How to tag new people on Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are very useful for people who like to share with their friends. Here, you can see the short videos that you upload on your profile , the videos that other people upload and your photos. With video uploading you can also do other things like tag them to other people or put a specific location on them.

Tagging other people on Instagram Reels is very beneficial and you can also tag a large number of people in any type of content you publish . Now, in this brief summary we will show you what are the benefits of these labels, how to place these labels and also how to know the number of people who saw these labels.

In addition, later we will also explain how to tag other users on Instagram Reels in order to promote the sale of products or to advertise some type of services.

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  1. What benefits can I get from tagging new people on Instagram Reels?
    1. It has new followers
    2. New content
  2. What is the number allowed to tag people in Instagram Reels videos?
  3. How do you tag people who don’t follow me on Instagram Reels?
    1. With a Windows PC or Mac
    2. Android or iOS mobile
  4. How to see the people who saw the videos in which you tag them?
  5. How do you tag products to sell on Instagram Reels?

What benefits can I get from tagging new people on Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels tags are very advantageous for those who do not have many people who follow them. And it will also allow you to enjoy new content within your  Instagram account . However, let’s talk more about these types of benefits to see if it is appropriate to use Instagram Reels tags.

It has new followers


When you tag someone else on Instagram Reels, your post will also show up on that person’s profile. If those who follow the person to whom you tagged the post like the type of content you upload , they may enter your profile and start following you.

In this way, you can boost the number of followers you have. In addition, you also boost the number of followers of the person you tagged because the people who follow you will be able to enter the tagging profile and start following it.

New content

New content can be viewed by following each other who added you. With this, you will also be able to see everything that person publishes including all their stories. By the way, speaking of stories, you need to know that you can place Instagram Reels in your WhatsApp stories .

Also, if you upload a story on your Instagram profile and put music on it, you can modify the amount of time you want it to have .

What is the number allowed to tag people in Instagram Reels videos?

The limit amount of tags in Instagram Reels is 20 users, this is to avoid collapsing the content of the publications . However, you may never get anywhere near this number of mentions, unless you upload a great group photo. In addition, Instagram also puts limitations on the amount of reactions, you can only give 100 reactions every hour.

It should be noted that if you don’t have a mobile phone or you don’t like how the Instagram application works, you can open an Instagram account from the web portal and use Instagram from your computer. If your PC has 64-bit Windows 10, you can download the program and use it , but if you have Windows 8 or 7, you will have to use it from the browser.

How do you tag people who don’t follow me on Instagram Reels?

If you want to tag a person on your Instagram account but they are not following you, you should not worry, as there is a way to tag them even if they do not follow you. At this very moment, we will show you how to tag a person who does not follow you on Instagram using a device with Android or iOS and Windows or Mac operating systems.

With a Windows PC or Mac

In the case of computers, the process that must be executed is almost the same, first you have to open the default browser on your computer. Then, open the instagram portal , log in to your account, select the image or video you want to upload and near the file description section, you will find the option “ Tag people”.


Proceed to press them and choose the people you want to tag. It is recommended that if you are going to tag someone, this user appears within the photo so that the tag looks good. However, remember that the limit of people to tag on Instagram Reels is 20 people, if you want to tag more than 20 people you can crop the image and upload two different photos.

It should be noted that if you are going to make a Live with your user account it would be good if you set the comments so that they remain there . The good thing about this function is that it can be enabled from devices with an iOS system and also on those with an Android system.

Android or iOS mobile

In the case of mobile devices, the process to be carried out is almost the same as that of computers. First, you have to enter your Instagram account, then add a new publication, choose the type of content you are going to upload and before publishing the photo or video, press the option ” Tag people “. This option is close to the other options such as ” Add location ” and near the section reserved for the image.

How to see the people who saw the videos in which you tag them?

There is a way to know which people saw the post in which you tagged that person, but this only works in the case of stories. If you upload the content along with the tags in your story, you only have to click on ” Viewed ” to know who has seen the tag in the video and to know what their reaction is.

If you upload the video elsewhere than in the stories section, you can find out who saw the video by checking their reactions. Although it is in this way, it is not known exactly how many people saw the video , it is possible to have an estimate of people.

How do you tag products to sell on Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is very useful to connect with other people to share, but if you see it differently, it is also useful to sell products and to sponsor products. Now, to put labels on the products you only have to look for the image you want to upload, select ” Label products ” and choose which products you will label in your photo or in the video that you will upload.

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