How to Find all collectibles in Death’s Door

Find all collectibles in Death’s Door

Sequins are collectible items that you can find in different locations in the game world. There are 24 sparkles in total, they do not give anything, except for the final achievement for collecting each (and, possibly, intermediate for N-th amount). They are scattered in different places, most of them are difficult to find, which is why I made this guide to make your searches easier. In addition, you can see the collected sparkles in the main office of the reapers commission, near the table in the center (apparently, it belongs to our hero).

And now in more detail about all the shiny things in a list:

  1. Lost cemetery. Go to the place where you fought with a huge castle. There are two pointers above. The path to the right leads into overgrown ruins, so head left and take the elevator. Go immediately to the left to the lever to create a shortcut. Climb higher. Walk left and find incense.
  2. Lost cemetery. Move to the gate of this location from the reapers’ commission, go downstairs and enter the crypt on the left. Burn the web and jump down. Kill the spiders and head up the stairs to the lever that will create a shortcut. Go downstairs, stand on the wooden platform and shoot into the bowl. Go behind the bars, kill the spiders and head up the stairs to the right. Shoot the bowl on the left to reveal the second grate. Proceed further, kill all enemies and a passage to the left will open. Light the bowl, go up the stairs and follow the right. Do not rush to use the large passage. Go to the right, after killing the spiders, and return back to another room. Pick up the old compass.
  3. A sailor aground. Arriving at the location from Jefferson’s Diner, go down from the Cauldron and immediately turn the corner, right a screen, and move up through the mountains to find a secret passage to the adventure journal.
  4. Overgrown ruins. You will receive the horn according to the plot of the game in this location when you go in search of it at the request of Mother. Impossible to miss.
  5. Hall of the Gates. When you get your Explosion spell, start exploring this office wing. Take the elevator down and turn right. Climb the stairs up and light the two bowls to lower the grate. Behind it there will be a sphere and a model of the ancient gate.
  6. Hall of the Gates. When you pick up the previous glitter, move left and break the stone block to the left of the raven to find a passage to another room with a glitter – a listening device.
  7. A flooded fortress. Defeat the Frog King (Swamp King) and head up the stairs to the left to find a huge arrowhead.
  8. A sailor aground. Important: you must free the servant in the domain of the Frog King, in the mushroom dungeon. It’s easy to do – destroy the stone barrier with an explosion. Return to Jefferson’s diner and look for the same servant on the left. An old servant mask will lie next to him.
  9. A sailor aground. Move to the right along the bridge from Jefferson’s diner, use the grappling hook to pull on the pieces of iron on the bridges, and defeat a huge enemy. This is a standard mini-boss that attacks three times in a row. Dodge three times, and then follow the chain of your blows. After the victory, climb the stairs and take the inked bear.
  10. A sailor aground. From the “Sailor aground” go back to the side of the lost cemetery. In one of the caves, there are two stairs leading to a row. Climb one at a time. Standing between two ladders, at an average height, look to the right and you will see a piece of iron. Reach out to her to find the deceased’s coin.
  11. Manor of the Ceramic Witch. Go to the estate, when there is a hook, use the ventilation to the left of the elevator leading to the observation ovens. This will take you to the ballroom. Climb the fire escape to the ceiling, move along the planks and gravitate towards the green jug on the other side. This will take you to the top left corner and reveal a wedding ring.
  12. Manor of the Ceramic Witch. When you have the fire spell, go through the door to the right of the main hall of the estate, where the raven’s gate is. This path will lead to a corridor with several jugs. At the very beginning (above) there is a bowl that needs to be lit. Do this and use the stairs from the cache. Walk under the ceiling along the white rungs and take away the old photo.
  13. Underground mushrooms. Return to the location and follow forward without turning anywhere. Kill the two spiders and the magician on the bridge and follow up. Walk to the right, follow the lower door in the cave with the spitting fire flower and destroy the stones on the left with an explosion. Deal with the next stone barrier and take the distorted horn.
  14. Hall of the Gates. At the game hub, head down from the office desks and look to the right. There is a piece of asphalt with a pillar here. Reach out to him. Continue to gravitate towards the pillars until you find yourself in the back room with the model of the reaper’s gate.
  15. Castle of the Castle. Go to the central hall, where there is a round stove, at which you need to light four lights. There are many passages. The upper one leads to the raven’s gate. Use the passage to the right of him, in the corner, and you will find yourself outside. Climb the bridge with the pieces of iron. There is a round slab in the floor below. You need to fall on it and hit with a melee weapon. You will find yourself underground. One path leads to the sphere, and the other leads through the central hall to a room with a raven’s gate and an old crown.
  16. Castle of the Castle. Towards the end of the location, when you go in search of the last two cups of fire at the graves of the Lord of the Gates, solve the riddle with pink stones on the hills. When you open the gate, you will see a fork. The path to the left leads to a trellis with a keyhole. Walk right, use the hook and light the third bowl for the main hall. A hatch will open next to it. Jump into the hole and go behind the boards in the upper corner. There will be a barely visible passage. Go between the walls, killing spiders, and in the back room you will find a signed contract.
  17. Lost cemetery. Return to the location and go down from the gate. Follow this only way, killing simple enemies. Soon there will be a clearing with several enemies with bowlers on their heads and flying monsters. There is a tower in its corner. Exactly the same as the sign pointing to The Aground Sailor. Get close to this tower for the camera to rotate. Go inside and take the unfading flower.
  18. Camp of free crows. From the gate of this camp, go left and climb the second staircase. Follow the left and you will see an elevator leading to the watchtowers. There is a passage behind this elevator in the corner. Use the blast to destroy the wall and take the Shiny Medallion from the cache.
  19. The Ceramic Witch’s Domain… From the gate, go up towards the house and turn left behind the bridge, to the area with cells and jugs standing on them. If you found an old photo earlier (one of the sparkles inside the Ceramic Witch’s estate), then examine it in your inventory. On the back there is a clue to solving the puzzle. Since the screen cannot be rotated, I will indicate here in which order the jugs should be broken. First, make sure all the jugs are intact! So, break the middle jug of the left row, near the gravestone. Then break the second pitcher from right to left. Then break the corner pitcher on the left, the corner pitcher on the right, and the center pitcher. Ready! Go through the opened underground tunnel and find yourself on the other side of the river. There is a rusty old shovel near the tent. In addition, a little further there is a door with green squares. Looking at all,
  20. Possession of the Ceramic Witch. From the gate in the witch gardens, go up and to the left. Find the bushes on the side through which you can go to the stairs. Climb the stairs and pull yourself to the piece of iron on the next tower. Jump down, hitting the round plate with your weapon to get into the underground tunnel. Repeat with several plates and pieces of iron until you find yourself in the right side of the garden. Take the sphere, go forward and win the battle. Follow further and enter the underground storage to find an urn with slime.
  21. Overgrown ruins. When you have a hook, return to this location and follow to its upper right part without going into the mushroom dungeon. There will be towers with pieces of iron that you can grab onto. Look at the top, from the left side of the ruins, for the stairs leading to the ledge. It is invisible, so you will see it only after you come close to the right. Navigate the pieces of iron and pick up the ugly seed.
  22. Hall of the Gates. Received by the game after defeating the Gate Lord. Return to the Gateway Hall and pick up the rusty bell tower key from the floor where the tables used to be.
  23. Grove of spirits. When you get the hook, return to this location and go to the lower right corner. Stand on one ledge and pull your hook to the piece of iron on the other. Walk right and pick up the Homemade Soul Key.
  24. Betty’s Lair. First, pick up the rusty key from point 22. Then go to the lost cemetery, go to the right of the “Sailor aground” sign and you will see the locked gates of the bell tower. Open them, climb the bell tower and hit the bell. Instead of day, night will come. Move to Betty’s lair, leave it and break the ice chunks on the right. Climb up the steps and approach the wall with the crescent moon symbol. If it is night, then a passage will open, and inside you will find a mysterious amulet. This amulet will allow you to kill Groboplite!
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