How to play Fantasanremo 2023

There are over 2 million teams on Fantasanremo and if you too want to join the media game of the moment, read on to find out  how to play Fantasanremo 2023 .

Surely you’ve heard of fantasy football, but if you’ve never understood how it works but above all you don’t have the slightest interest in football, know that there is a version dedicated to the songs and artists competing at the Sanremo Festival that allows you, together with friends , to create teams made up of 5 singers among the 28 competing on the stage of the Ariston Theater for the 73rd edition of the Festival . In the next paragraphs we will tell you how to play this game with friends and family.

Know that to take part in FantaSanremo 2023, it was necessary to create your own team by Monday 06 February 2023 at 11.59 pm , i.e. the day before the start of the event.

The game in question was created as a joke in 2020 in a bar in Porto Sant’Elpidio, in the Marche region. The group of friends who gave birth to this pastime then created a real website complete with the Official FantaSanremo Regulations and the relative birth of the FIF – Italian FantaSanremo Federation .

  1. How to play FantaSanremo
    1. How to participate in the FantaSanremo
    2. How many baudis it takes for the artists in the competition
  2. The Rules of the Fantasanremo
    1. How points are calculated
  3. Who wins at FantaSanremo

How to play FantaSanremo

First you need to find the participants in the FantaSanremo. Everyone will then have to create their own team made up of 5 artists competing among the 28 present at this Festival . Everything must be done by the beginning of the event, set for February 7, 2023.

Of these 5 artists in the competition, a captain must be chosen . To form your own team you need to have Baudi, the coin created in honor of the historic conductor (Pippo Baudo ed).


Each participant has 100 Baudi available to buy singers competing in Sanremo 2023.

How to participate in the FantaSanremo

If you want to participate in the official one, all you have to do is register for free at Otherwise you can rely on the regulation and the fantaquotes and manage everything together with your friends, without registering on the site.

How many baudis it takes for the artists in the competition

As mentioned, each participant has 100 points available. You will notice from the quotes below that it is not possible to have all the super favourites. The trick (and the fun) lies precisely in focusing on non-favorite artists who could instead reserve big surprises.

Below you will find the fantaquotes, add them up to understand who you can actually have in your team, considering a maximum expenditure of 100 Baudi:

  1. Anna Oxa – 18 Baud
  2. Aries – 21 Baudi
  3. Article 31 – 21 Baudi
  4. Colapesce Dimartino – 20 Baudi
  5. Colla Zio – 16 Baudi
  6. Coma_Things – 20 Baudi
  7. Elodie – 24 Baud
  8. Gianluca Grignani – 20 Baudi
  9. gIANMARIA – 17 Baudi
  10. Georgia – 25 Baudi
  11. The Country Cousins ​​– 21 Baud
  12. Lazza – 22 Baud
  13. LDA – 21 Baud
  14. Leo Gassmann – 18 Baudi
  15. Levant – 20 Baudi
  16. Madame – 22 Baudi
  17. Mara Sattei – 21 Baudi
  18. Marco Mengoni – 26 Baudi
  19. Fashion – 18 Baudi
  20. Rain – 19 Baudi
  21. Olly – 16 Baudi
  22. Paola and Chiara – 22 Baudi
  23. Rosa Chemical – 19 baudi
  24. Sethu – 16 Baudi
  25. Shari – 17 Baudi
  26. Tananai – 22 Baudi
  27. Last – 27 Baudi
  28. Will – 16 Baudi

The Rules of the Fantasanremo

Here are the main rules of the game:

  • Each player has 100 Baudi available to purchase 5 of the competing artists;
  • It is mandatory to have a team made up of 5 artists, one of which must be the captain;
  • It is possible to create your own team until the first day before the start of the Festival, therefore you have until Monday 06 February 2023 at 23.59;
  • The assignment of points is linked to bonuses and maluses;

How points are calculated

Find the value of the bonuses and maluses – as well as the complete Regulations – on the website . Obviously it’s a game designed for those who follow Sanremo, as the bonuses and maluses concern specific activities and events that take place during the evenings.

Who wins at FantaSanremo

Whoever has accumulated the most points at the end of the Italian Song Festival wins. You can establish the prize together with friends, as there is no official prize (the game was created with the sole purpose of following the Festival while having fun).

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