How to force the application to already have Instagram notes

If you wonder how to force the application to already have Instagram notes , then we are going to show you how you can get them. In addition, we will explain why they still do not appear on your mobile.

The director of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, uploaded a video to Twitter on January 30 in which he confirmed that the notes had already arrived in Europe. Theoretically it means that we can already use them in Spain , but currently few users have them available. Don’t worry, your phone is not the one that fails, but in practice they have not yet reached the majority of Spanish Instagram accounts. It is common for changes to take longer than expected to be finally added.

The best option to get the notes is to wait for them to be implemented. Instagram has confirmed that they are available in Spain, so it should be a matter of time, days or weeks before they are incorporated into your application. Anyway, if you do not want to wait, we are going to offer you several solutions so that you can incorporate them immediately.

The first way to get the notes is to use a VPN to trick Instagram . And it is that the notes are not available in Spain , so connecting as if you were browsing from Argentina or the United States will serve to trick Instagram into letting you use the notes.

For this task we can use different applications . Among them is Turbo VPN , a free app that allows us to connect to the Internet as if we were in another country, although unfortunately it is only available for Android. If you have an iPhone, you can use ExpressVPN , a paid but very effective app that is also available for Android. In this article we show you other alternatives.

Using a VPN will help you get the notes, but it’s not worth it. If you manage to fool Instagram and acquire this new function, only you will be able to use it , not your Spanish followers, so you won’t be able to communicate by notes. Basically it is having a messaging service without contacts.

Another option is to clear the cache and log in again. The route to delete it varies depending on the mobile, but in most it is similar to the following. You must enter Settings and then the Applications section. From this, select Manage applications so that all of them appear. Finally, tap on Instagram and tap on Clear cache. This option may also appear as “clear data” or something similar.

Lastly, if days go by and you don’t get the new feature, you can download the Instagram APK from APK Mirror using this link . APK Mirror is an unofficial but safe download portal that offers the latest version of Instagram, because maybe your problem is that Google Play is not able to update your Instagram app successfully.

How to update Instagram to the latest version so that the notes appear

You don’t have notes yet, but there will come a time when they will be rolled out to all devices. When that time comes , you’ll need to have Instagram up-to-date, so we’re going to show you how to update Instagram to the latest version for notes to appear .

In the event that you have an Android mobile , open the Play Store app. In the top search bar, type “Instagram” and tap search. The app will be displayed and, if it is possible to update it, you will see a green button that says “Update”. If it is updated, the same green button will appear but it will say “Open”, in this case, there are no updates available.

On the other hand, if you have an iPhone mobile , follow these steps. Open the App Store app. From there, tap on Search, an option located on the right of the bottom menu. A search bar will immediately be displayed, search for “Instagram” to display the app page. As in Android, if you see a button that says “Update”, it means that you have an update pending.

Why is it important to have updated Instagram? Each app update adds the latest changes to the app. Therefore, you must update Instagram if you want to incorporate the new functions to your mobile. An outdated app is an app without incorporating the latest changes.

Why do not the notes appear on Instagram in Spain

We have told you how to force the application to already have Instagram notes and how to update the app, but you may not know why the notes do not appear on Instagram in Spain . Therefore, we will explain to you what is the reason why they arrive earlier in other parts of the world.

When a new feature is added to an application, it is generally not rolled out to all users at once , but rather tested on a few users or a territory. This is what has happened with Instagram notes, which were first tested in countries like the United States. After verifying that they are well received by users and fixing their possible failures, they expand to the rest of the world.

Currently it is time to expand to Spain. As we said before, the notes have theoretically already reached the national territory, but these changes always take longer than expected to reach all users, as happened with the implementation of gifs in the stories. Therefore, it is best to keep your Instagram updated until they arrive.


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