How To Find can find Google Maps backrooms

If you like mystery stories, you’ve probably heard of Google Maps backrooms . These are secret places that some users have been able to find in the popular map application, which hide almost terrifying secrets.Thus, the backrooms are mysterious labyrinths in which some claim that monsters inhabit.

Of course, in order to locate these backrooms it is necessary to know where to look for them . Because logically if we enter the search term “backrooms” in the Google Maps search engine we will not be able to find anything of this.

The best way to find backrooms is by enlisting the help of users who have previously found them. Mystery lovers tend to be quite collaborative, and they usually post what they have found on the Internet so that other people who also like that world can discover it.

For example, entering “backrooms” in the TikTok search engine is a very easy way to find them, since the popular social video network has a wide variety of videos shared by users on this topic.

The usual thing is that the coordinates of the place where the backrooms are located are shared, which you can later enter in the Google Maps search engine.

Google Maps backroom coordinates in 2023

As we have commented before, to find the backrooms in Google Maps it is necessary to have the coordinates . If you want to enter this world of mysteries, we show you some coordinates that may be interesting:

  • 34º42’03″N135º49’16″E : This backroom, one of the first to become popular, consists of two buildings similar to a power station with a terrifying appearance.
  • 37º02’11.1″N 121º52’44.0W : In this case we find a backroom located inside a California forest. The first image we find of him looks like a garage with some silhouettes that can be really scary.
  • 25°50′43″N 81°40′52″W : On the Australian coast, we can find some stacked domes over the water that are not really a backroom, but a strange place that does not seem to be from this planet and seems to have been taken from from another dimension.
  • 21°15’35.0″S 115°44’17.2″E : In this backroom we find a room with a large number of chairs arranged in concentric circles, as if a terrifying convention were about to be held there.

Japan backroom coordinates

Although, as we have been able to see, there are numerous backrooms located in different parts of the world, the most popular are those located in Japan , which are the first ones that we have indicated in this collection of coordinates.

Thus, to enter this strange place you will only have to enter the coordinates 34º42’03″N135º49’16″E in the Google Maps search engine . As you can see in the video that appears in this article, what we can find in this place is highly surprising, both inside and out.

In fact, there are many people who even wonder how Google cameras could have entered that strange place, since it seems to harbor some secret.

There are also skeptics who do not believe that the backrooms really keep any kind of paranormal phenomenon . And since many of them are deleted after a short time, there are even those who think that it is a joke from Google developers to laugh at mystery lovers.

Whether you believe in this kind of thing or not, surely taking a walk around the backrooms is fun or mysterious , so it can be a good way to pass the time.


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