Ampham guide in The Outlast Trials

How to unlock amphetamines, a list of all available amphs in the game

If the equipment and recipe stores in The Outlast Trials open literally in the first 2-3 hours of the game (at levels 2 and 3, respectively), then the first amphetamine can only be purchased at 10. Then, every even level will give you another additional amphetamine. And so on up to 26.

Climb to the second floor of the complex and find the dining room, in which an extravagant aunt named Dorris sits. As for the cost, any amf will cost you 3 green coupons. The same premium currency, which is also needed to buy new equipment or recipes. In total, 9 different amphetamines can be opened in the game. As in the case of recipes, you can use up to three amps from all previously purchased ones at the same time. You choose them before the start of the game session.

All amps in the game

  • Recipe “Slippers” – 10 level. You can walk on the shards without making any noise.
  • Recipe “Hide and breathe” – 12 level. While in cover, stamina regeneration starts immediately.
  • Recipe “Cacophony” – 14 level. Bricks and bottles make more noise, better distracting enemies.
  • Recipe “Double Doses” – 16 level. The syringes can be used twice.
  • Recipe “Hide and Heal” – 18 level. In the shelter, regeneration starts immediately.
  • Recipe “Strong Hand” – 20 level. Bricks and bottles do more damage when they hit an enemy.
  • Noise Reduction Recipe – Level 22. Reduces noise from running and opening doors.
  • Quick Escape Recipe – Level 24. After receiving damage, stamina and speed increase.
  • Recipe “Antitoxin” – 26 level. After a while, restores full sanity, psychosis lasts half as long.


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