10 Ways to Meet New People Without Awkwardness

Have you ever wondered what to talk about when you meet your date for the first time?

You have just been introduced to this person and at first you were very excited for ground coffee.

But when you meet face to face, your brain seems to be frozen! The meeting that was supposed to be fun turned out to be so stiff.

No matter how confused you feel and think yourself stupid, this condition is something that is normal for someone to experience. Because basically you just feel awkward.

However, if you are not also free from awkwardness, you will find it difficult to get profitable deals.

Even so in social life, awkwardness can keep you away from a mate and new friends.

Therefore, let’s learn 10 ways to meet new people without being awkward below.

1. Just relax

Feeling awkward when meeting people is actually the effect of the tension you feel inside.

Therefore, try to make yourself more relaxed.

Before meeting, for example, you take a deep breath and exhale.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that you will meet a pleasant person.

This will make you less nervous. Of course, it will take some practice before you can master this technique.

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2. Stop Thinking

Admit it, some of you get awkward when meeting new people because you think badly of them (suudzon).

For example, you fear being ridiculed, criticized, or seen as silly.

This kind of fear is generally owned by those who have low self-esteem. They become insecure and assume other people will insult them.

As a result, they become uncomfortable and have difficulty interacting with flexibility.

For example, you are a teenager from a remote village in Java. One day, you are introduced to a distant cousin from Jakarta.

Before you met him, you knew that he would make fun of your medok accent.

As a result, you become very quiet in the meeting.

If you have this problem, remember that the fear is only in your head.

In essence, most people will be kind to others. Especially when you just met.

3. Prepare Chat Material

If your meeting with the new person is planned, there’s nothing wrong with preparing chat material first.

In a way, this kind of preparation will make you more relaxed when meeting new people.

There are so many things to talk about that could be brought up. You can start asking about the identity of the person to the city he lives in.

After that, direct the chat to a more personal subject, such as about your acquaintance’s family.

If possible, do a little research on the acquaintance.

Find out what his hobbies, dislikes, and political affiliations are. Research like this is crucial when you meet for business purposes.

By doing a little research, you can avoid the subject that the acquaintance hates.

So, you can avoid situations that become stiff and manage to make a deal that benefits the company.

4. Offer Snacks and Drinks

Come on, take out the snacks and drinks you have.

The existence of these snacks will more or less reduce the awkwardness when you first meet.

Yes, after introducing each other’s names, you can first offer a snack as an “ice breaker”.

After that, you can comment on the snack and then continue with other, more interesting conversations.

5. Stop Playing Mobile

Trust me, playing with the phone on the first meeting only makes the situation worse.

Some of you may feel strange with this opinion. Can’t the phone actually be a shield when you start to feel awkward?

The answer is, right. Cell phones can indeed be used as a shield.

However, it will not eliminate your awkwardness at all. In fact, the longer it takes, the more rigid the atmosphere will be.

So, put down your phone. Have a chat with that person.

As time goes on, the chat will definitely get more exciting so that you and your acquaintances can both escape the mask of evil.

6. Joke with Natural

Humor is actually an ideal breaker of awkwardness. Because laughter will flow the hormone dopamine in the brain.

When that happens, you and your acquaintances will feel more comfortable interacting.

So if you can come up with a sense of humor, make your jokes the best you can.

But if you are not talented at being funny, you should undo your intention. Don’t force yourself to be funny when you meet new people.

Because failing humor will make the situation even more awkward.

In fact, it is not impossible for your acquaintances to be confused by what you mean.

If you have, you will be ashamed of yourself.

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7. Don’t Judge

Don’t judge people you just met.

Especially when you make a superficial judgment on material things.

For example, you’ve just been introduced to the child of an old friend of yours.

These acquaintances come from families who are not as rich as yours. He didn’t even have a higher education like you.

This gap makes you secretly judge him.

As a result, the meeting that was supposed to go well turned out to be very cold. Over time you become awkward yourself because of an uncomfortable situation.

If this is the case, who can be blamed but yourself?

So, stop this judgmental habit. After all, you do not know what will happen to you and that person in the future.

8. Tolerant and Friendly Smile

If you’re not good at chatting, you can actually handle it with a smile.

Yes, right. A sincere smile will make the atmosphere less cold.

Just let the new acquaintance dominate the meeting with long chats.

Those of you who are not good at talking, especially with new people, simply respond in a friendly and polite manner. Or, just give a simple response.

Your acquaintances will feel comfortable and appreciate your attitude.

And at least, you will be known as a good listener and can respect others.

9. Invite Other Friends

Inviting other friends is one of the most effective ways to reduce the awkwardness of meeting new people.

Especially if your friend is an outgoing person and can lighten the mood.

For example, you are appointed as the representative of the school in a singing competition.

Your teacher decides to pair you with another student for a duet.

In fact, the student is very popular at school. He is handsome and loved by the students. You even had time to be a fan with him.

Well, rather than the first meeting falling apart, there’s nothing wrong with asking friends for help.

So if you are nervous, at least you have a friend who can open a chat.

10. Keep on practicing

Last but not least, don’t forget to keep practicing so you don’t feel awkward when you meet new people for the first time.

So, if there is an opportunity to get acquainted, take the opportunity.

Because, flexibility when getting acquainted is actually one of the social skills that need to be honed.

True, some people do have a knack for this.

But most people need to learn these social skills.


Overcoming the feeling of awkwardness when meeting new people is not easy.

Because, you have to fight your own thoughts which are sometimes irrational.

However, that does not mean the feeling is left alone. Try to make your awkwardness fade with the 10 ways above.


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