Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero – All Collectibles Locations

In our guide to Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero, you’ll find out where to find all the documents, ancient coins, lockpicks, and upgrades.

Document number 1 . Find Chris in your inventory at any time since the start of the game.

Document number 2 . Also found in Chris’s inventory, unmissable.

Ancient coin # 1 . Mine work area 2F – go through the red gate (red wing) and look in work area A, in the southern alcove, if you are guided by the map. On the bag where there are two barrels.

Ancient coin # 2 . Mine working area 1F – on the cave path between the cage and the red gate, on the wall near two barrels.

Ancient coin # 3 . Storage Area 1F – In the catacombs behind the green gates, you will need to run away from the white mold and enter a room with containers and a minecart full of rubbish. On the left side of the minecart (and a crate with two neuro-grenades) you can find an ancient coin.

Document number 3 . Storage area 1F, backup room – on the right side of the night vision goggle.

Document number 4 . Storage area 1F, backup power room – on the cabinet near the FUIBD ammunition.

Ancient coin # 4 . Storage Area 1F – After solving the power switch puzzle, take the elevator and kill the normal mold. In the corner before turning right, you can find an ancient coin located near the FUIBD rounds.

Ancient coin # 5 and master key # 1 . Storage Area 1F – Immediately after meeting the fat suicide in the catacombs, you will encounter another white mold. To the left of this hall there is a passage with two drawers. Break through the boxes to find a master key and a coin at a dead end.

Ancient coin # 6 . Trolley Yard, Corridor – Just outside the entrance behind the blue gate, enter the cave on your right. The Ancient Coin is located in a small white bucket to the right of the two boxes.

Ancient coin # 7 . Trolley Yard, Repair Yard – In the room with the creepy clown and the key, there is a coin that lies in the southwest corner on a blue box.

Ancient coin # 8 . Yard with trolleys, ventilation room – after rescuing, go to the room with the stairs. Before going upstairs, take a look at the open cardboard box in the left corner.

Ancient coin # 9 and a steroid . Mine working area 2F – before heading to the location where you have to fight the white thick mold, you can crawl under the raised gate and move along the rails for minecart. Several items can be found on either side of the minecart, including a coin, a steroid, and additional ammo.

Stabilizer . Storage Area 1F – After removing the bomb from Chris’s arm and defeating the white thick mold, go through the blue gate from the central cavern. Unlock the clown’s door with the appropriate key to find the stabilizer.

Document number 5 . Research Center 1F, Monitoring Room – Inside a white cell guarded by two white molds, a document is on a metal trolley behind the bed.

Document number 6 . Research Center 2F – go past the control room, go upstairs and turn right. There is a mold on the stretcher, and there is a document in the cabinet.

Document no . 7 . Research Center 2F, Clinical Lab – In the last save room, search on the computer that Lucas used to work on.

Document number 8 . Research Center 2F, Clinical Laboratory – In the same room, take a look at the table to collect the document.

Lockpick number 2 . Research Center 2F, Clinical Lab – On a minecart to the right of the Conservation Station. Use the pick on the container in the hallway leading to the entrance to the research center.

Document number 9 . Research Center 2F, Clinical Lab – On the wall to the left of the blue door in the final conservation room. The blue door, by the way, leads to a staircase that leads you back to the entrance to the research center.

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