The newcomers speak of familiarity and virtue

Nayantara, is known as a reddish pink flower with five petals. It is known in different places by different names. One of the species is Vinca rosea . It is known that Madagascar is its original origin. However, it is found in several other countries including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Africa continents.

It is a shrub of perennial plants. Sometimes it can be seen to live many years. However, the old and non-native trees are hardened, so they do not flower anymore. They can grow up to 2 1/2 feet. Leaves opposite, smooth, oblong or oval. The flower has five petals. Pink, light pink and white flowers are seen in the feet. However, this flower does not have such a scent. Seed varieties grow in color, with purple or white, perennial plants, seeds.

Neonatara is a species of West Indies. They are 3-5 cm high. Their shoots are purple in color. The leaves are rectangular, very ovate at the base, 5-7 cm long, smooth. These trees bear flowers almost all year long. The flowers are white or pink, the whole flower is monochromatic, but the middle point of the flower is also of another color. For example, red and pink in yellow. The flower is odorless. Flower size 1-5.5 cm wide, dentate slender, 2.5 cm long, with a dark complexion between five petals. Their seeds are cultivated. Gardening is popular for cultivation, it can be planted in any flower or fruit garden, even on the roof or porch of the house .

Chemical material

Many valuable chemicals are found in the leaves, flowers and branches of the tree. Data of more than 5 alkali were found in Navanatara . Vincristine and vinblastine are used to relieve leukemia. There is a type of chemical called Delta-Iohimbine.


  • It is used in worm diseases, intellectual growth, leukemia, blood donation, blood pressure rise, arthritis, various diseases including diabetes.
  • Patients with diabetes will benefit by playing for 2-3 days by soaking the roots and oils.
  • The use of flower or leaf juices can be noticed to help relieve the burning of hulls / bolts, etc.
  • Otherwise they help keep our blood clean.
  • Newborns help to retain youth.

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