The health and ayurvedic quality of eggplant

Eggplant fruit is used in various cuisines of India and Bengal . The eggplant is sweet, sharp and warm. Biletin, reduces fever, increases appetite, and is easy to digest. It has uses for eggplant filling, eggplant burning, and eggplant. Purple is a popular food for Iftar especially in Bangladesh. The eggplant filling is very popular. It is one of the many delicious dishes of rural Bengal. And there are some more aspects of eggplant.

  • Cancer Prevention Prevents ovarian stomach, colon, small intestine, colon cancer.
  • Eliminates harmful cholesterol: Cholesterol is a type of fat that accumulates in the blood. There is no cholesterol in eggplant. For those with high blood cholesterol, eggplant is the ideal diet.
  • There is plenty of iron in purple to eliminate anemia. Iron helps to raise blood in the body. So patients with blood clots can eat these vegetables.
  • Prevents mouth sores: Riboflavin is in purple. Riboflavin prevents mouth and lip sores, tongue sores. After the fever, remove the taste of the mouth and purple.
  • Helps to dry the wound site: Eggplant helps to dry the wound site faster. Purple contains lots of vitamins ‘E’ and ‘K’. They prevent blood clotting inside the body.
  • Eye diseases Eggplant: Eggplant is rich in vitamin A. Eggplant Vitamin A is very beneficial for the eyes.
  • Eliminates constipation: Purple contains plenty of dietary fiber or fiber. Which helps digest food.
  • Care of teeth and bones: Purple contains calcium and magnesium. These two ingredients are very useful for teeth, bones and nails. Calcium and magnesium make teeth strong, strong in gums. Prevents the fragility of nails.
  • Eliminate Zinc Deficiency : Diarrhea causes a lot of zinc deficiency in the body. Eliminates the deficiency of eggplant zinc. However, eating diarrhea during diarrhea is not OK. If diarrhea is good then you should eat eggplant.

Ayurvedic use of eggplant

For ages, eggplant has a variety of Ayurvedic uses. Eggplant serves as a medicine for many diseases.

  • It is good to harm the liver as a result of malaria by burning jaggery on the empty stomach every morning.
  • Eggplant eliminates insomnia. Playing eggplant is good sleep. Another name for the eggplant is sleeping. Those who have sleep problems will be able to sleep well in the evening by burning a little eggplant mixed with honey.
  • Regularly playing eggplant reduces urine irritation. In the early stages of kidney stones can be melted by clearing urine.
  • Eggplant is completely burned in ashes or ash consumed by curing itching and skin disease.
  • Kuchi and Chasalo play eggplant fever.
  • Mixing honey with eggplant juice eliminates phlegm.
  • Eggplant increases the amount of semen.
  • If there is an acidity problem, purple is relieved.
  • The women make the season regular.


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