How to fix Roxio VHS to DVD installation

Converting a video tape to a digital file opens up a myriad of viewing options. It becomes watchable on a computer or mobile device, or it can be burned to a DVD for later viewing. The Roxio VHS to DVD converter handles this process for you once the converter is properly connected between the VCR and a computer. If no video image was seen on the computer, troubleshoot the Roxio VHS to DVD converter to identify the problem. Supplies are needed from a hardware store and around the house. 

Things You Will Need
Electric Cleaning Spray VCR
Pencil Show More Instructions.

Remove the video cable connected to the video output of the VCR and the video input of the VHS to DVD converter. Spray both the inlet and outlet with two second burst of electric spray cleaning. Reinsert the video cable to the VCR output and the converter input to provide an interference-free video signal.

Place the VHS tape on a table, with the edge that has the removable cover facing away from you. Place a pencil in the spool on the right side of the ribbon. Rotate the tape counterclockwise until there is tension. Insert the tape into the VCR so that it can play properly and not cause an error message when using the VHS to DVD capture software.

Remove the USB extension cable connected to the USB cable of the VHS to DVD. Remove the other end of the USB extension cable from the USB port on the computer. Place the VCR and VHS to DVD near the computer. Plug the USB cable of the VHS to DVD directly into the USB port to eliminate the signal loss that prevented the capture program from recording the VHS tape.

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