How to complete Soryotanog Shrine (Buried Light) in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

It turns out that the shrines in the Gerudo Desert in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have sand both inside and out. However, Zelda fans who have played Skyward Sword may experience a pleasant feeling of nostalgia for this temple. Since there are fans that can be used to blow sand away, it’s almost the same as using Flappy Fur from Skyward Sword.

Location of Soriotanog (Buried Light) Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Soriotanog Temple can be found atop Gerudo City in Tears of the Kingdom. To get there, players will need to go through a sandstorm, but once inside, players will be able to walk and climb as they please. The coordinates of this temple are: -3881, -2961, 0123.

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Solution for Soriotanog (Buried Light) Temple in TOTK (Zelda Tears in the Kingdom)

The room opening the Soriotanog Temple has a couple of sand dunes and a fan. The first thing to do is clear all the sand with fans to find what’s underneath.

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It may seem intuitive to place a fan next to the sand dunes and activate it, but in fact, I found that Link can use the Ultrahand and point the fan at the dunes while walking.

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This saved me some time just because it can be a little tricky to set up the fan to blow the sand away.

There is a small key under one of the sand dunes. Use it on the door in the middle of the room to open the second part of the temple. Take the fan from the first room and go inside. Beneath the sand dune is a strange device: it’s actually a metal shield that reflects light.

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There is a hidden room on the left; Link can be fired at by arrows from the structure inside this room. To get inside, look to the left of the cage; there should be a small corner with a roof where Link can use Climb.

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Climb up to the roof to access the hidden room. Link can shoot the construct from here. This room will have another fan and a couple more sand dunes. An important sand dune that needs to be cleared is under the ramp because there is a beam of light coming from underneath it.

Once this light appears, players can grab another metal shield in the room and place it on the ramp.

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This part is a bit tricky; I found it best to use the Ultrahand by aiming at the back left corner of the room and then tilting it slightly to the left. The shield must be placed so that the light falls into the room that Link was just in.

When the players return to the starting room, a beam of light should break through them. Grab the first metal shield and raise it with the Ultrahand to meet the beam of light. From there, turn around so that the light reflects off this shield onto the large target at the top of the temple door.

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This will open the last door and complete the temple itself.

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