Twitter will also allow you to speak in the Spaces through the web

Twitter works so that users who participate in Spaces through the web version can also interact with their voice. So far they are limited to witnessing the audio rooms live.

Twitter continues to improve the Spaces, its live audio rooms . The social network would be expanding access to said platform , adding features in favor of users who intend to interact outside of mobile apps.

According to the most recent discovery, the service will allow the participants of the Spaces to also speak through the web version of Twitter . The novelty was detected by analyst Nima Owji , who in recent times has also discovered other functions still “hidden” in the social network.

Logically, this is a work in progress. This means that this feature is not yet available, nor is it known when it will be released. However, it is important to highlight it because until now Twitter users from the web cannot speak when participating in Spaces. As the function to interact with the voice is limited to the applications for iOS and Android, those who join the live voice rooms from a browser are limited to listening to them .

Good news for those who use Twitter Spaces from the web

Twitter added the possibility of joining Espacios from the web in May, but only as part of the audience and not as speakers. This will change soon, if the social network advances in the development of the function that Nima Owji detected. It is clear that the platform is trying to give more push to its live audio rooms .

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

It is worth remembering that the ability to organize Spaces is limited to Twitter users who meet certain requirements. For example, it is necessary to have at least 600 followers to host a space for dialogue with other people.

But the requirements are even higher for those who want to apply to Ticketed Spaces , the payment variant that allows “sell tickets” to audio rooms. This monetization alternative is temporarily available only in the United States, for users with more than 1,000 followers who have organized at least three Spaces in the previous 30 days. If approved by Twitter, they can charge between $ 1 and $ 999 for access to their rooms.

Will Twitter make Spaces survive the decline of the Clubhouse and the oversupply of services for live audio rooms? For now, the social network seems to be determined to burn the ships to give it a chance.

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