How to clear the Jochi-ihiga Shrine (Sell Stone) in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

I avoided the Jochi-ihiga temple in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for a long time because I thought it would be harder to unlock than it actually was. Actually, it’s quite simple! Here’s how to clear a Jochi-ihiga (stone for sale) shrine in TotK.

How to clear the Jochi-ihiga Shrine (Sell Stone) in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

In order to clear the Jochi-ihiga shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, you need to solve a puzzle in Hyrule’s overworld: find the corresponding green stone shrine and bring it to the entrance . Once the stone is placed in front of him, the door will open. The temple represents Rauru’s Blessing which means all you have to do is solve the puzzle and activate the door to complete it.

Jochi-ihiga (Stone for sale) puzzle solution in TotK

After you reach Tarry Town for the first time via the wagon, a man named Hagi will ask you if you would like to buy “weird rock” for 100 rupees. While it may seem like an obvious no at first, you actually do want to buy it, but not before his wife comes and scolds him for robbing you.)

Thanks to her, the price will be reduced to 50 rupees . Buy a green stone (which you’ll notice now emits a beam of light), then talk to him again and purchase rail access for an additional 20 rupees.

Use Link’s Ultrahand ability to lift the rock onto the train car’s wooden platform and attach it with the A button so it doesn’t roll off. Use the arrow to shoot the mechanism at the top of the wagon to activate it and stay on the platform until you reach the bottom. Disconnect the rock from the platform and jump down.

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You’ll be at the Hudson Construction Headquarters in Torin Wetland, which will work in your favor because you’ll want to make a fan boat , and there’s an abundance of building materials. To do this, take one of the nearby wooden platforms and one or two fans and connect them together with the Ultrahand. Attach the stone to the boat then use the Ultrahand again to lift the boat.

Carry the boat south until the land meets the water. Here you should see a stone beam of light pointing directly at the Sanctuary across the lake. Place the boat in the water making sure it’s in front of the Jōchi-ihiga temple head-on, then hit the fan with Link’s weapons to activate them.

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You will be transported directly on the water to the sanctuary. Once the boat hits the ground, hit the fans again to disable them, then use the Ultrahand to detach the green stone and place it. in front of the blue seal in front of the temple door. Jochi-ihiga Temple is finally open!

All that’s left to do is go inside and grab your Blessing of Light… Oh, and the Temple Chest .

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Jochi-ihiga (Selling Stone) Shrine Chest Reward in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To get the Jochi-ihiga Shrine Chest, simply walk forward and open it; it is so simple! Better yet, you’ll get a Diamond from him for all your hard work, which made me so happy when I opened the chest. They sell for Rs 1,000 each in Goron City, so I saved myself (and my wallet) a decent buy.

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Location of Jochi-ihiga (Sell Stone) Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Joti-ihiga Shrine is located at Akkala Falls in the Akkala Highlands , north of the Lanayru Great Spring and southwest of the city of Tarri. Its coordinates on the map are 3809, 1219, 0090


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