4 tricks to increase iPhone battery life

The battery , nowadays, is certainly one of the most important aspects when considering a smartphone . In fact, given the increasingly demanding applications and games in terms of performance, you often risk finding yourself with a low battery.

However, there are several strategies that can be adopted to increase the battery life of a smartphone, even in the case of an iPhone . In this guide, in fact, you will find the best tricks that will allow you to preserve the battery of your Apple smartphone and extend its life.

How not to ruin the iPhone battery

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  1. Act on some analysis and enhancement settings
  2. Activate the dark theme
  3. Adjust the automatic screen lock
  4. Adjust background app updates

Act on some analysis and improvement settings

You can help Apple improve its services and products by submitting diagnostic and usage data on a daily basis. However, this operation consumes battery , so it may be convenient to turn it off totally (or partially).

  • Open your iPhone Settings
  • Continue to Privacy> Analysis and improvements
  • Within the next screen you can disable all the options of your interest, evaluating those that could really help Apple in the analysis and improvement of its services (in case you want to quickly disable all the available options, you could uncheck the item Share iPhone analysis )

Activate the dark theme

If you own a smartphone from the iPhone 12 line (or iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max ), you can activate the dark theme to significantly save battery. In fact, being these smartphones equipped with an OLED screen , the blacks will be absolute and this will imply a reduced energy consumption.

  • Open your iPhone Settings
  • Continue to Display and Brightness
  • Tap on Dark to activate the dark theme on your iPhone

Black background on smartphone: does it save battery?

Adjust the automatic screen lock

How often do you leave your iPhone unlocked on the table with the screen on? If you have not set an automatic screen lock this will imply a considerable consumption of energy , going to adversely affect the battery of your smartphone. It is therefore a good idea to set an automatic screen lock efficiently to preserve battery life.

  • Open your iPhone Settings
  • Continue to Display and Brightness
  • Then press on Auto lock and set it to 30 seconds

Adjust background app updates

Running in the background is typical of applications and does not require user intervention, as it acts “behind the scenes”. In fact, the applications will update their content in the background when the smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi / cell phone network . However, turning off background updates will increase battery life.

  • Open your iPhone Settings
  • Go to General> Background app update
  • Next, disable the apps you are interested in so that they no longer update their content in the background

In case you want to significantly increase the battery life of your iPhone, just press the Update app in the background item and select the No option .

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