Poppy Playtime: Where to Find All VHS Tapes

In Poppy Playtime , players must enter the abandoned Playtime Co. toy factory and find out what happened to the employees. These disappeared 10 years ago. In the best style of Silent Hill 2 , the protagonist and also a former employee of the place receives not a letter but a VHS tape. This came with an attached note stating that the employees are still trapped in the factory.

The only problem is that the factory is the home of Huggy Wuggy, a deranged toy from whom players must escape like Mr. X in RE2 . Playtime Co. hides many secrets in which we will discover through different VHS tapes what happened 10 years ago. Poppy Playtime is barely in its first chapter, but in the meantime we can dedicate ourselves to the search for such tapes.

There are five VHS tapes overall to be discovered at the toy factory. Only one of them is required, but they are important pieces to unravel the mysteries of Playtime Co. and a way to pass the time while Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is released to the public .

Where is each VHS tape at Poppy Playtime ?

Green ribbon

As soon as Poppy Playtime begins, players will be able to walk up to the Playtime Co. front desk and find a tape marked ‘Leith Pierre, Closing’. On the right side you can see the green tape and on it, hear Leith Pierre warn intruders about the security system at the toy factory.

Blue ribbon

This VHS tape is the only one needed to advance the game and can be found on the desk in the safe room, just to the right of the keyboard. Players will need to watch the training video to open the GrabPack compartment.

Yellow tape

After following Huggy Wuggy into the employee-only hallway, head to the first room to find this tape in an extreme corner. Players must climb the industrial walkway to enter the next room. Going down you will find several shelves on the left, counting from there, the VHS tape can be taken from the second shelf.

Pink Ribbon

Once players enter the ‘Make-A-Friend’ room at Poppy Playtime , they will see stairs to the right of the conveyor belt that leads to the upper walkway. The VHS tape is at the top of these stairs. It is necessary to use a GrabPack (the colored hands) to push a section of the walkway over the stair crossing. The tape is marked ‘Stella Grayber Interview’. It’s a part of Stella’s interview for Playtime Co. that, curiously, shares her voice actress with Poppy’s.

Gray ribbon

Poppy Playtime’s latest VHS tape is unmarked and can be found on the industrial walkway just before Poppy’s last lap of the room. Following the catwalk to the right, players will see the tape towards the end. This document documents the evidence from ‘Experiment 1 0 0 6’, where cries of pain can be heard. The tape is cut before the end of the procedure but the events would take place 10 years ago and explain part of what happened with the missing employees.

When is Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime coming out ?

Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime will be available in early 2022.

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