How to get all weapons and spells in Death’s Door

How to unlock all abilities, spells, gadgets and melee weapons in Death’s Door

Death’s Door is a simplified cartoon-style Souls-like about an unnamed reaper crow tasked with retrieving the Devil’s soul from the thicket. Everything becomes more complicated when the soul finds itself behind the gates that lead to the world beyond death. And now the crow has to fight with three giants in order to get their souls and open these very gates.

From the very beginning of the game, you have access to a regular sword and bow. You can attack with a sword in different ways:

  • LMB – normal blow
  • LMB in a fall from a height – chopping blow from above
  • Mouse wheel – strong blow (moreover, its strength depends on how long you hold this button)

For archery, it is enough to hold down the RMB so that the hero pulls the bowstring, aim (with the cursor) and release the button. The bow also consumes 1 unit of energy per shot.

All spells

As you progress through the game, you can significantly enrich your arsenal. Firstly, in addition to the bow, 2 new spells and a hook will appear in the ranged cells. All of them will be obtained strictly according to the plot of the game, and each time, visiting a new location with the boss, you will have to do the same actions: look for four souls, follow the raven’s gate and pass the Greedy combat test.

Therefore, I will not tell you how to get these spells, but I will list them:

  • Fire spell. Select with the “2” key. Launches a powerful fire sphere that damages enemies and sets fire to stone and ceramic bowls, fireplaces, which is important for solving some puzzles. Consumes 1 unit of energy per shot.
  • Explosion spell. Select with the “3” key. Hurls a powerful ball of energy that damages enemies and explodes stone blocks that block your path. Essential for solving puzzles. Requires 2 units of energy per shot.
  • Hook. This grappling hook is used to gravitate towards objects. These can be enemies, lamp posts, iron anchors (they are mainly used to solve puzzles), and so on. Does not consume energy.

Plus, you can upgrade every spell / weapon / ranged device. To do this, you need to find the temple of the Nameless Servant, in which a white teleport with a symbol of a specific weapon or spell leads. Let’s take a closer look at the location of these temples.

Hook upgrade

To find the Nameless Servant, travel from the forgotten cemetery towards the Aground Sailor. You will walk through several caves, and one of them has a trellis passage guarded by two statues. Go left, down and fly to the other side, being pulled to a piece of iron. Repeat with the other piece and lower the lever. Go inside and use the gate. During the battle, the boss will periodically move between the pieces of iron. In close combat, he hits one or two times in a row, while the second blow can be either a circular or a lunge. Finally, he sometimes slows down time. Try to press Space to roll as soon as the effect wears off. From this moment, after being attracted to the enemy, you can click on LMB to inflict additional damage.

Fire spell upgrade

From the abandoned cemetery, go through the door leading to the Ceramic Witch’s domain. Move to the left along the crypt and you will see in this part another passage to the Nameless Servant, which is fenced off with cobwebs. Burn it down and fight the mini-boss. He attacks melee in the same way, but periodically summons fire spheres that begin to rotate around him. Enemies hit by the Fire Orb will now take Burning Damage over time.

Bow Upgrade

From the reapers’ commission hall, move through the door leading to the abandoned cemetery. Walk a little lower and turn into the building on the left. There will be a spider web here. Burn it and jump down. Break cocoons and kill spiders. In the upper left corner is the Soul Orb (100). Climb up the long ladder and pull the lever to create a short path. Go downstairs, stand on the wooden platform and shoot into the bowl. Go behind the bars, kill the spiders, take the sphere of souls on the left (100) and go up the stairs on the right. Shoot the bowl on the left to reveal the second grate.

Proceed further, kill all enemies and a passage to the left will open. Light the bowl, go up the stairs and follow the right through the large passage. Here you need to break the stones on the left using an explosion. Then light the first bowl and pull the hook to the two pieces of iron on the right to light the second. Go to the Nameless Servant, who will act in approximately the same way. Holding the bowstring (RMB) longer will now fire a more powerful shot.

Explosion enhancement

Go to the lost cemetery, pass by the place where you fought with the Palace. There is a fork here. Follow the right towards the overgrown ruins and jump off the bridge at the very beginning. Break the wall on the left and head inside to find the challenge portal. Defeat the Nameless Servant while dodging his normal attacks and falling explosive projectiles. As a result, you will receive an improvement that fixes one nuisance: now only your enemies suffer from the explosion, and the raven does not receive more damage.

All weapons

There are 5 types of weapons in the game. The first, a regular sword, is available by default and has medium attack speed, damage and range. Let’s find the rest.

Discarded umbrella

To the left and above the gates leading to the grove of spirits, right in the commission hall, you can find a second weapon – a discarded umbrella. The alternative is so-so.

Daggers of the Storm

On the way to the Ceramic Witch’s house, right in front of her mansion, the Storm Daggers lie on the right. To pick them up, you will have to go to this part of the garden and solve simple puzzles.

Thunder hammer

In the mushroom dungeon, when you collect souls, you will find yourself in a place where you need to light 3 bowls at different levels. It’s at the bottom of the location. Follow from these bowls to the left, until it stops, until you find a long staircase. It is farther than the green key near the three bowls and the grate, which is opened with this key. Kill the enemies at the top, go outside and move around the perimeter to find the lever. Pulling on it, you will see a ladder, and a grate will open at the bottom. Go inside, jump into the pit and pick up the new weapon.

Reaper’s two-handed sword

An interesting puzzle puzzle is connected with obtaining this sword. Go to the “Sailor aground” when you have all the abilities, including the grappling hook. Follow to the left of Jefferson’s diner, slightly higher and even more to the left. There will be wooden bridges with pieces of iron. Be attracted to them, move a little higher and to the right, to the gate. They are closed with four locks. You have already encountered similar gates in the Castle Fortress. There, four pink stones had to be hit. And here – the same thing, with the only difference that all four stones are hidden behind weak walls. There is a sign to the left of the gate – this is the first clue. The following clues will be inside the secret rooms.

To get started, go back and see on the right a long wooden staircase leading to the top of the mountain. There is a stone wall underneath. Shoot her with an explosion and go into the room with the first stone to be attacked. Climb this ladder and head left. There will be a wall with two columns just behind the steps. Shoot between these columns to reveal a second secret room. Walk back and to the right, go around the wall, destroying blocks of ice, and shoot at the part that is under the stone gargoyle. Finally, head back to the left and head straight now, up the screen, in the last direction. It will be a dead end with a huge stone head. Shoot the wall opposite her and activate the last stone. Go back, open the gate and take the last weapon.

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