How to recover a Facebook account without email, without phone number and without password

As everyone already knows, enjoying the benefits that it has, having an account in any social network has its benefits and its risks. And surely you know very well what the benefits of applications like Facebook are.

But you know what its risks are, such as hacking, forgetting your password, losing your phone number, etc. It is for this reason that we want to teach you what you must do to recover your Facebook account without email, telephone or password.

The social network Facebook is the most used in the world and it is very easy to open an account and from time to time it adds new functions to its platform. To keep his millions of followers cheerful and happy, they use this social network daily to share photos, videos, text messages and now audio messages.

On another occasion we explained what you should do if you wanted to recover your Facebook password if you have forgotten it . But in this case it is very different and a bit more complex , since you are not going to use any conventional recovery method. As can be your email or your phone affiliated with your account.

Can I recover my old Facebook account ? What do I need to recover my Facebook account? If I no longer have the same number as before, can I regain access to my old Facebook account?

Facebook is one of the best platforms that exist, it is positioned as the mother social network and it is the one that has been online the longest. The first time you decided to create a safe Facebook account was more than 10 years ago.

When registering with Facebook you need to link an email account, set a password and add a phone number for security reasons. Adding a phone number to Facebook is a good alternative to email.

If you can’t access your old Facebook account because you don’t remember your password and you changed your phone number, don’t worry, Facebook allows you to recover your password if you forgot it and today at miracomosehace we explain how to do it step by step.

If you have forgotten your Facebook account password , don’t worry, in today’s tutorial we are going to tell you how to quickly and easily recover my Facebook password if I forgot it.

It is part of Facebook ‘s security commitment to safeguard your data, so if you have forgotten your account password, you must validate your profile in some way. To know how to do it continue reading.

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  1. How to recover my Facebook account without email?
  2. How to recover my account if I no longer have access to my email or phone number
  3. Steps to recover Facebook account without email or number from my cell phone
  4. Method to recover Facebook account without phone number
  5. What methods are there to recover an old Facebook account?
  6. Request help from friends to recover old account
  7. Is it possible to recover my Facebook account from another cell phone? – How?
  8. How to reset my Facebook password in a few steps
  9. Problems resetting my Facebook account password: What do I do?
  10. How can I avoid losing my Facebook account in the future?

How to recover my Facebook account without email?

This is now possible, thanks to the increased levels of security that this platform has added to the user’s account. Because the different mishaps that unfortunately usually happen are already well known. Like forgetting passwords, being a victim of hackers, something that is becoming very common in recent years.

Below we are going to show you three infallible methods that will surely help you  recover your Facebook account without email, phone or password . But first you must immediately call the technical support staff. And in this way, you must report that you were hacked and your information was changed, you forgot or lost the access data to your account.

If you have a problem when logging in, you should report it right away, through this link you can do it quickly. Now you must enter the information requested below. First, write an email address that you have active, in it you will receive information about the status of your report.

Now, you must clearly detail what happened, what you think happened with your account , the actions you took and what the page responds to you. Also, you must add the link of the account you want to recover or yours. If possible, send a screenshot of the error that appears when you enter the data when you log in.

How to recover my account if I no longer have access to my email or phone number

It may happen that you no longer have any account validation method that you had registered in your Facebook account. Do not be alarmed, you can still recover your Facebook password, although this may take a little longer.

To do this, you must send an email to Facebook technical support explaining your situation, that you no longer have access to the email or phone number with which you registered and attach a photo of your identity document on both sides.

It may take up to 48 hours to respond to you, depending on the amount of demand this platform has.

People who work in technical support must verify that the person who is trying to enter a Facebook profile without any validation method is you and not an unauthorized third party, which is why you must send a photo with your identity document to that are compared to your profile.

Once they have verified this information, they will send you a response with a link where you can reset your account and change your password. Remember to close the sessions you have open on another device for security.

Finally, we recommend that you take a few minutes to add different options to validate your account, this way you will be able to recover your Facebook password faster if you forget it.

You can add more than one email address or phone number as alternatives . Just make sure you always have a form of validation available and that they are secure, to prevent others from hacking your account.

Steps to recover Facebook account without email or number from my cell phone

One of the first things you must do is confirm your identity on Facebook, that is, show the platform that you are the owner of the profile.

This step is very important because you will indicate to the platform that you are indeed who you say you are. To do this you must enter the following page, if you prefer through this link you will do it without wasting time. It is important that you enter an identity document that is considered valid, these can be:

  • driver’s license
  • the birth certificate
  • The DNI
  • The visa or the passport
  • tax identification
  • Marriage certificate

In a complementary way you must do the following, when you have chosen the identity document you must take a photo of it. You must make sure that it is readable and you must save it on your computer or removable memory to be able to upload it. How should you do this, by clicking on the Choose files option and look for the document with your identification.

And now we attach it, and to finish we must fill in the space that corresponds to email or telephone number. Here we will receive information that has to do with our request . And to finish, we only have to click on the Send option, you should know that this process can last between 10 to 30 days.

In this not so simple but efficient way, you can recover your Facebook account without email, phone or password. And in this way, we have given you the solution to a problem that is becoming very recurrent every day and through this article you were able to solve it.

Method to recover Facebook account without phone number

To recover your old Facebook account you will need to reset your password. For this, the first way to access your old Facebook account again and reset your password without email or phone number is to report a login error.

To report an error when logging in, you must access “” , on this Facebook web page you must fill in the information fields with the data from your old account.

Next, you will need to send a message to Facebook support , for example: “Kind regards, dear Facebook support, the reason for this message is to report a problem with my Facebook account and request help. I do not have access to the email I entered at the time of my registration and I have changed my mobile number, so I cannot access my account. I await your prompt response, my Facebook address is”.

In this way, the Facebook support team will contact you to provide you with a solution and alternative to access your old Facebook account in a period not exceeding 48 hours.

What methods are there to recover an old Facebook account?

If you lost access to your old Facebook account , regaining access to it is possible as Facebook provides various recovery methods.

The first way to access your old Facebook account is by entering the password you set when creating your account, however it is extremely common to forget passwords that were created long ago.

The second way or method to access your Facebook account is by email , normally when registering on Facebook the platform requests an email or, failing that, a phone number.

If you no longer have the phone number with which you signed up for your old Facebook account because you changed lines , your mobile device was stolen or any other reason, you can still recover your Facebook account through verification methods.

Through the Facebook verification methods you can recover your old account in case you forgot your password, no longer have access to your email or changed your phone number, in the same way it is possible to recover a hacked Facebook account.

Request help from friends to recover old account

Another way to regain access to your old Facebook account is with the help of friends that are added to your account. For this you must go to the web page “” and write your username or legal name.

Then you must press the button “Lost your access?” and then enter an email or phone number that you currently have access to. Facebook will ask you to enter the name of 4 friends that are in your old Facebook account.

Facebook will send you a link which you must send to the 4 friends you mentioned , they only have to click on said link and send you the login code. This way you can reset your Facebook password and regain access to your account.

Is it possible to recover my Facebook account from another cell phone? – How?

On many occasions we need to recover our account but for some reasons we do not have our cell phone , it may happen a lot when we have been robbed or we leave our cell phone forgotten somewhere. In the same way, we need to recover our Facebook account from another cell phone, for this we must follow some brief steps.

The first thing you must do is from another account identify the magnifying glass so that you enter the name of your profile that you want to access. Later, when you are in the profile, look for the option of the three points and select it. In the same way, in that section you will click on seek help or report profile.

To finish, you will press on the option of another problem and then on the next one, in that section you will press on recover this account and you will follow the steps to indicate what your problem is and that Facebook support will solve it for you.

How to reset my Facebook password in a few steps

In order to reset your password, Facebook will ask you to enter the email or phone number that your account is associated with. In order to have an account on this platform, it is mandatory to have at least one of the two options.

If you have forgotten your Facebook account password, you can reset it by validating your account.  To do this, enter Facebook from the app on your mobile device or from the browser on your computer.

Enter your email or phone number with which you registered and click on “Forgot your password?”. In case you do not remember which method you used to register, write your username and click on “Search my profile”.

You will see that there are several profiles with the same name. You must be guided by the profile photo that you have to the right of each one. Click on it when you have found it. It will ask you to enter your password, but since you don’t remember it, follow the link “Forgot your password?” in order to reset it.

It will ask you to validate your identity by entering the password reset code that was sent to you at [email protected] or 123…345. In case you have both methods available, you can choose any of them.

Now you just have to wait for the message that Facebook will send you and enter it in the corresponding box. The next thing will be to choose a new password. Choose a different one, as it will not allow you to enter any of the passwords you have previously used.

You can also close the other sessions you have open on other devices from “Settings > Security and login > open all > Exit all sessions” or by clicking on “Close open sessions on other devices”.

This last option is available to you when you have finished changing your password. In this way you will have recovered your Facebook account .

Problems resetting my Facebook account password: What do I do?

It may happen that if they send you the email with the verification code but that it is stored in the spam folder for that reason, the first thing you should do is check that folder within your email or also the spam folder.

In another of the most frequent cases , the email you have associated with your account has a full memory and it cannot enter your inbox for the same reason.

You must also make sure you enter the phone number correctly, including even the code of the country where you are located and also additional signs.

Lastly, you can access the tools and advice offered by the Facebook platform itself if you have exhausted all the options listed above.

How can I avoid losing my Facebook account in the future?

The most important thing to maintain our Facebook account is to know first of all all the ways to enter it. Similarly, add another email or number where you can recover your account in case you have forgotten your password and of course no one else has access to the alternative email password.

Another way to not your account is to select certain trusted friends who are regulars on Facebook accounts to call them in case you want to enter your account.

Sometimes we make the mistake of entering false information, be it the name or date of birth, so when we want to recover the account it will be impossible to optimally verify the data entered, the platform will not be able to verify your identity and they can choose for blocking your account.

Finally, it is also important that you keep everything up to date, that is, that the multiple options, either email or number where the confirmation code is sent to you, confirm it and update it if you change any of them .


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