How do you know how much battery life you have in your laptop?

When a computer leaves the factory, the capabilities of each component are at the highest level. However, as a user uses the equipment, some components wear out , such as the battery. Although this is unavoidable, it is possible to access tools in the equipment to find out how much life is left to the battery of the same. Which will allow you to know when it is appropriate to change the device and increase performance.

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  1. How does the level of wear affect the quality of your battery?
  2. What can be done to check the battery status without external programs?
  3. What are the best tools to see the status of this and how to use them?
    1. BatteryInfoView
    2. BatteryMon
    3. BatteryCare
    4. BatteryBar
    5. Powercfg

How does the level of wear affect the quality of your battery?

In notebook computers, the computer battery is subjected to the full charge cycles for which it was designed. Typically, the cycle averages a number of 500 to 800 full periods of use and charge, from the time it leaves the factory. Once this period has been reached, the battery begins to progressively degenerate and, consequently, its quality of life.

There is no way to avoid this wear , although pronounced degradation can be avoided with proper use. Since the higher the level of battery wear, the less time the equipment will last in operation after being fully charged. At one point, you won’t be able to use your computer if it doesn’t stay connected permanently.

What can be done to check the battery status without external programs?

Most computers allow the user to have access to information that includes the status of the battery in the computer. The steps you need to take to get this information depend on the operating system your laptop runs on.

  • In Windows 10: To access this section of your computer successfully, you will need to be logged in as the ‘Administrator’ user.
    1. You must access your computer’s terminal, for which you can simultaneously press the Windows + R keys.
    2. When you log in, type the following command to access the files of interest window: powercfg / batteryreport.
    3. Now, you must select the folder identified as ‘C: /Windows/System32/battery-report.html’.
    4. Finally, you will be able to see a document with the HTML file extension that shows the battery status on your laptop . You can see elements such as the original load capacity, the load cycles that have been fulfilled and the current load capacity.
  • On MacOS: You can access this section on your computer by clicking on the battery icon on the desktop, while holding down the corresponding key for ‘Option’. Immediately, you will have access to the battery status of your equipment , which is displayed in three different ways depending on the quality that the equipment maintains.
    1. Normal battery: It means that the state of your battery continues to be optimal in relation to the original state of the equipment.
    2. Change the battery: It means that the state of your battery has worn down, so that the same level of charge is no longer maintained in the equipment as in the beginning.
    3. Repair the battery: When this status is displayed on the screen, it means that it is time for you to change the battery in the computer. Although it still offers charging capacity, the battery’s condition has deteriorated a lot.

What are the best tools to see the status of this and how to use them?

Knowing the status of your battery is essential so that you connect it to the power supply when necessary and before the damage due to wear and tear worsens. In the event that you cannot natively access this information on your computer, you can rely on a tool that will allow you to be aware of the status of your battery.


This program offers a complete view of the battery status of your equipment and the wear and tear that has been generated in it. With BatteryInfoView you can know the model of the battery and the manufacturer company, as well as factors related to use that reflect the load capacity and the state of the power supply to the equipment.

BatteryInfoView is compatible with any version of Windows, and by entering its interface, you will be able to evaluate any of the aforementioned aspects without major inconvenience.


The interface of this program allows you to be aware of the battery status of your equipment in real time, while you can include a floating box in the window. BatteryMoon shows detailed graphics of the battery on your computer, by entering the program you will be able to know the battery level and the status of its useful life.


The platform offered by BatteryCare performs a calibration every so often on your battery to offer detailed information that is more accurate to reality. When you enter the program, it shows the result of the analysis it performs in the background on your computer. This allows you to observe details such as the total charge capacity, the cycles reached, the current capacity of the battery and information of the physical device such as the model and manufacturers of the battery.


The program has a free version and a paid subscription version, however, both offer a detailed analysis of the battery status. The BatteryBar functionality is very simple, and after starting the battery scan by the program, you will be able to know the essential aspects of your computer’s battery.

BatteryBar will show you the discharge level, the charge cycles you have completed, and the estimated charge time before reaching the capacity limit.


Although it is not a third-party program, it is a command available to display the battery status on computers with the Windows operating system. You will have to enter the terminal of your computer and execute the command line ‘powercfg / batteryreport’ .

In this way, the laptop will generate an HTML file that reports the energy efficiency maintained by the computer’s battery. So you can evaluate the current capacity of the battery in the laptop and the level of charge it has.

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