How to recover files from a cell phone

The evolution of technology allows electronic devices to become better and better. Especially the so-called cell phone, smartphone, or smartphone. But if you can’t turn it on and want to see your files, fear not, we’ve prepared this article to show you. How to recover files from a cell phone or mobile phone that does not turn on or does not turn on.

How to Recover Files from a Mobile Phone that Won’t Turn On

This happens because a cell phone is fragile and even if you invest in improvements for its durability , rigidity and scratch resistance. These every day look more like a glass, if compared to those models of yesteryear. That no matter how much they went to the floor, their resistance had no discussion.

This without referring to the pile that now, more often, swells up like a balloon. Of course, there is always a way to deflate the battery of a mobile or cell phone. But if your computer, for whatever reason, does not turn on here, we will tell you what to do to recover files from a mobile phone that does not turn on. Of course, focusing on Android, since on iPhone there are other types of programs.

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  1. How to recover files from a mobile that does not turn on?
  2. Process to extract data from the internal memory of a phone that does not turn on
  3. How to recover photos, videos and files from a mobile that does not turn on?
    1. Use Recuva to restore photos, videos, and files

How to recover files from a mobile that does not turn on?

To recover files , photos and data from the software of a mobile or cell phone, it may seem like a difficult action to perform, but it is not. And in the following article we are going to demonstrate it to you, giving you the simple steps that you must follow. Although there are many applications, then you can search for the best App to recover deleted files or data from internal memory with a backup.

So, to do this, we are going to use an interesting piece of software , which is very easily downloaded to your computer. This one is called Recuva and you can get it for free from Google. But if you want to have direct access to this page, through the following link , you can make it more comfortable.

Once you have the application installed on your computer, if you don’t know how, here is a link . Then you must open it, and connect the cell phone to your PC through a USB cable . When you have opened the application, the wizard will be displayed to guide you to recover files, photos and data. In the first option you must click on next, then on the question How are you going to order the files you are trying to recover?.

You must select between the different functions, whether they are music formats , images , etc. In our case you have to check the ‘All files’ option . Now answer the question, Location of the files ? And here we answer with any of the following options: memory card, recycling stationery, in my documents, among others.

Process to extract data from the internal memory of a phone that does not turn on

It is difficult to recover files if we do not know the exact location of the files , we can choose the option ‘I am not sure’. This allows you to do a global search for the Android and then click ‘Next’. Also if we wish we can select ‘deep scan’, by doing this the execution time of the software will be longer.

To finish this point and continue with the search for the files , we click on the ‘OK’ option. This action will allow the scanning of our mobile or cell phone to begin, which may take several minutes. When it’s done, it’ll show you a list of all the files you have and to make it easier for us, we’re going to head over to the right side.

And we’re going to choose the Advanced Mode option , then we go to the left side and select ‘All local disks’. We are going to choose our cell phone, and then in the search engine we can place the type of file that we are looking for. So that a filter is made and the search is easier.

And now to finish we click on ‘Scan’ and on the right side it will show us all those that match the search parameter. Now to recover files we have to check the box that appears on the left side of each file. We can mark as many as we want and then click on the ‘Recover’ option.

This action will allow us to choose a place to save the information on our computer. Thus, you can easily recover files and data from a mobile phone that does not turn on without applications. You just have to follow the steps that we show you in this interesting tutorial, of course remember to keep the internal memory in good condition.

How to recover photos, videos and files from a mobile that does not turn on?

It is very easy to recover files from a mobile phone that does not turn on or does not turn on, of course it includes photos, data and any multimedia content you have. However, if you have an Android phone, you do not need applications, because what you require is software , which supports a backup. Of course, you occupy a computer, and that the internal memory serves, in order to link your cell phone and execute this entire process. Also, you should know that this does not apply to iPhone.

Use Recuva to restore photos, videos, and files

With this amazing software you have the option to connect your cell phone to the computer and restore files from a backup . Of course it applies to most Androids, because on iPhone it is another type of program, in the same way if everything goes well with your internal memory. The only thing you have to do to recover files from a cell phone or mobile, that does not turn on or does not understand, with recuva, is the following:

  1. Install the Recuva software on your computer.
  2. Then open the program and connect your cell phone, through a USB cable.
  3. You will notice that a variety of folders are displayed on the main screen of the Software.
  4. Select the one you want to recover.
  5. Click next and choose specific photos, documents, data or files.
  6. Click ‘recover’ and you’re done.


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