10 Ways to Be Strong in Facing Difficult Trials

It is not easy to be strong in the face of severe trials. Your days are like a nightmare and all the regrets come to torment the mind. Some people experience mental disorders because they are unable to deal with the calamities they experience.

However, like it or not, the best choice that can be taken is to face the ordeal. Running away from the problem will not solve the problem. It’s the same with giving up on the fate that is so bad for the time being. To help you face your tough ordeal, here are 10 ways you should try.

1. Pray 

Pray to God. Ask for his help so that you are strengthened to face this calamity.

Also remember that you are never alone. There is always a God who will accompany you.

In his presence, you can vent, cry, and ask for help as mentioned above.

There is nothing wrong if you increase the frequency of worship.

Because when you are facing trials, your mentality must be very shaken.

Because worship can calm the troubled mind.

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2. Talk to other people

In addition to praying, you can also spill things on other people.

Even though it is only an expression of words, the effect of venting is quite large, you know.

The majority of people feel some of their burden has been lifted after they have finished telling stories. They become relieved and can think better.

But remember, confide in those whose attitude is mature and wise enough.

Don’t vent to those who are still childish and judgmental.

Choosing the wrong friend to confide in can actually make your mind more chaotic.

3. It’s OK to Cry

Yes, cry. Pour out all your sorrow through those tears.

No need to be proud or ashamed. Crying is a natural expression of feelings when someone is experiencing sadness.

Remember, being tough doesn’t mean being strong. Being tough doesn’t mean holding back feelings.

To be strong in facing trials, you must be able to accept the disaster and go through it well.

And crying is one way that you can stay “sane” through this calamity.

4. Strengthen Relationships with Friends and Siblings

Almost everyone who experiences a disaster must feel frustrated. Not infrequently you wonder why all that happened to you.

Those who are not strong will even blame God for the fate that befell them.

In a situation like this, the presence of a close person is very important.

Their presence will soothe you. They can also help you stay away from bad thoughts.

So strengthen the relationship with those close people. Don’t even leave them.

Maybe some of you want to be alone. However, remember to keep in touch with friends and relatives.

5. Ask for Help

Don’t be shy to ask for help. Everyone in this world needs help from others.

So if you need help, just say so.

Let those who are willing to help help. Later, when you wake up, remember all their services.

Be there when they need help too.

But what if someone criticizes what you do?

Eits, don’t worry. People like that you just need to stay away from.

Just make the ordeal you’re going through to select toxic and non-toxic circles.

6. Be thankful for what you have

One of the ways to be strong in the face of difficult trials is to be grateful. Yes, thank you!

It may sound strange, but it will remind you that your world isn’t over yet.

You still have the capital to rise. You are still given sustenance by God.

For example, you have just been divorced by a husband who was caught having an affair. You were struggling to find a job after becoming a single parent .

And after you get it, you are even asked to WFH with a non-full salary.

What you are going through is hard. No one can deny that.

However, look at your baby. At least you still have him this time.

So, be grateful for its existence so that you are still given strength.

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7. Do Your Best

Do the best you can do right now. It’s not easy to do that, but it’s worth a try.

For example, you have just been accepted at a favorite PTN.

But before paying the entrance fee, suddenly your sister gets sick and needs a very large amount of funds.

With a heavy heart, your parents used the savings for your college for the sake of the younger sibling.

On the one hand, it’s clear that you love your sister and want her to recover. But on the other hand, it’s natural to feel sad because you can’t go to college.

Your situation is very dilemmatic. But the best one can do is act well anyway.

So be patient. Support your sister. Meanwhile, as long as you are not in college, you can continue to study to get a scholarship.

8. Don’t Daydream

Daydreaming is an activity to imagine something that is mostly difficult to realize.

These activities can cause your depression to deepen.

For example, say you have just been laid off by a company due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, you have to pay for your wife who has just given birth and the first child who wants to go to school.

The ordeal you feel is very heavy. You are stressed financially as well as mentally.

The best way out you can do is keep trying.

You can find any odd job or ask people for help.

Again, avoid daydreaming in this situation. Because depressed people’s daydreams usually only add regret.

Instead of getting better, you will be more stressed.

9. Think Strategy Forward

Making a strategy going forward is one effective way to be strong in the face of severe trials.

By thinking about what to do in the future, you will no longer be distracted by the events of the past.

It does take time to get to this stage. So don’t rush if you still need to recover mentally.

It’s just that, when the time is right, think about what to do in the future.

10. Move On

Stop. Do not insist on regretting what happened. Especially when you blame yourself.

Trials are something that not everyone wants.

Some trials can be prevented, but regretting them is useless. It would be better if you take a lesson from what has happened.

But what if someone else violates your rights? For example, rob or injure yourself?

Such an action clearly must be processed legally. It’s okay for you to demand justice.

But moving on still needs to be pursued. So, change your mindset so you can look ahead.


Trials come and go. In a light measure, it is easy for us to move on to face the calamity that befalls us.

But when the ordeal is so burdensome, it’s clear that not everyone can handle it well.

However, the world keeps turning. Life doesn’t stop just because you are being tempted.

Perseverance in facing severe trials is a must-have skill. Because in this life, maybe not only once you will feel it.


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