How To Increase Learning Speed ​​by Increasing Focus

Focus is often a meeting point between whether you are serious or not in learning. The difficulty of focusing often occurs due to unsupportive situations, especially with the temptation to play with mobile phones. Then how to stay concentrated and increase focus in learning? Let’s see the explanation below so that it can help you to improve focus and concentration!

The Importance of Focus in Learning

Learning is a process or effort that is the basis or fundamental in the education of each individual. With learning, each individual experiences various changes both in behavior, knowledge, mindset , skills and other things related to his life. One of the important points that need to be applied when studying is the ability to focus. Then, why is focus so important in learning? According to experts, learning concentration is an activity to limit the scope of one’s attention to one object. The importance of focus in studying will help you to easily understand a material and learn new things.

Factors that affect the decline in focus in learning

Many factors make you lose concentration or have difficulty focusing when studying. Before you start studying, you should know what things can distract you so you can start to improve your concentration. What are the factors that often make us lose focus? Take a look at the following:

  1. MultitaskingHabits

Doing multiple tasks simultaneously or multitasking can break your concentration. According to research from Stanford University, people who often do more than two jobs at a time, aka multitasking , are considered less profitable. This is because the brain can only and will function better when completing one task at a time. In fact, multitasking habits can make you less efficient and more likely to make mistakes while studying.

  1. Lack of sleep

Sleep plays an important role in supporting the work of the brain in focusing itself when doing something. This is what makes a person tend to have difficulty concentrating and easily distracted when doing something, namely if you have trouble sleeping.

  1. Bored with tasks

Boring tasks can easily distract from other things. To overcome boredom, you can try to take a short break and do other fun activities. For example, listen to a song for a while, make a cold or warm drink, or stretch.

  1. Busy with gadgets

Excessive use of gadgets can have an impact on decreasing the ability of brain function so that you have difficulty concentrating. For example, when studying, you see a notification that appears, so your mind is immediately distracted. Gadgets do make it easy, but use them wisely.

  1. The habit of overthinking / overthinking

The habit of overthinking something or what is often known as overthinking can reduce focus and concentration. In addition, overthinking can also increase anxiety, affect your mental health and cause insomnia.


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