SCP: Secret Files;How to find all collectibles

SCP: Secret Files;How to find all collectible.How to find all collectibles, including research protocols, documents, rehearsal scripts and more.SCP: Secret Files consists of several chapters, but not all of them contain collectibles. To be precise, collectibles can be found in three separate sections. Several documents and items are found in the chapters “The Black Box Incident”, “The Witch’s Plan” and the epilogue with the mysterious woman. Let’s sort it out in order.

All collectibles of the Black Box Incident chapter;SCP: Secret Files;How to find all collectibles

  • Collectible 1/3. Find inside a black case from which you will get the equipment necessary to complete the mission. Apparently, if you take only the equipment, you can miss this photo.
  • Collectible 2/3. Once you’re inside the building and set up your first beacon of reality, look for the dressing room on the right side. There is a pot for plants. Pick it up to reveal a coin.
  • Research protocols 1/4. In the same locker room where the coin above was found, Tyler Cooper’s first research journal is on a bench.

Collectibles in SCP: Secret Files

  • Document 1/7. Lockers can be opened in the same dressing room. One of them contains “Job Instructions”.
  • Document 2/7. Go to the back of the large hall, where the first beacon was installed. There are pots on the windowsill by the window. Under one of them you will find the key to door 101. Opposite is the administrator’s desk or reception desk. In the corner, on the pedestal, there is a resource request form.
  • Document 3/7. As soon as you raise the red bridge and climb through the window, look to the left side and you will see the same window. Climb over it and find the shopping list in the room.
  • Scenario for rehearsal 1/8. Once on the fourth floor and setting up the beacon of reality, find the restroom on your left hand and look for a mannequin with an excerpt from scenario 1.
  • Scenario for rehearsal 2/8. There is another mannequin in the adjacent restroom with an excerpt from Scenario 2.
  • Scenario for rehearsal 3/8. A little later, when you make your way through the ventilation shaft, you will find a room with a mannequin and a scenario for the second rehearsal.
  • Document 4/7. Pay attention to the computers located in the same location as the previous part of the scenario. Nearby are metal cabinets. Search them for a fragment of Incident 1.
  • Scenario for rehearsal 4/8. Go to the door a little further than the computers and remove the script for the third rehearsal from the mannequin.
  • Research protocols 2/4. As soon as you find the handle and move the rack with cabinets, you can climb into the adjacent ventilation. Inside it, look for Tyler Cooper’s Research Journal #2.
  • Documents 5/7. You will find this item on the landing when you solve the wall clock puzzle. We are talking about the announcement of the rehearsal.

Collectibles in SCP: Secret Files

  • Research protocols 3/4. After the cut-scene during which you take the bolt cutter, move through the corridor to the other side, under the pipes, and look for Tyler Cooper’s Research Log #3.
  • Documents 6/7. Return along the corridor and enter the room on the left. Follow along the windows, turn around and go to the beginning of the room, but on the other side. This is how you will find the experiment report.
  • Scenario for rehearsal 5/8. Follow the same corridor where you found the third Cooper’s magazine, make your way under the pipes and see three dummies ahead. Around them lies the script for the fourth rehearsal.
  • Documents 7/7. In the side room, next to the previous rehearsal scenario, there is a computer table with a fragment of Incident 2 on it.
  • Scenario for rehearsal 6/8. When you go into compartment 705, look for a glassed-in room on the side with a script for the fifth rehearsal.
  • Collectibles 3/3. Follow the mannequins through the gate and approach the black box on the elevator. Go down the stairs and look for a homemade doll right under it.
  • Scenario for rehearsal 7/8. When you are back at the stage and the monster is chasing you, run away from it, go to the stage and pick up a fragment of scenario 3, and only after that follow through the door to the landing.
  • Research protocols 4/4. After the previous passage, after escaping from the monster, go down the stairs and find Tyler Cooper’s Research Journal #4 on the crate.
  • Scenario for rehearsal 8/8. Once in another room after the previous magazine, search the table on the right. On it lies the script for the first rehearsal.

Collectibles in SCP: Secret Files

The Witch’s Plan

  • Document 2003 1/8. As you move through the room with the mad scientist experimenting with electricity, on one of the chairs on the left, find a tin sign “ARB-I surge voltage (alternating current) room.”
  • Document 2003 2/8. In the same room (do not go to the end, otherwise a cut-scene will start) look for the document “ARB Capacity Development Plan”.
  • Document 2003 3/8. When you find the toy horse and place it on the box, you can go through the green door. Climbing upstairs, inspect the reception desk and pick up the visit notice.
  • Document 2003 4/8. After watching the cutscene after interacting with the spark, inspect the table in the center and collect Sean’s employee card.
  • Document 2003 5/8. Opposite the table there is a cabinet on which Sean’s diary lies.
  • Document 2003 6/8. In the next room, on the left side, there is a test report from Dr. Sean Pierce’s assistant.
  • Document 2003 7/8. There is a framed photo on the same table where you found Sean’s employee card. Be sure to pick her up.
  • Document 2003 8/8. In the next room, where you will see the scene with Sean and Violetta, look for the order of the Foundation on the chair pulled up to the equipment.

Collectibles in SCP: Secret Files

  • Document 2004 1/6. When you go through the blue door, restore the memory and search the cabinet, which contains Violetta’s employee card.
  • Document 2004 2/6. Above, on the same table where the cabinet with Violetta’s card is located, look for a list of books to buy.
  • Document 2004 3/6. On the left side is a chair where you can find Violetta’s notes.
  • Document 2004 4/6. In the same room, look for the overhauled containment plan for SCP-239, on a black chair.
  • Document 2004 5/6. Soon you will be moving after the ghosts of the scientists. This will happen after you enter the pink door. Soon you will find yourself in a room with a lot of notes and a white board on the right side. Search the cabinet nearby and retrieve the SCP-239 Experiment Plan.
  • Document 2004 6/6. In the same room, on the same table, look for the witch’s plan
  • Document 2004 1/7. When you go through the yellow door (aka the last one), recreate the memory and watch the video. Then search the table that contains Violetta’s death certificate.
  • Document 2004 2/7. On the same table, look for Sean’s reinstatement certificate.
  • Document 2004 3/7. Keep looking around the table and find the document “Voting 05-06”.
  • Document 2004 4/7. Keep looking around the table and find the document “Voting 05-07”.
  • Document 2004 5/7. Keep looking around the table and find the document “Voting 05-09”.
  • Document 2004 6/7. Keep looking around the table and find the document “Voting 05-11”.
  • Document 2004 7/7. On the table against the wall (not central) is the last document.

Collectibles in SCP: Secret Files


  • Collectible 1/4. Go towards the elevator after making the report, through the turnstiles, and go down to another floor. Behind the door on the right is a table with an advertisement for bread.
  • Collectible 2/4. In the same place, look for a note with the code you need.
  • Collectible 3/4. Search the same table to get an access card.
  • Collectible 4/4. The registration form should be found on the table in the same room as the bread advertisement with the code.

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