Monkey Mask is Prohibited? Come on, Find Out 5 Animal Rights

This article will discuss the warnings of animal rights and their violations.

Who ya the same loves animals? Or maybe you have pets at home? Well , it turns out animals also have human rights like we know . Usually Animal Rights Day will be celebrated simultaneously every October 15 throughout the world as determined by the United Nations. Perhaps many of you still find it strange about this term, therefore, let ‘s be as acquainted with animal rights !

How does the initial formation of Animal Rights?

It all started with a writer and psychologist from England named Richard Ryder . He coined the term speciesism to describe those who support the cessation of objectification in animals. This understanding believes that animals should not be seen only as a property satisfying human needs, such as food, clothing, research subjects, entertainment, or always labeled as something terrible or ruled out their right to live.

Provisions that prohibit animal exploitation and the making of Animal Rights are in fact already in antiquity


In his book Painism: A Modern Morality (2001), Ryder illustrates that pain is one indicator of measuring morality in the current era. If humans do not like to be hurt and can feel pain, so do animals, because both are living things that can feel pain or pain.

According to him, as creatures that were given reason, humans are responsible for defending the basic rights of animals as living things. Because naturally, animals and humans actually need each other in maintaining the balance of nature. This basic thing, even has been realized for a long time by humans in previous centuries.

From the decree of Law No. 16 of 2009 also emphasized that animal welfare from all its behaviors must be carried out by us and actually it needs to be implemented and enforced. Sanctions for perpetrators of animal abuse are regulated in KUHP article 302, including:

1.  Conducting beatings, stabbing, strangulation and disposal of animals, threatened with a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison

2.  Providing improper pens and lack of drinking water and food, carries a maximum penalty of 2 years in prison

3.  Commit murder or poisoning of animals, threatened with a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison

4.  Doing dog fighting in an organized manner, threatened with a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison

5.  Doing dog meat trade, threatened with a maximum prison sentence for life

There are 5 Animal Rights

Not much different from Human Rights, animals also have several principles that are useful for protecting these animals both from their physical and ecosystems. These principles are contained in ‘5 Animal Welfare Principles’. Every animal has 5 human rights, including:

1.  Free from hunger and thirst.

2.  Free from inconvenience, abuse and abuse.

3.  Free from pain, injury and disease.

4.  Free from fear and depression.

5.  Free to express their natural behavior.

The phenomenon of animal entertainment shows

  • Circus show

Reporting from the experience of someone who has seen a famous circus show called The Great British Circus, there are absolutely no elephants, dolphins, lions that are exploited because the current use of animals began to be abandoned and even banned by several countries. However, circuses in earlier eras still used animals as their entertainment objects.

In England, all circus performances involving animals have been banned


This circus type of animal show has a lot of pros and cons. Many animals are displayed like stars. Elephants, lions, even dolphins used in circus performances perform their actions without their own volition, such as standing on their hands or jumping over an iron circle. The animals are forced to do it because if they refuse, they will get rough treatment from the handler.

In addition, to force the animals into action, the circus handler will use a whip, a tight neck strap, electric discharge, and other painful equipment. Violence in animals has been going on for centuries.

Circus will usually travel around all year, in sometimes extreme weather. When the circus group transits somewhere, the animals will be placed in a trailer or truck. Elephants and lions confined in cages do not have access to move to other places and must eat, drink and defecate in the same place.

Due to these painful conditions causing animals to end up frustrated and in some cases where animals run away when the opportunity arises. They run into the streets, enter residential areas, damage homes and buildings they pass through, even to the point of hurting humans. The only way to stop the riot was only to use anesthetic rifle which would eventually cause death in the animal.

Man’s concern for his necessity to protect animals gradually arises. One way to protect animal rights is to exclude animals that are usually involved in circus shows.

·      Monkey Mask Show

Who ya among you who have never watched the action of a monkey? Who would not be thrilled to see the frisky monkeys running here and there in funny costumes? But behind the action that is adorable, it turns out that the monkey mask show can actually torture the monkey you know. Sad , right ?

Prohibition of monkey masks in several areas including in East Java and West Java


Monkey mask shows are usually performed with the action of a monkey wearing certain costumes such as a mask with a funny expression, colorful mini outfits, or monkeys who are dancing and waddling like humans. Of course, all these actions are on the orders of the monkey mask handler who often treats the monkeys roughly and forcefully.

Therefore, due to the rampant violence on animals that occur in animal shows, the government made regulations as of May 18, 2018, monkey mask performances are banned throughout East Java. The ban was conveyed through a circular of the Directorate General of Natural Resource Conservation and the Ecosystem Center for the Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA) of East Java.

In this case, BKSDA revealed a number of reasons why the monkey mask show was no longer allowed. He stated, the activities of monkey masks carried out in the community environment could pose a threat of zoonosis or transfer of disease from animals to humans. It is feared that it could endanger human health.

In addition, the performance of the monkey mask has not been considered to apply the ethics of health and animal welfare . It has the potential to torture and hurt these animals.

Now you know , right that show animals we see fun but it turned out to torture the animals? With your eyes open and a lot to find out about regulations such as Animal Rights, indirectly you play a role in protecting their survival and preservation of know .


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