Far Cry 6 guide: all about cockfighting

To participate in the most curious minigame of this title, they have to look for roosters all over Yara and enter a fight with them with a fighting system that has been justly compared to Tekken . We’re going to reveal the location of each fighter, how to win, what the rewards are, and why the Far Cry 6 cockfighting controversy is behind .

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Index of contents

  • Where are all the roosters in Far Cry 6
  • The special roosters of Ubisoft Connect
  • How to win cockfights
  • Far Cry 6cockfighting rewards
  • The PETA and Far Cry 6controversy

Where are all the roosters in Far Cry 6 ?

Although it is possible to get a map with the location of each of the roosters in the game, you have to buy it with credits that cost real money. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend a single peso because here we are going to tell you where and how to find all the roosters in Far Cry 6 .

Remember that each rooster is kept in a wooden box. They can hear their cackles when they get close, but they can also be mistaken for the sound of nearby chickens. The minigame’s character selection screen gives you a clue as to where to find the roosters you don’t have yet.

The Rato

Next to the cockfighting arena at the Montero farm.

The Eagle

At the top of the Serpentino Park mountain.


On the eastern outskirts of the town called Verdera.

The Golden

Inside the bunker we entered as part of the Yarana Story: ‘ Gordito’s spurs ‘. He is in the first room when he opens a door with the key that we found in a corpse.

We highly recommend doing the complete mission. It’s very funny.


Inside the bird cage at the Castillo Zoo, northeast of the place.


On the farm south of the Yara Botanical Garden.

The Black Death

In the southern part of the farm that is west of the town called Segunda.

The Fenix

It is located in Barrial, on a chicken farm south of Villa Orquidea.

The white beast

To the west of Esperanza, inside the Casas del Lodo residences. It can be found as part of the story The Last Out .

The egg

It is located inside the PDP offices in La Joya (Cabo Mirador). We must enter the building and look for it. One of the entrances has a padlock that we can break.

The Magnificent Rooster

During the Yarana History Everything to Lose, we found the key to a house in the Fernando Valley region, where we have to help several peasants. Inside the house is the rooster. Picking it up is a requirement to complete this mission.


In the Sierra Perdida region, west of the Campos Savannah farms. Inside one of the pens.

Silver Bullet

Northeast of Costa Vacía, in the back of a damaged carriage at Finca Álvarez.

Finding all 13 roosters will unlock the Rooster Recruiter Achievement / Trophy .

How to get the special roosters?

There are six more roosters in the game:

  • Rebelde:with the colors of the guerrillas of Libertad
  • Sergeant Gallo:with the colors of the Army of Yara
  • The Dragon:Ryu parody from Street Fighter
  • The Rival:Parody of Ken from Street Fighter
  • Toasty:Scorpion parody from Mortal Kombat
  • Frosty:Sub-Zero parody from Mortal Kombat

These roosters cannot be found anywhere on the Far Cry 6 map . They are part of three Ubisoft Connect reward packages. We can access this service from the main menu of the game and use the coins we earn by completing challenges to buy them.

What is the location of the cockfighting arena in Far Cry 6 ?

First of all, they must overcome the introductory missions of the game and reach the Libertad base, where Clara will explain to them how to find the three factions: the Montero, Maximum Kills and the Legends of 67. The cockfights are in the Finca de los Montero, so you have to carry out the first tasks of this line of operations to find them.

Once the fighting arena is found, we can continue with another quest line and make a quick trip to the Montero base whenever we want to participate in the minigame.

The location of the cockfighting arena in Far Cry 6 is not far from the reality of the field in many Latin American countries.

How to win cockfights?

First of all, they must understand that there is no mechanical difference between roosters , so they can easily choose their favorite.

There are four types of attacks in the minigame:

  • Short range
  • Long-range
  • Jump attack
  • Super bantamweight

The first three can be done at any time. The super bantamweight can only be made when the fury bar is filled by taking hits or failing ours. It is a special move that causes a lot of damage to the opponent.

It’s always good to start a round with a long-range attack and then dodge the attacks that come. From this moment on, everything works as if we were playing “rock, paper, scissors.” The opponent’s jump attack can be interrupted if we are close and execute a close-range attack. We can avoid the long-range attack and counterattack with a jump attack .

When the opponent misses an attack, we can use two short-range attacks in a row and then dodge what comes. If we have the super bantamweight loaded, we should only use it if we are a couple of steps away, preferably in response to a failed attack from the opponent.

If the opponent is far behind after a failed attack, the long-range attack is the best option. The jump attack is extremely situation dependent.

What are the rewards for winning cockfights in Far Cry 6 ?

This is what we get for winning a fight on each difficulty level:

  • Civil: 100 Yarano pesos and unlocks the Guerrilla difficulty.
  • Guerrilla: 300 Yarano pesos and unlock the Revolutionary difficulty.
  • Revolutionary: 500 Yarano pesos and the Boxing Gloves amulet .

Additionally, winning the first fight unlocks the Achievement / Trophy At the Top of the Poultry Hierarchy .

As you can see, there are not many rewards or reasons to participate in this Far Cry 6 minigame beyond obtaining the Achievement, the amulet and enjoying its multiplayer mode with friends. There are better options to earn money, such as bandit operations. Check out our tips guide to learn more about it .

What is the controversy over cockfighting in Far Cry 6 ?

Like bullfighting, cockfighting is animal abuse . Despite this, there are countries in Latin America – including Colombia and Cuba, the country in which Far Cry 6 is inspired – in which it is considered a cultural tradition and continues to be practiced today. Cockfights have even formed an important part of the literature of our country, being portrayed in works such as One Hundred Years of Solitude , by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and El gallo de oro , by Juan Rulfo.

Many will agree that, no matter if there is a cultural tradition in this regard, these practices of violence against animals should be prohibited . Some defend them by comparing their cruelty to that of the poultry industry, but the solution is not to prohibit or allow both, but to fight for food processing companies to be regulated.

What does this have to do with Far Cry 6 ? There are those who believe that representing cockfighting in a game like this is the same as supporting its existence in real life. This is not necessarily true and Ubisoft took quite a few liberties in the way it chose to display them. In this title, the roosters are not killed in combat or seriously injured. Also, presenting it in a fighting game style, with super moves and energy bars, makes it seem more like a parody than an honest representation.

Among the criticisms that were made, the one that resonated most strongly was that of PETA Latino . This organization asked Ubisoft to replace this minigame with one “that does not glorify violence towards animals.”

PETA is a radical organization that, many times, ends up making a fool of itself with its criticisms or hurting the very animals it claims to protect, but there is some reason in its request. Many think that the mere representation of these kinds of activities helps to normalize them, no matter if they are presented together with fantastic elements .

For now, it is possible to enjoy this minigame and at the same time criticize and fight for the abolition of cockfighting in the real world. It is also possible to simply ignore them. Participating in cockfighting is not mandatory in Far Cry 6 .

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