World of Tanks – PzKpfw VIB Tiger II guide

Review of the German Tier 8 heavy tank: history of creation, game characteristics, tactical tips


The PzKpfw VIB Tiger II is a Tier 8 German heavy tank. This vehicle is an honored veteran of the game, loved by many tankers. If for a number of German “wunderwaves” it is quite possible to say about taste, then “kote” earned sympathy for real feats on the battlefield. Yes, it can be inferior to the same IS-3 in terms of armor and dynamics, but an accurate and penetrating weapon, coupled with Zeiss optics, pays for everything. Let’s share information about this heavy tank, which many underestimate.

Historical reference

Influenced by the Soviet design school and the magnificent T-34 , in 1942 German engineers decided to start developing a tank with thicker armor than the Tiger . Moreover, she had to be tilted. Our old acquaintances took up this business: the Nibelungenwerk company under the leadership of Ferdinand Porsche, and Henschel , led by Dr. Erwin Aders.

Despite the fact that Porsche was the clear favorite of the race, his project was canceled as overly complicated, especially with regard to the electric transmission. As a result, the project of Aders won, but as a consolation prize for Porsche, he was offered to include in his tank the successful finds of a competitor. Plus, for the losing model, they managed to release 50 towers in advance – everything went into action.

The first combat use of the “Royal Tigers” at the Sandomierz bridgehead in 1944 ended in failure – 11 vehicles of this type were knocked out. But gradually the tankers got a taste and on the Western Front one “kote” knocked out 12 “Shermans” per battle . Good frontal armor and a powerful cannon made this tank dangerous in ambushes and defenses, but on the marches it often broke. Most of the Tiger IIs were out of order for technical reasons and abandoned by the crews. A total of 489 of these machines were produced.

Most KTs broke down on the march

Game characteristics

In World of Tanks, the “kote” became a versatile assault tank that could not only absorb damage, but also “smudge” opponents at a distance. Let’s consider its characteristics in the context of the game:


Our armor is not the most breakthrough, but it is located at ricochet corners. The turret’s forehead is best protected – 185 mm. The front of the case is slightly worse – 150 mm, but at a good slope. The rest of the spaces are protected by 80 mm steel sheet. And now this is not enough, especially considering the emergence of new tanks that even sew you in the forehead. A sufficient supply of hit points – 1600 units – straightens things out.


You start off with the standard German 88mm KwK 43 L / 71 gun. Not a bad gun: accurate, fast-firing, cheap shells … Only one drawback – at the eighth level there is not enough armor penetration. We will not even consider the 105 mm KwK L / 52 through passage, because it is just a step to a similar, but top-end 105 mm KwK L / 68 gun. And now it makes sense to examine it more closely.

The armor penetration of 225 mm with the basic shell is quite enough at the level. And if problems arise, then at your service are sub-calibers, with a guaranteed puncture of 285 mm of armor. One-time damage is also pleasing to the eye – 320 HP. The spread is one of the best among classmates – 0.31. The aiming time is 2.5 seconds and this is quite enough at our rate of fire of 5.77 rounds per minute. UVN standard for German equipment – minus eight degrees. A wonderful gun in every sense!


Our mobility is worse. The attachment of additional armor elements to the basic structure could not but lead to an increase in the specific pressure on the ground. The top-end Maybach HL 230 TRM P45 engine gives 700 hp. sec., accelerating our carcass to a maximum of 38 km / h – and this is just a little bit! Bleeding the tracks gives an extra two degrees to the turn and almost five tons of additional weight. True, everything you need fits into the stock “gusli”. Including a tight tower with a scrolling speed of 27 deg / sec.

Discovery and communication

German “heavyweights” are traditionally strong with radio stations – the top-end FuG 12 provides a communication range of 710 meters. The view, due to our tall body, is also quite good – 390 meters. It is quite possible to “shine” for “art” in stationary positions. But they find out your fat ass, too, for one or two. Neither the installation of special equipment nor the pumping of the crew helps. Accept and learn to play in a permanent “light”.

In the top “kote” oppresses everyone

Bleeding and equipment

What’s the best way to learn Tiger II ? You can get to this tank through the “Tiger” and “Panther” branches . If you played hard on them, then you managed to pump out the top radio station and engine. Buy and start improving the tool, gradually bringing it to the top. Then take the Tiger II Serienturm tower to increase defense and visibility. And only in the last place can you take top-end tracks to improve cross-country ability.

Our crew consists of five people. We are pumping tankers into active skirmishes. To begin with, we download “Repair” to everyone, so as not to stand on the “ghusl” under fire, and reset the skill to the commander and take the “Sixth Sense”. Next, we choose different skills, adjusting them to our performance characteristics – the “Jack of all Trades” or “Eagle Eye” commander, the “Clean and Order” driver, the “Radio Intercept” radio operator, and the “Contactless ammunition rack” for the loader. Well, in the end we finish off the “Combat Brotherhood”.

As for the special equipment, we recommend the option for a firefight: “Fan”, “Rammer” and “Stabilizer”. Being on the front line, you will often break down, so after improving the crew by one hundred percent, you can remove the ventilation and put the “Toolbox”. Those who especially suffer from “art” can take a closer look at “Heavy anti-splinter lining”.

We place the following consumables: “Automatic fire extinguisher”, “Large first aid kit” (+10 to the protection of the crew from injuries), “Large repair kit” (+10 to repair). The engine will burn frequently, so I do not recommend removing the fire extinguisher.

UVN cannons allow you to shoot from high-rise buildings with impunity

Tactics tips

Tiger II is a classic German “heavy”, which can “tank” and shoot from a distance.

Having chosen the flank at the start, you will not return back – remember this. Try to get rid of the desire to be heroic alone. Better join a group of your allies and look for heavy enemy tanks. The Kote is most effective in shootouts with thick enemies. Hunting medium and light tanks is not for him. Serve Big Game!

Artillery is our scourge. Even if there is a completely soft tank destroyer nearby, which can be “one-shot”, a land mine will still fly at you. Apparently, “one-button” like to “criticize” your modules and set fire to the engine compartment. Therefore, try not to “light up” especially at first, but after entering into tight fire contact – snuggle up to the enemy, or keep high obstacles.

Be sure to “diamond”! The frontal armor, unfortunately, does not withstand the blows of new self-propelled guns, and all sorts of T34s strive to offend in the NLD. At the same time, our wide tracks are designed to absorb damage. In no case do not expose the rear, and especially the side, to the enemy – the explosion of the ammunition is guaranteed. If possible, trade the tower, although it can be breached. All hope is only for a competent exchange of hit points and tactical flair.

Due to the large mass, you can easily use the ram as the last argument in the dispute. By purchasing heavy lining, you will improve your position, even in comparison with heavy Soviet tanks. It’s always nice to see the surprise of the KV-5 when you fly at it from a hill and take down 500 HP at once. Try to butt him not in the forehead, but from the side – along the way, also immobilize him.

This tank is one big “critical tank”. In skirmishes, you will periodically be carried out by some kind of module. Even a land mine accidentally falling nearby may well lead to jamming of the turret ring. What to do? Suffer, of course. Special equipment and “repairs” partially help, but do not solve the problem. It is much better to pump the crew into perks that neutralize the breakdown of devices. Most generally try not to go to the front line, but this is not an option, especially if you are in the top.

Shoot from a distance, covering the body

An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the tank. Outcomes

Pros :

  • Accurate and penetrating gun
  • Ricochet armor
  • Large supply of hit points
  • Excellent visibility and communication

Cons :

  • Armor is clearly not enough
  • Precariousness
  • Creeping modules
  • Exploding ammunition
  • Motor burns frequently

The Tiger II is an explosive tank in every sense. Play it carefully, as if it were an antique vase. But if you have adapted to it, “kote” begins to incredibly “bend” all living things in the “random”. The times of its former glory are long gone … But good tanks, like cognac, become more and more challenging over time. I recommend to all Wehrmachtophiles!


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