Hyde. How to solve all puzzles in Resident Evil Village

There are practically no difficult puzzles in Resident Evil Village, but in case any of them seemed unclear to you, we have prepared this short guide.

General Tips

Examine all the key items in the inventory; as in the classic parts, some of them become useful after inspection (or combining / separating the components).

In all places where the lamps hang on chains, you can swing them with your body, knife blows or shots so that they light the stationary torches on the sides. If monsters are walking around, they can also be set on fire and used to light torches.

Four statues in the Ablution Hall

On the second floor of the castle, there is the Ablution Hall, where there are four statues: three men, a horseman, a woman with a bottle and a lady with a glass. It is necessary to turn everyone except the rider, so that as a result the men look at the rider, the rider at the woman, and the woman at the mistress.


Just feel for every note with your keyboard strokes, it’s very fast.

Five bells in the Atelier

To move the portrait of Dimitrescu aside and go to the attic of the castle, five bells must ring in the Atelier. The first is visible immediately after entering, the second swings on a pendulum in a huge clockwork, the third is under the landscape opposite, the fourth is visible through the window if you climb the stairs, and the fifth is visible from the same place – it is hidden in a chandelier.

Village workshop code

Just look out the window: 07 04 08.

Puzzle with a mannequin in the Beneviento house

Take the Silver Key from the right shoulder, the Clockwork Key from the left leg, and the Ring of Blood from the left hand. In the next room, wash the ring under the tap, get the door code: 05-29-11.

Music Box

Use the Crown Key to open the box and arrange the cylinders so that the scratches line up. Swap 2 and 1, 4 and 2, 3 and 5, 4 and 3 – and run.

Film and projector

Use tweezers to remove the film from the mannequin’s mouth and use it on the projector in the Office. Arrange the ribbons from left to right:

  1. Plush Toys
  2. A book about the village
  3. Baby
  4. Music Box
  5. Wedding ring

Medallion door

Having opened the door by looking at the film, take the scissors in the next room and cut the bandages on the mannequin with them. The solution to the puzzle is in the mannequin’s left eye and the stump of the right hand. The upper left symbol is a flying raven, the lower one is three closed eyes.

Violinist’s House

The key to the violinist’s locked house can be found in one of the houses on the way back from the Beneviento mansion. There will be a safe inside the house, the combination of which is shown in the picture hanging on the wall: 27 09 17.


Do everything according to the instructions next to it:

Blue, white, orange;

White, orange, black;

Orange, blue, blue.

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