How long should a new laptop battery be charged the first time?

When we buy a laptop or a mobile device (Android or iOS), the seller usually recommends how to charge new batteries and how many hours to do this for the first time. The problem is that these vendors don’t really have much of an idea, as equipment and batteries have changed considerably these days.

How Long Should I Charge the Laptop or PC Battery for the First Time?

Today we are going to answer the question, how many hours do you have to charge a new laptop or laptop battery for the first time? So that you have this very clear and so you do not have problems with it, nor do you subtract life from it. This information will be very useful if you have a new Notebook model, Lenovo or any other.

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  1. Why is the first charge of an electronic device so important?
    1. Negative effects on a laptop if it doesn’t charge properly
  2. How many hours should I charge my new laptop for the first time?
  3. How long should my new laptop battery last?

Why is the first charge of an electronic device so important?

After a new notebook or laptop is discharged for the first time, it stands to reason that it should be placed on charge, but the question is, is the amount of time this equipment has to be put on charge relevant? The answer is yes , because it will depend on how long the battery of the new laptop will last.

Negative effects on a laptop if it doesn’t charge properly

As mentioned before, its life (how long the battery lasts) will depend on how you charge the battery of your new laptop. If you do not follow the recommendations regarding charging the battery, it will last less time than estimated.

Another consequence that this action is not carried out in the indicated way is that in the process of use it can be downloaded very quickly, while you use it, either for applications, in order to play games, watch movies and use the internet.

How many hours should I charge my new laptop for the first time?

Sellers usually tell you how long the battery lasts on new laptops, they also recommend that you drain it completely until it turns itself off. Then, when you have to charge it, they tell you that you have to do it for 12 hours. Something that can be quite dangerous for what would be the battery of the new PC or laptop.

It is good that you know that in some of the instructions that come with the equipment there is a segment (such as charging the battery for the first time) to inform how many hours it should be, in addition to other recommendations at the time of doing so, such as, for example, closing the keyboard when this is done.

If you have a new Notebook, Lenovo, Dell or any other new laptop model you should know that they are sold with a li-ion battery . Although these are considerably more durable and resistant than those of several years ago. It is evident that they need certain care to maintain their useful life in optimal conditions.

Currently, there is no need to charge the battery for any kind of time. When it comes to a newer notebook model, Dell or Lenovo. Since they were developed just to load the time we think convenient, they have no effect, memory or anything similar. Therefore, you do not need to charge the laptop for many hours. Only the necessary ones.

Once the new laptop has a 100% battery, you can disconnect the equipment from the current electrical load and use it as normal. The life of this battery will be optimal and nothing bad will happen.

On the contrary, if you end up with the computer connected to the power for a long time and use it to play games or perform tasks that consume too many resources. You will get some hardware to heat up or damage.

So, to try and summarize a bit, the laptop battery should be charged for how many specific hours the first time? The answer is, do it as far as you feel is convenient. If you’re in a hurry and she’s 80% you can unplug the new laptop.

Lithium batteries do not have the inconvenience that the old ones had, which are undoubtedly outdated. Nowadays, both tablets, laptops and mobile devices come with a lithium battery so that you can charge them. Not just the number of hours you want. But also that you can disconnect them when you feel it is convenient.

How long should my new laptop battery last?

If you have a new or Lenovo Notebook and you are wondering, how long can I have it without connecting to electricity? The answer is, up to 8 hours on. But, in reality, the duration will depend on the use you give it and the way you loaded it for the first time.

If you have any kind of doubt about how many hours the new laptop battery should be charged the first time, you can leave us a comment a little below.


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