Belly flowers

The bells are widely appreciated as a bouquet of flowers and aromatic flowers used in the festival of Bangladesh. Intensely fragrant in white, the bell-flower is especially known in Bangladesh. It is a mean flower. Belly or belly flower is called in English   Arabian j asmine . The scientific name of Jasminum sambac. It is a kind of fragrant white flower of jasmine. The tree height of this species can be up to one meter. From Falgun to the senior month, the bell flows. Even during the rainy season. The bell flowers blossom in the evening and drop off at noon the next day. Can be cultivated in the garden and in the tub. Saplings can be made from pens and roots. In winter, the trees are pruned. Their shrimp is roasted in nature.


Belly flower is quite popular as an ornament. This flower is more used in making flower bouquets and garlands. It is also used to create aromas for the beautiful aroma of the bellyfull. Ballyfull oil is well known nowadays.

Dynasty expansion

Belly flower pens, chess pens and pulses, etc. are bred through various methods.

Land farming and fertilizer application

Beli flowers can be grown on all types of soil except sandy soil and heavy clay soil. There should be good irrigation and drainage system in the land. Land should be scrubbed and grazed with 3-5 cultivations and ladders. Organic fertilizers, urea, phosphate and murets of potash should be used when making land. The seedlings should be planted at intervals of about 5 meters. After planting the urea, irrigation water should be applied.

Made of pens or seedlings

From the end of the summer to the end of the rainy season, bale flower buds or saplings can be made. Distance from seedlings to seedlings and rows to rows 5 cm. To be To plant the seedlings, dig the holes and fill the holes with the soil of the soil, mix it with organic manure and wood ash holes. Then put a bell pen in the hole. It is best to put pen in the rainy season or at the end of the rainy season. If the irrigation system is good, pens can be made even in the spring.

Tuber planting

You will need to make a tub before the organic fertilizer. Beli flowers can be cultivated in a mixture of urea, TSP and murets of potash fertilizers in the soil. This tub can be left on the porch or roof.


Irrigation provided

It is important to always be wet in the field for cultivating belly flowers. After 8-12 days in summer, after 3-20 days in winter and during rainy season, if rain is not timely, then it is necessary to irrigate the soil depending on the condition of the soil.

Weed suppression

Weeds need to be cleaned regularly. If the straw is crushed and laid on the ground, then there is juice in the soil, so irrigation is less and weed can not grow as one.


At six months intervals need to be pruned. Better to prune the pulses in the middle of winter. 6 cm above the ground level. You need to prune the belli flower tree above. A few days after pruning, fertilizer should be applied to the soil or tub. Read the pupil of the eye are bringing flowers.

Disease management

Belly flowers can cause a spider attack on the tree. The attack leaves them with white flakes, the affected leaves are shaky  . Smell powder or sulfuricidal drugs such as saltaf, kelthen etc. can be suppressed by sprinkling leaves. A variety of fungal diseases are seen on the leaves of the belli flowers. The disease can be prevented by applying agrosan or tresel-2.


This flower blooms from Falgun to senior month. Even during the rainy season there are flowers. The tree needs to be cut down and replanted after 3-5 years.


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