Guide to the best spells in King’s Bounty 2

A detailed guide in which we’ll tell you how to learn and improve spells, what mana is for and which spells are considered the best in King’s Bounty 2

There are many spells in King’s Bounty that are distributed among different schools of magic. To learn them, you will need a corresponding scroll. After that, click on B to open the spell book, and spend some mana on research. Remember that mana will be needed to improve the learned spells, but besides that, you will need some talents of “Dexterity” and “Secret Knowledge”. In this guide, we will cover the basics of magic, as well as give some tips that will allow you to choose the most interesting spells to improve and use in battle.

All magic spells in King’s Bounty 2 are divided into several categories or schools:

  • Death and darkness
  • Air and fire
  • Life and light
  • Earth and ice

Travel magic, unlike the previous categories, forms scrolls that can be used outside of combat to provide a hero or units with certain bonuses. Examples include additional experience, an increase in morale, or even a call, which will expand the list of available units. Some effects, such as a summon, are instant, while others are temporary.

Note . You can equip equipment and unlock the Grace of Ancient Tongues talent to increase the value of Arcane Lore. If the characteristics drop below the required value, the hero will not be able to use the spell, and you will not be able to downgrade it to move to an earlier and less demanding version. Likewise, the “Secret Knowledge” characteristic determines the amount of mana that will be available during the battle. Meanwhile, the Power of Magic parameter determines the damage done by your spells, as well as the duration for those casts that give temporary effects.

Instead of listing all the spells I know of, I’ll just suggest the best ones (again, in my opinion):

  • “Earth and Ice: Chains of Magic”. Prevents the unit from using an active ability. If you go first in battle, you can use this spell on knights, death knights, blades of the Nether, and so on, to prevent them from using the inconvenient skill “Taunt”. Alternatively, cast the spell on the Royal Mages and Dark Adepts.
  • Light and Life: Resurrection. Select a squad to fully restore its numbers. All dead units will return to life!
  • “Air and Fire: Haste” or “Portal”. These skills increase the movement range of units. The “portal” looks discouraging: you can force strong shooters to teleport anywhere, so that they can instantly attack the target or move away from approaching opponents.
  • Air and Fire: Burning Touch, Earth and Ice: Ice Blade, and Life and Light: Heavenly Fire. These spells add + 30% elemental damage from attacks of your units and abilities. In addition, the effects are cumulative. If you have Fiery Sword, Talisman of Fire and Elemental Summoner, you can get some incredible increase in fire damage.

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