family gathering.

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