How to unlock program X in Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials is the third installment in the popular Outlast series. Unlike previous games in the franchise, Outlast Trials is a unique game that revolves around completing individual challenge levels, solving puzzles, and dodging enemies with friends or as a solo player like the current Hitman games, instead of continuing the main story. from Outlast 2.

At the same time, while in early access, the developers released only three trial programs so that users could play with the unique Program X level at the end. Many people assume that they can play Program X after completing all three levels of the game. But this is not the case, since you need to complete each goal in all three trials in order to reproduce program X.

How to access Program X in Outlast Challenges

As mentioned earlier, you must complete all objectives in all three challenges to gain access to program X. You can find a list of all challenge objectives below.

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Program 1 – Kill the Snitch

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  • Kill the Snitch – Normal difficulty
  • Cancel Showdown – MK Challenge
  • Sabotaging Isolation – MK Challenge
  • Kill the Snitch – Medium Difficulty
  • Exam: Kill the Snitch – Hard difficulty

Program 2 – Chop Spoiled Apples

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  • Grind Bad Apples – Normal Difficulty
  • Punish the Villains – MK Challenge
  • Open the Gates – MK Challenge
  • Chop Bad Apples – Medium Difficulty
  • Exam: Grind Spoiled Apples – High Difficulty

Program 3 – Clear the Orphans

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  • Purify the orphans – Normal difficulty
  • Feed the Children – MK Challenge
  • Cleanse the Orphans – Medium Difficulty
  • Exam: Cleansing Orphans – High Difficulty

What is Program X in Outlast Trials?

Program X is the last program in the Early Access version of Outlast Trials. Players can access and complete this level to get rid of the object. Remember that you can only access Program X after completing each individual task in the first three trials.


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