10 Ways to Set Up Your iPhone to Save Battery Life

Low battery, fast battery drain is a problem that iPhone users every year, although this year with the launch of the iPhone 13 series, all four models have increased battery capacity. Making it last longer than the previous model, but believe that there are still many iPhone users who face problems with insufficient battery life for daily use. This may partly be due to a vulnerability in iOS 15 that causes the battery to drain unusually fast as well. But users can set their iPhone usage to save battery life. what’s there Let’s see.

  1. Enable Dark Mode

The Dark Mode feature was first introduced on iOS 13, which turns the theme into a solid color. And is another feature that helps save battery power. Which users can enable Dark Mode at Settings > Display & Brightness > Turn on Dark Mode, which can be enabled all the time. or set the activation time



  1. Turn off the Raise to Wake feature.

Raise to Wake is a feature that automatically turns on the iPhone screen when the iPhone is picked up without the user having to touch the screen or press any buttons, making it more convenient to use. But it consumes the battery as well. Who thinks Raise to Wake feature is not required, can be disabled at Settings > Display & Brightness > Turn off Raise to Wake.


  1. Buy a standard charger adapter.

Because Apple doesn’t include a charging adapter in the standard retail package. This makes many users choose to buy Adapter from other manufacturers. Which should be purchased from a standard manufacturer and is an Adapter with a power of 18-29W, not more or less. Because if the power is too low, it will charge the iPhone longer. Even if it’s fully charged, it’s true. But it affects battery health as well. The best option is to use Apple’s own adapter or an MFi certified adapter.


  1. Check for apps that are causing the battery to drain quickly.

One of the reasons iPhone battery drains unusually fast may be due to applications that are in use, but the good news is that users can check for themselves which apps are eating up too much battery. By going to Settings > Battery under Battery Usage By App section, check to see which apps are using too much battery. If it’s an app At idle, Force Quit to disable background tasks.


  1. Enable Low Power Mode

In the event that the battery of the device is very low And can’t find a backup battery charger at that time, turn on the Low Power Mode to extend the life of the battery. This feature reduces background work, such as refreshing emails every hour, which can be enabled at Settings > Battery > Turn on Low Power Mode when it’s on. The battery icon will turn yellow. You can also turn on Low Power Mode in the Control Center as well.


  1. Turn off 5G

If you don’t need a 5G network connection, disabling it and choosing to use 4G LTE instead will save battery in another way. or automatically turn on according to the content used but if not used at all You can disable 5G at Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data > select 4G LTE.


  1. Manage iCloud Settings

Apps that are connected to iCloud automatically upload new content to iCloud so they can be used on other devices. This usually consumes a small amount of battery power. But in case you don’t want the app to use iCloud, it can be disabled. By going to Settings > Tap on Apple ID > iCloud and select specific apps. that require iCloud service only


  1. Adjust screen brightness

Adjusting the screen brightness settings to suit the content being used It will help save battery in another way. which can be adjusted via Control Center or choose to turn off True Tone by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > Turn off True Tone

As for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can choose to turn off the ProMotion display at Settings > Accessibility > Motion > Limit Time Frame.


  1. Manage Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is a background mode. to automatically update new content without the user having to manually refresh It’s really convenient to use. But it wastes battery as well. and if you think Such features are not required. Because it can refresh data manually, turn off Background App Refresh on apps that don’t need the feature.


  1. Always update iOS to the latest version.

New versions of iOS system released to update. In addition to adding new features to use It also fixes a problem that happened on previous versions. Both the use of the battery as well. The user should always update the iOS to the latest version. By going to Settings > General > Software Update.

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