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This guide is about the new Astral Chain game for Nintendo Switch . The long-awaited action adventure and RPG from PlatinumGames and Nintendo offers many fresh solutions for battles, character leveling and control systems, so we decided to make a detailed guide for beginners in which to paint in detail the features of the project.


How to quickly level up a character in Astral Chain? What is Duty Rank?

The character’s level gives an increase in the amount of health, as well as unlocks new clothes and a bonus to the payment of money for completing story missions.

Get high ratings for completing sections (on normal difficulty or higher), complete all side missions on missions, find all keywords during investigations and collect all the red matter to level up faster.


What are genocodes? How to quickly level up the Legion in Astral Chain?

Genocods are an experience for the Legion. To quickly pump the Legion, use skills that give bonuses to the number of genocodes received.

In addition, it is important to kill enemies with finishing attacks when the “A” button lights up, and press the left trigger when the astral flash appears (blue light). If you do everything on time, then you will get more experience for your fighters. And, of course, it is important to go through all the side activities and tasks that occur as the plot develops.


How to upgrade weapons and legates in Astral Chain and what does it give?

At Neuron’s headquarters, there is a character named Tabitha. She can pump your equipment for money and codes. Leveling up weapons increases damage, while upgrading the legate grants energy and healing bonuses.


How to get S + rank and what affects Astral Chain rank?

Ranks unlock at Normal difficulty and above. If your characters take damage or lose one heart, this does not mean that you will not be able to get S +. It doesn’t really have a big effect on rank.

Nevertheless, if you do not take damage, then according to the results of the section you are given bonus points (about 5000 points), increasing your chances of getting a high score.

Many bonuses can be obtained for using all types of weapons (cannon, club, great sword), tying up an opponent, tying up several opponents at a time, hitting the enemy from the back (orange damage numbers appear), stunning attacks with a heavy sword and not using items.

And, of course, the rating is most influenced by the number of synchronous attacks carried out.


How to carry out a synchronized attack in Astral Chain?

The easiest way is to bring your combo to the end – press the right trigger several times in a row and an astral flash will appear at the very end – press the left trigger at this moment – you and your Legion will perform a synchronized attack.

A synchronized attack can also be made during a successful evasion from an enemy strike (press the B button at the very last moment before the enemy strike), during a successful Legion summon (press the Legion summon button at the very last moment before the enemy attack) or after successfully using the shackles. To do this, you need to additionally raise the chance of triggering an astral flash by pumping the corresponding skills in the leveling menu (Training of Legions) – they are marked with a turquoise sign.

If you find it difficult to press the left trigger in time, then put the Legion skill with a perk on an automatic synchronized attack, which can be found at one of the levels.


Where can I get new skills in Astral Chain? 

Exploring the environment and completing tasks, you get skills that fall into the Legions leveling section.


What do the triangles and plus signs next to the skill name in Astral Chain mean?

Each skill occupies a certain number of slots in the Legion’s equipment. This is shown by the number of triangles to the left of each skill name. Usually, the better the skill, the more space it requires. Basic skills require one triangle, but some require as many as two or three.

In turn, the plus signs mean the presence of one or more bonuses for each individual skill. Some work on their own, while others require certain buttons to be pressed. This expands your combos. All descriptions are in the box on the right when choosing a skill.


How to increase the amount of wearable skills in Astral Chain?

To increase the capacity of Legion skills, you need to pump purple spheres (Additional skill slot) in the pumping menu (Legion Training).


What skills to use in Astral Chain?

Use those that give bonuses to the number of genocodes received, activate new combat abilities (for example, parry), auto-heal and increase the damage from critical attacks. The self-destruct ability is also pretty good, as it gives powerful damage when the Legion’s energy is depleted, but it is better to put skills that give bonuses to energy gain so that the Legion will often stay inside the battle.


What are the most useful skills in Astral Chain?

Do not forget to insert active skills in the special “Distribute skills” menu. The most useful are Automatic Shackles (quickly tie all enemies within a few meters) and Berserker (release the Legion from the chain for a powerful combo).


How to defeat bosses faster in Astral Chain?

The most important rule is to upgrade all Legions with the Berserk skill and use it in battle with all Legions in a row. This deals incredible damage to the enemy. Do not forget to chain the boss, use grenades, mines and combat drones, and also dodge blows in time and activate synchronized attacks.

In addition, in some battles, the Legion of the Fist is very helpful, with which you can pick up objects of the environment and throw them at the enemy. Plus, don’t forget to dodge the most powerful enemy attacks, like lasers or tornadoes, using the movement ability on top of the Legion of the Beast.

Another tip is to use finishing attacks on boss assistants to enable invulnerability animations and restore health.


Where can I find the auto-healing skill in Astral Chain?

We somehow found this important skill, which over time restores the character’s health, but we don’t remember where exactly. If you found this skill too, write in the comments below.


Where can I find the autogathering skill in Astral Chain?

In the chapter where you enter Area 09, eat rice porridge from the rice porridge vendor seven times to get an item that allows you to automatically collect items dropped from enemies and containers.


Where can I find a second voice for VIZAR?

Almost at the very beginning of the stealth mission in a hall with a large number of guards, climb to the very top under the ceiling. Use the chain to send the Legion to the adjacent platforms – there is a ledge on the right with a chest with VIZAR 2’s Voice Code . To change the voice, enter the game menu in the section with sound and select the second voice option there.


What are empty cans for in Astral Chain?

Collect all the empty jars you can find. They can be thrown into the trash can, earning a police officer rating for pumping your level between missions. In addition, you can distract the cat with a can on one of the tasks in order to catch it and give it to the mistress. Empty cans can also distract guards in stealth missions (there are enough of them, so you don’t need to prepare specifically for them).


What do Orders give in Astral Chain?

This tab in the character’s menu is a collection of all the achievements of the game. The system works like achievements or trophies in Xenoblade, not only showing your game results, but also allowing you to earn new items like first aid kits, armor, new skin colors, and so on.

Keep in mind that if your inventory is overflowed by the number of wearable items of the same type, then some items, like the same healing tonics, which can only be worn in three pieces, may disappear, being automatically exchanged for money.


How to equip bombs, grenades and drones? How do I change the items that appear in the shortcut menu in Astral Chain?

Go to the menu by pressing the “  ” (minus) button on the Nintendo Switch gamepad and scroll to the second tab – All items (its icon looks like squares). There you can set everything that will be displayed in the quick access menu during gameplay – a total of 8 items.

It is quite natural that all that variety of additional weapons, tonics, first aid kits and other temporary amplifiers does not fit into eight quick slots.


How do you save all the Astral Chain cops at the start of Chapter 7?

After the battle on the highway, head up the stairs and head left. After the first section with poisonous plants (shoot the Legion Arrow at the bulb on the wall to leave the purple fog) go forward – the first cop was grabbed by a bird. Use Legion Arrow manual aiming and click on the right analog to aim more accurately and enable time dilation. Aim at the head of the enemy to avoid hitting the policeman. Several accurate shots, and you will save the hapless character. Don’t forget to talk to him.

The second one hangs on the lamp a little further. To save him, it is better to destroy the plants (bulb – on one of the columns) with the Arrow Legion, then go up a little higher and immediately to the left – to the doors with a combination lock. Cut the castle with a precision strike from the Sword Legion and move on. There is a second such door – after it there is a computer on the left, which lowers the bridge. Use it and run to the cop.

Board Legion of the Beast to cross the bridge across the wind. Turn on any Legion, except the Beast, and grab the NPC with the chain (press the left trigger and move the right analog to wrap the character).

The main thing is not to go immediately to the right or to the very top (to the street) – then you will definitely not have time to save him. After all, a timer works here, which is shown in the ring icon on the NPC.

By the way, some ladders can be thrown down if you accurately hit the red light with an arrow.


In the following guide, we will tell you where to find all the cats and toilet cubicles.


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