How to contact DAZN and speak to an operator

Nowadays, DAZN has become the benchmark when it comes to sports streaming services. In fact, especially as regards football, you have to subscribe to the English service to watch the league matches.

Although the use of DAZN is very simple, as it only requires an Internet connection and a compatible device (for example a smartphone, a PC or a smart TV), there may be technical problems or misunderstandings on the part of users.

For this reason, as in all services, it is good to rely on assistance as, in the vast majority of cases, hundreds of problems are solved every day.

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How to contact DAZN and speak to an operator

There are many ways to contact DAZN. In fact, if until a few years ago to contact the assistance of any service it was necessary to use the telephone number, today it is possible to speak with an operator through many other channels.

DAZN does not provide a telephone number dedicated to assistance, as it prefers to use other, faster and more modern channels.


Nowadays, many services integrate within them a special chat , to be used in case of doubts or problems to contact an operator (virtual or otherwise).

  • Go to the section of the DAZN official website dedicated to assistance
  • Click on Chat with us , inside the yellow box at the bottom right
  • Wait a few seconds and then you should see the chat open with the virtual operator Zed ready to listen to you
  • At this point, type ” I would like to speak to an operator ” in the appropriate box
  • Next, a real operator should answer you and you can report your problem

Official site

Within the official website , in a dedicated section, you can find numerous FAQs , or frequently asked questions that could also help you solve your problem. In fact, for each problem, there is an answer in which the problem is explained, and how to act to solve it.

  • Go to the official DAZN website
  • Click on MENU , located at the top right
  • Then continue on Guide
  • Within the next screen, you will find several questions , with answers attached, of all kinds


Would you like to email DAZN support to submit a problem? I inform you that this operation is feasible and that generally you will get an answer in a short time.

To send an email to DAZN you can choose one of the following email addresses:

Social Network

Among the various contact channels just mentioned, there is also the possibility of speaking with a DAZN operator using social networks . In particular, there is a DAZN Twitter profile dedicated to technical assistance.

You can tweet the problem and insert the tag:

  • Open Twitter (in case create an account)
  • Press the feather icon at the bottom right
  • Explain your problem and tag the DAZN support ( @DAZN_HELP_ITA )

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