How To Find All crystals of life And magic In Death’s Door

How To Find All crystals of life And magic In Death’s Door.Secret passages, riddles and puzzles can be found at different locations of the Death’s Door , and some of them will allow you to get to the green or red altar. Pray near him to receive a shard of life or magic crystal. Every four shards of the same type increase the reserve of life or magic.

There are a total of 8 altars with shards of the crystal of life and 8 altars with shards of the crystal of magic. In this guide, we’ll cover each. In addition, at any time you can visit the “Sailor aground” and talk to Jefferson, so that he gave a hint to the location of 3 arbitrary altars.

All crystals of life

  1. At the Lost Cemetery, not far from the location of the stairs and the “Sailor aground” sign, follow downward, cross the long bridge, pull the lever, and then go left and take the elevator down. Walk around this building from the side for the camera to turn around. Go down the stairs until you find the altar.
  2. When you get an explosion, go to the mushroom dungeon, move deeper into the location into the room with the raven’s gate. Go through the door to their left. Walk left again and down. So you will find yourself in a place with a pond where you saved your last soul. There is a wall on the left. Break it down and move on. Activate three bowls at the same time. Start with the left or right bowl on the ledge. Walk forward and find an altar.
  3. Return to the “Sailor aground”, go to the left of the cafeteria and the prisoner and turn left. Navigate the anchors using the grappling hook. First to the left. Fight enemies. There will be opponents throwing a boomerang. After the victory, get to the altar with the crystal of life.
  4. From the Ceramic Witch’s estate, go to the observation ovens. Move through it until at the very end you find a fork with four platforms on different sides. The platform on the top right is pushed back and is on the other side. Shoot her with a bow and she will move closer, and then pull with the grappling hook. This path leads to the altar.
  5. Move through the Overgrown Ruins and look for a large stone circle. Climb the vines on the right, higher and higher, and go left after two vines located nearby. Fall onto a small stone circle and LMB in flight to get underground. Go through the underground tunnel and get out through another circle. Go through the doorway to the altar.
  6. Complete the Frozen Canyon challenge, accessed through the left passage in the cave with the free crow camp. It will be difficult, but if you do, you will receive a crystal shard. There you will need to shoot a bow at pink stones, and do it quickly and while sliding on the ice. Break ice floes to store energy.
  7. Follow the grove of spirits and use the white portal where the Devil’s spirit of the thicket was killed to get to the Lost Cemetery. Look left and see a hook. Stretch and follow this route to find the altar.
  8. Finally, with the fire sphere, move to the Ceramic Witch’s estate and from the door follow to the right. There will be four braziers in this garden area (northeast). Light them quickly and jump into the pit to the last altar of life.

All crystals of magic

  1. In the domain of the Ceramic Witch, move to the estate itself, but do not go inside. Instead, follow the left and you will find solid bushes. But in one of the places there is a rounded bush. You can go through it into the flower bed. Get out through another similar bush and look for an altar on the side of the witch’s estate.
  2. Inside the Ceramic Witch’s estate, you need to find a corridor with four exits. A kamikaze with a jug on his head is still running along it. The leftmost passage leads to a seemingly inconspicuous bathroom. But look at her gender! There are reflections of a door and two jugs. One jug sits on the floor to the left of the bathroom, and the other sits on the edge of a wooden shelf that can be accessed by stairs. Attack these invisible jugs and head into the opened passage on the left side of the wall. You will find an altar.
  3. At the location “Sailor aground”, go up the stairs behind the diner. It will lead to a fork. Turn right, go around the building, breaking the ice, and you will see a gargoyle. Climb down from this building to find an altar.
  4. Go in the direction of the Aground Sailor. Climb the stairs by the tower and signpost, but moving left, jump down the stairs. Get to the very bottom and break the stone blocks in the passage. Inside the cave, you will face a battle with a large knight. He attacks three times in a row, so dodge three times and counterattack. After the victory, climb the stairs and exit to the left. Move higher and see the altar.
  5. Travel to the Overgrown Ruins and follow the locals’ village. To the left of it, snuggle against the wall and jump down, to the left, in the direction of an alley with many fiery flowers. The camera will turn around and you will see the altar. The same altar can be seen moving along the lane with fiery flowers. It is to the left and just above the gate of this area.
  6. Travel to the mushroom dungeon and exit in the direction of the Flooded Kingdom. Walk the first couple of bridges past the previously activated pink stone. After the next wooden bridge, turn up the screen, at the edge of the wooden bridge above. Shoot your bow forward through the stone arch as there is a pink boulder hidden there. A bridge will appear, which will allow you to get to the altar.
  7. Move to Overgrown Ruins and to the very beginning, where you arrive by funicular. There is a piece of iron to the left of the gate. Grab onto her and others with a grappling hook and shoot at the pink stone. Move to the left and kill all the enemies so that the vine appears. Climb higher. There is a sphere of souls on the right, and the path to the left leads to the altar.
  8. Travel to Castle Fortress, to the central room with an elevator. Move through the passage to the upper left to be outside. Break the ice on the left and head up. Go through the door on the left to find the Gate Lord’s grave. You lit a fire here earlier. Go to the passage below and find yourself in a room with a pit and pieces of iron. Take the hook to the nearest one. On the left there is a lattice blocking the path, and on the right is a window. Pull yourself there with the chain to be in the cache, and lower the lever on the left. The grate will disappear and you can reach the last altar.
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