Outlast 2 Walkthrough

Outlast 2 indie horror full walkthrough

Outlast 2 originates in the vicinity of Arizona, where a helicopter crashes, on which the protagonist and his wife were. Having come to our senses after a painful landing and the nightmare we saw, we find burning remains of our transport from the cliff. Going down to it, we record the destroyed helicopter on video, and then we move forward, where we will soon encounter the torn pilot, whom we also shoot on camera.

Further we will find ourselves on the territory of a certain farming village, familiar to us from the demo version . Making your way forward along it, along the way, you can look into some residential buildings. At some point, a lonely farmer will block our road, whom we drive away from afar by shooting with a camera, using a zoom.

Having finally reached the dead end in the form of a memorial on the fence, we climb into the adjacent house through the window, and then we get out of it through the front door. Next, we pass the fence and step forward to the cellar. Having made our way through all its outrageous horrors and once again on the street, we crawl under the gates that are located in front. After a few steps, we will hear the ominous muttering of the first enemy in the game, who will suddenly pop out in front of us. The best tactic in this situation is to run back to the goal. The enemy should disappear, and we calmly penetrate the barn in front.

Inside, passing a little forward, we will stumble upon a box, which we drag to the broken staircase. We climb up, and then jump down and get out of the barn through the window. Further we will find ourselves on a rather extensive area, where aggressive farmers scurry everywhere. The task is quite trivial: bypassing the patrols, leave the enemy territory, following the main path. To avoid being noticed, we use tall grass as shelters, as well as houses, where it is convenient to penetrate through the windows. Having covered a certain amount of path secretly, you can try to openly run forward along the path, because, having reached a certain point after a couple of tens of meters, the enemies will suddenly stop attacking us.

Further we will find ourselves at the territory of the local church. Having overcome the fence, we go inside and get to the basement, where prisoners in cages vegetate. On the spot, first of all, we select the key to the door that hangs on the wall on the left side of the entrance, after which we find in the main room on the left a low passage formed by cells piled on top of each other, through which, in fact, we pass. Having unlocked the door, we go upstairs, where we soon meet our missing wife. We jump to her through the window, which is located at the end of the dark corridor, and then we follow her.

As a result of certain events, we will again be separated from our wife, so we have no choice but to go after her. Following the stream, we will find ourselves on a reservoir patrolled by the enemy. Task: get to the distant house that stands on the right side of the river. To do this, we pass through the houses located on the left, and then on the cards we move along the water to the opposite bank to the desired building.

Next, we suddenly find ourselves at school. Entering the classroom, we examine the photo that lies on the teacher’s table near the painted blackboard, and then we leave into the corridor, where we head to the front doors. Going out into the street, we leave the school grounds through the open gate and, thus, we return back.

Waking up after a nightmare, we immediately meet a peaceful farmer who expresses a desire to help us. We follow him to his house, and then we go down to the cellar, where we settle down for the night on a mattress. After some time, an ill-wisher will come to visit. As soon as the beatings at the top subside, we approach the stairs and, having torn off the boards, we get out of the cellar.

After leaving the territory of the estate, we go down to the river and follow it until we reach the cornfield. As soon as we find ourselves at the gate, opponents will appear behind us, therefore, turning around, we quickly notice a hole in the fence on the right near the heaped bales of hay, through which we will get to the field. On the spot, we need to jump through the gate, bypassing the enemy patrol. The landmark on the field is the mill, to the left of which is the exit (see screenshot).

Having crossed the gate, we step along the path to the next barn. To enter it, we move the door. Being inside, we notice a box slightly ahead, which we drag to the broken staircase, and then we climb up. There we find a hanging chain, pulling which we will open the passage to the street.

Once in the fresh air, we step forward until we reach a certain cave. On the spot, we perform several acrobatic techniques and as a result we find ourselves on the street again. Descending from the mountain, we notice on the left a passage to the basement of the house. Leaving it into the main part of the estate, we rise to the second floor, where we step onto the balcony, from where we then jump down.

Immediately we notice an elevator ahead, pulling the handle of which we find out that it is without power. The generator is located in the barn, which is at the very end of the location (the main path will lead directly there), and the path to it, of course, is blocked by aggressive collective farmers. We bypass the enemies through the backyards of the standing houses and thus get to the desired building, where we climb the steps to the second floor. On the spot we find the generator we need, start it up, and then return to the elevator. Having overcome about half the way in his direction, the ubiquitous granny with a pickaxe will attack us again. Therefore, as soon as it appears in the middle of the road, we quickly run back to the generator, where we sit quietly for a while. Further, we again move towards the elevator, trying to bypass the enemy, leaving him behind,

Having gone upstairs and after passing a little forward, we will soon find a well, from which the voice of our friend will be heard. However, looking inside, we will immediately be seized by a certain monster, which will again take us to school. We leave the classroom into a dark corridor and step forward until a locker opens up in front of us. Inside, we select a music box, play a melody, and then go into the door that opens on the right side. Going out, ultimately, into another long corridor, we notice in front of the gallows, near which there will be the door we need.

Having entered it, we will return back to the farm, where we will immediately have to take part in a tense race from the furious collective farmers. As soon as we get to the children’s room in one of the houses, the opponents will lose sight of us, but the search will not stop there. Having reached the door at the end of the room, the enemy will immediately leave it, therefore, we quickly hide under the bed and wait until he passes by. In the next room, we will need to go down the stairs, however, the enemy will also be waiting for us there. We again apply wait-and-see tactics and thus get to the basement, the entrance to which is blocked by a bookcase.

Further, having overcome a series of corridors, we will again be attacked by opponents, from whom we will have to run as fast as we can. At some point, the chase will lead us to a wooden shack, where we will need to break the floor with our foot, and then crawl out. The final point of escape will be the village school, where we penetrate through the window in the basement.

Having got out from there through the roof, we notice a large carriage nearby, which we roll up to the gate, after which we move through them. So we will find ourselves on a rather spacious street, where we need to get to a similar gate at its end. Having reached the desired point, we again need to move the cart, but somewhere halfway there will pop out a familiar granny with a pickaxe. However, this time it will not be a problem to hide from her, because it will be enough to crawl through the opening in the fence, which is located on the right side just behind the carriage, then wait until it comes running to us, and then return to the cart.

Ultimately, we will find ourselves on the territory of the church. Entering the main hall, we find a certain man tied to a wheel, with whom we are conducting a dialogue. After some time, the main villain will enter the building with his retinue, from which we are hiding in the confessional. After waiting for their departure, we leave the church through the main entrance, and then again we start running from the enraged enemy.

Breaking away from the pursuers, we notice an opening in the fence, after which we make our way through the house to the cornfield. On the spot, through the vegetation, we notice in the distance a house with a mill, to which we head, bypassing the patrolling enemy. Going inside, we pay attention to the rotating wheel, under which there is a low passage. To stop its movement, first of all we select a handle in the room next to it, and then we insert it into the mechanism, which is located on the second tier of a wooden platform (the platform itself is located in the backyard, the right door from the wheel). Having stopped the rotation, we squeeze through the passage, thus getting into the territory of the slaughterhouse.

Here we are faced with a specific task: to get a hook at the slaughterhouse (path to the left), with which it will be possible to open the grate in the barn (path, respectively, to the right). Having gone for the hook, on the way we will again meet an old acquaintance. We go around it using standard methods, after which we follow the plus or minus illuminated path to the abattoir building. On the spot we get to the main hall, where, pulling up the highlighted chain, we pick up the hook. Upon returning to the barn, the enemy will be waiting for us, therefore, when he declares himself, we quickly set up a hook, raise the grate with a chain and leave the building.

After some time, having made our way into another house, we will again be transported to school. This time, in order to go back, the first thing we need to do is get a light filter with the image of a gallows. It is located in the second office in the left corridor. Having picked up the object, we now step into the right corridor, where in the far room we find a working projector. We install a light filter there, and then move it to the image on the school board so that the picture is formed. Having learned the ciphered word, we return to the room with which we started, and we find on the spot the door that has appeared. After entering it, we step to the end of the corridor, and then we turn back, where we go into the office on the left side. There we drag the cart to the hole in the ventilation, climbing into which, we will soon find ourselves somewhere in the mountains.

After going some distance ahead, we will reach a dilapidated bridge leading to the mines, but of course we will not be able to overcome it. Thus, we will find ourselves in the thicket of the forest. After a long enough advance, we will soon encounter its aggressive inhabitants, but they attack only in those moments when we violate their personal space, therefore we try to keep our distance. After reaching, ultimately, to a dead end in the form of rocks, we climb them, then again to fall into the thicket, where from the bushes in front of them, the local boss will appear. As soon as the light of his lamp starts to break through the foliage, we hide in the grass that is behind us, according to the classical scheme, we wait until he passes by, and then we quickly give on our slippers. By the way, while fleeing, it is important not to come close to ordinary opponents,

Ultimately, the pursuing enemy will drive us into another hut, which in a second will appear as a school. Having got out of the locker, we notice our friend at the end of the corridor and follow her. She will lead us to the teachers’ offices, where in one of them we find a working computer. We read the open message, and then we step back into the corridor and go to the far end of it. After passing through the next classrooms of teachers, we will go out into a long corridor. Somewhere halfway, we notice on the right side a slightly open door, behind which we will find a drawing with a game of gallows. After leaving the classroom, we continue to go forward until we reach a dead end on the left side, where we find a hole in the ceiling. She will take us back to the thicket of the forest.

As a result of subsequent events, we will find ourselves in a somewhat unpleasant situation: we will receive a serious injury and lose our camera. Since we do not know anything about the location of the device, we first deal with the first misfortune. So, leaving on the illuminated path, patrolled by the enemy, we hide in the tall grass. Ahead and slightly to the left, we notice near the fire something like a wooden frame for a tent, where we find a bandage in a metal box. Having discreetly picked it up, we return to the shelter and make a bandage. Further, on the right, we see a hollow tree hollow on which the infected sits. We crawl along it, go around a nearby tent standing behind and notice in front of the rocks, on which, in fact, we are climbing.

After passing along the path and then jumping down, we go down the slope, bypassing the opponents, and overcome the fence, climbing over the rocks. Ahead we will again face the local boss. After waiting for him to pass through the guarded gate, we pass along the fallen tree that is on the right, thus finding ourselves in the water. Noticing the enemy’s flashlight beam, we quickly plunge into the river and wait until the boss stops inspecting the area. As soon as the danger passes, we get out of the water and go into a nearby house, where we find our camera.

Looking into her lens, we will once again be transported to school. Stepping down the corridor, we look in passing into the classroom, where we select the next drawing. Next, we go into the corridor with teachers’ offices, which is located near the toilet. At some point, a monster will attack us from there, from which we are hiding in the toilet stall. After making sure that the monster is gone, we step into the office from which it left, and we answer the phone call. After completing the conversation, we again return to the main corridor, where we will again be attacked by the monster. This time we need to run away from him right along the corridor, and then we need to hide in the school locker, which Jessica will indicate.

Another teleport takes us back to the forest. Since the enemy is aware of our position in the house, we get out of it through the back window, and then we make our way through the thicket forward until we reach a kind of wooden balcony that stands above the abyss. Next to it there will be a ledge, along which, in fact, we pass. Next, we move over the cliff along the fallen tree and run for some time forward along a long linear section.

At the end of the path, we will again be awaited by an unpleasant meeting, as a result of which we will find ourselves in a coffin. Having got out from there, we will find ourselves surrounded by creeping creatures, from which, as usual, we will have to flee, following along narrow logs that have been knocked down one after another.

After a while, we will find ourselves in a small shed that stands on the edge of the cliff, after which we will receive the task: to get a rope in order to go down through the hatch to the water. We will have to borrow it from the gallows, whom we could see through the thorny fence on the way to the barn (the corpse itself is located near the fire). Passing the enemies, we climb the hill, lower the gallows down, pick up the rope and rush back with a bullet.

As a result, instead of the planned careful descent, we fell down like a stone, and at the same time moved to the school. Once on the roof, we follow the lanterns until we reach the slightly open door. Going down the stairs, we will meet a familiar monster on the way. To bypass it in a narrow space, we approach the railings that are located on the interfloor area, wait until it gets closer to us, and then jump over them and get out, ultimately, onto the street. There we find a hatch at the far end of the yard, where we go down. Thus, we will find ourselves in the dining room. Having picked up another drawing from the table, the place will suddenly change and soon plunge into darkness. To get out of there, we need to follow the voice of Jessica. This is where the microphone on the camera comes in handy.

Sudden teleport and we find ourselves at the pier. Having reached the coast, we turn right and head towards the distant house. Inside, we climb through the back window, and then climb the hill. From there we notice a campfire below, and near it – a raft. Having reached there, we jump on the transport and set sail. As a result of a rather long swim, we will be thrown ashore, but we do not intend to part with the raft forever. Therefore, we climb the hill, where on the right we move along the ledge to a terrible installation of corpses. Nearby we notice a wobbly tree trunk, pushing which we form a bridge. Having got over to the other side, we go down to the water, where we saddle our raft. Ultimately, we will finally get to the territory of the mine, but our transport will break down at the most inopportune moment. Being surrounded by enemies right in the middle of the water, moving forward to the shipyard. Somewhere halfway from the abyss we will be seized by a monster that will drag us away, you will not believe, to school.

There we will find ourselves in the pool, where a familiar monster will immediately try to grab us, so we quickly get out of the water. Then we go into the left toilet and find quite interesting phenomena there. Then we step into the right one, from where we exit into another long corridor. Here a series of two simple chases awaits us, as a result of which we will find ourselves in a shed. Having got out from there, we go up the steps and begin to move forward to the main building. Inside, a rather tense, but very linear route awaits us, which will soon lead us to school. On the spot we go to the computer class. Passing through it, we notice a working computer in one of a row of tables, on which we read a letter. Further we find another one behind us, and then we leave into the corridor.

After some time we will return back to the territory of the mines. Having got out of the reservoir with water, we go forward, and then we make our way into the building through the gap in the passage. Inside, we notice a flashlight beam in the dark, which illuminates another passage. Having squeezed through it, we will immediately be attacked by the enemy. We quickly crawl back, and then we hide in the barrel, which is located in the far left corner of the room. As soon as the enemy retreats to a respectable distance, we get out of cover and rush forward.

At the end of the chase, another teleport will take us to the school, where we will find the main character hanging on the cornice. We move to the right to the open window and climb inside. Further, as usual, we step along the linear route, simultaneously observing the eerie scenes outside the window. This will get us to the library. At that moment, when an old acquaintance appears in front, we turn to the right into a kind of labyrinth made up of bookshelves. Finding the right way and going out to a pile of piled books, illuminated by a lamp, the monster will begin pursuit. Here we need to step back a little and lure him to an area where one of the bookshelves can be bypassed both to the left and to the right. Having deceived the enemy in such a simple way, we return to the dumped books. Having climbed over them, we go forward to the lighted corridor, and then we run back, following Jessica.

Returning to the territory of the mines, we grab the cart on the spot, which we drag to the door, and then we move to the other side. Going forward a little, we will again face a similar problem. Having overcome the gap in the wall, we will once again be taken by surprise by the enemy, and fleeing from him will again take us to school.

Unfortunately, they won’t let us calmly take a breath here either. Therefore, getting to our feet, we immediately run from the monster. Having reached the toilet, we close the door behind us, and then we climb into the last booth. Further we crawl under them in order to be closer to the door, and we run out of there with a bullet. As a result, we find ourselves in an office, where we pick up a drawing of obvious content from the table, and then we climb out into an open window.

Moving to the quarry, we make our way along the cornices to the entrance to the building. Inside, we move the hanging cart and slide down the hill. Believe it or not, another chase awaits us here. Escaping from the pursuit, we find ourselves at the elevator leading to the ill-fated mines. However, we are in no hurry to rejoice, because as soon as we call him, a crowd of enemies will immediately tumble down from there. Here we need to put them on our tail, so that, after making a hook in front, return back to the elevator, leaving them behind.

Ultimately, we will finally get to the final location in the game. After the elevator finally stops as a result of a couple of fast flights, we get out of it, and then we climb under it. Further, going forward a little, we will stumble upon a hatch. Going down, we pass the altars, in the last of which we find a low passage in the rock. Then we go out into the corridor, where we need to get to its opposite end, bypassing the opponents. To do this, we make our way through a narrow gap that is located on the right side very close to the room from which we left. Thus, we will overcome most of the corridor. However, having gone deeper forward, the enemies will suddenly block our way. Therefore, we run back and again use the above trick to get around them.

Having reached the end of the corridor, we will stumble upon a cart that blocked our way. First of all, we push it back, and then, having switched the paths with a lever, we push it onto the adjacent rails. Having overcome this impregnable bastion, we step forward, where opposite the fire we notice a low passage.

As a result of some events and one chase, we will come face to face with the leader of the heretics. Our task is to turn off the power in order to secure the live passage. To do this, you need to find two switches at the location. We find the first one not far from the passage itself, to the left behind a wooden wall, under which you can crawl through. The second one is found in the room, the entrance to which is located directly in front of the first switch.

Next, we are again awaiting a puzzle with a cart. First we push it down, then we switch paths, lift it back and push it down again so that it breaks through the wooden barrier. Thus, we will find ourselves at the stairs that will lead us deeper into the cave.

Having overcome a series of long corridors and performed several acrobatic pirouettes, we will soon witness some rather wild events, which will be interrupted by the last entry into the school. Here, taking Jessica by the hand, we step through familiar places until we meet one of the teachers. After we are kindly asked to leave, we go to the exit at the end of the corridor, and, hearing Jessica’s screams, we run back, chasing the teacher. Then we will be transported back to the cave, from where we hurriedly escape, so as not to be under the rubble. At the exit we meet our wife, whom we take outside. Further we will have a series of long linear walks, diluted in every possible way with various cut-scenes. Completed the game.


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