How to recover my Gmail account without email or number?

The security and protection of your online social networks, profiles and applications is quite important. Since the great advance of mobile telephony, the violation of information privacy is very common. Most important personal data can be compromised in a big way, as many people with the intention of blackmailing you when they hijack your personal information.

Nowadays, a personal account gets hacked or social network passwords changed, with the latter in mind, your Gmail email security is something you have to be vigilant about. Security is of great importance for the lifestyle that we have now, since your email has different applications, such as the utility that they give it in the world of mobile telephony. Because it is essential for the activation of any Android device and it is even the key to a lot of private information, from your Google account to your bank affiliations.

How to Recover a Gmail Account If I Don’t Have a Phone Number

Although you have the option to monitor in detail who has entered your Gmail account by specifying IP address, address and even device used; there is always the risk of losing access to your mail. Here is the importance of protecting your Gmail password and other personal data. Gmail accounts are generally used to link to our social media and online app profiles of various kinds, or to open your Google account, including banking affiliations.

That is why a large majority of users make the decision to unlink their Gmail account from their phones. With the intention of making it more secure or when they are without a phone, in order to prevent anyone from having access to their bank affiliations or their social networks. That is why you should know exactly how you can recover Gmail accounts in case you lose them. Even more so, if you do n’t have an email address or phone number associated with your profile; which is the most common recovery process among users.

So here’s a simple guide on what you can do. To be able to easily recover Gmail accounts and thus enjoy again the benefits they bring, such as access to your information or your Google account.

When it comes to recovering Gmail accounts, there are various tools. Like an affiliate phone number, alternative email, or other methods through which you can repossess it. Usually, the most viable option is to recover with a phone number, which you have affiliated to your account, but there is always the possibility that you cannot access that number, that you are without a phone or that you have not affiliated one for some reason. reason. Therefore, there are always two options: an easy one and a difficult one.

The complicated part is filling out a bunch of forms where you are asked a series of questions. Among them is, on what date did you create your Gmail account?, and this can become quite difficult to answer. Because not everyone remembers the date of this event, but it is for this very reason that when we create a profile in Gmail we are asked to link an email account or a phone number, in case of emergencies like this.

The latter are the easiest alternative. All you have to do is hit the “Forgot your email?” option. Next, you will need to enter the recovery email. Once you do this, a confirmation email will be sent to the recovery email. Enter it, and click on the link that you will see on the screen, and then follow the instructions.

It is recommended that you change the email password to a slightly more difficult one some time after recovering Gmail accounts in order to maintain the security of your profile. Likewise, it is also recommended that you link a phone number where you can recover it or that you activate two-step verification.

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  1. What recovery methods does Gmail have for its users?
    1. Access from your Android
    2. With the security code on the cell phone
    3. Confirm recovery email
    4. Answer the security questions
    5. Fill out the recovery form
  2. How to recover my Gmail account if I forgot all my recovery data?
    1. Recover my Gmail account without my password
    2. Recover a Gmail account if I don’t have the mobile number

What recovery methods does Gmail have for its users?

In these times it is very common for people to forget the password of their emails, for some specific reason. In most cases it is because at the time of writing it we do not write it down or we are not pending and over time it becomes necessary. But it turns out that either it is not, or something happens that prevents us from accessing our personal information, such as the Gmail profile. However, don’t worry, the account can be recovered. Next, we will show you the different methods that exist, with an affiliate phone number or with your verification email, are some of the ones that we will mention. In the same way, we will also name others in case you are without an associated phone for whatever reason.

Access from your Android

There are several options to recover our Gmail account on Android, the first thing you should do is go to Google and open the login address: Then, you must click on, do you need help? This option will notify you that you have to add the last password that you remember to have put in order to recover Gmail accounts and that’s it. This method is very viable when you only have access to the profile from your Android mobile.

With the security code on the cell phone

The procedure to recover Gmail accounts with a code is very simple, so anyone can do it without any inconvenience, if you don’t know how to do it, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • We just have to direct you to “Gmail”.
  • Add our email.
  • We select “Next”.
  • Then in ” More ways to access“.
  • You must click on “forgot my password”.
  • Next, Google’s algorithm will send a verification code to the phone number you have affiliated with. (It can be any mobile number, it does not have to be an Android mobile). This option is very viable when you are without a password or email.

Confirm recovery email

After trying to recover Gmail accounts, Google may ask you for a recovery email confirmation. This is done for two reasons, the first is to confirm the email, as the word says, and the other reason is to help you again on occasion if this happens again. You can still unlink the recovery email whenever you prefer.

Answer the security questions

Our Gmail account is so protected that it asks us security questions. This happens in case someone else tries to snoop through our things or as we well know. It also works to recover our account in the future by ourselves.

Fill out the recovery form

The recovery form is quite important, since this is where you will be asked for everything mentioned above. Mail, passwords remembered, ways to want to recover the account, etc. It is very important to fill it out with the correct information, lest we have an extra digit or letter left over.

How to recover my Gmail account if I forgot all my recovery data?

In case you forget the phone number that we have registered in the Gmail account that we have lost. There is also the possibility of regaining access with an alternative email that Gmail requests, as well as the phone number that was put when we first created the account. In case we forget these data and do not have any other apart. The possibility of recovering your old profile is not viable, so it is best to obtain a new one, when you are without a password or your alternative email.

Recover my Gmail account without my password

If you don’t have your password available for the recovery process, don’t worry. Here we explain various methods with which you will recover your account in case it does not work. It is very common for anyone to change the password and not remember it. That is why Gmail in its form, one of the first things it asks for, is the last password. Procedure that will not solve the problem, but it will provide Gmail with the information it requires to know if you are the owner of the account or not. So if you remember it, you just have to write it down and click “next”. In case you don’t remember, you will have to go to the “try another way” option. One recommendation that we offer you is that you read this guide carefully and choose the option that best suits your conditions.

Recover a Gmail account if I don’t have the mobile number

As the world of mobile telephony advances, the use of affiliated numbers as an alternative to retrieve or verify information is very common. If you do not have a cell phone number and you are without a phone affiliated to your Gmail account, the process of recovering it can be done through an alternative email. This email is the one you had to add when creating your account.

Therefore, just look for the option to “send mail” and you will receive a verification code to the e-mail that you have affiliated. Then, you must enter in the form to continue with the recovery process. Keep in mind that if none of the procedures explained above work for you, it is better that you try to open a new Gmail account. Obviously, only in the event that you do not have your password or your email or you are without an affiliated telephone number.

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