Why do Instagram stories come out green, purple or colored?

Have you ever wondered why Instagram stories come out green, purple or colored? If so, carefully read the following guide in which we will talk about this.

Why are Instagram Stories Green, Purple or Colored? – Solution

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Instagram stories

In 2016, the Facebook company includes the new Instagram Stories function, known in Spanish as Instagram stories. It is an interesting function in which you can publish images or videos that have an expiration period of 24 hours .

Without a doubt, it is one of the most interesting options to share content quickly and efficiently, since they are displayed at the top of the application. In addition to this, the function has evolved over time, integrating new modalities and functionality, so it is now possible to share Instagram stories on Facebook and even put music with lyrics in stories , currently widely used flagship functions.

In any case, in the face of all the new modalities, surely you noticed that stories of different colors are shown and each one of them expresses something in particular. Therefore, if you see green, multi-colored or colorless stories appear, read on to find out what each of them means.

Why do Instagram stories come out green, purple or colored?

There are different colors that appear in Instagram stories, each of them represents a specific aspect of the stories . Therefore, if you have come across stories of different colors, then we will tell you what each color means.

Green Instagram Stories

You may already know what this color is about, in any case, we will tell you again. If a green circle appears around a user’s story, it means that you are on their best friends list .

The green circle appears only when the person has decided to include you in their best friends list. Therefore, this is one of the ways to know if you are on someone’s best friends list. On the other hand, if you want to use this feature, you can also add people to your best friends list with great ease.

The list of best friends is very interesting, since it allows you to make publications that only the people on that list will be able to see. It’s a perfect feature for sharing a specific message or story with your closest group of friends .

In addition, on the contrary, there is also the possibility of hiding your Instagram stories from a person . A useful function to protect your privacy.

Rainbow Colored Instagram Stories

This type of notifications different from the rest, since it has a very interesting background. This feature was included for the purpose of indicating that the user has uploaded content related to LGBT or pride month.

This feature was first seen in June 2020, but is still available when LGBT-related topics come up. Therefore, when you see a story surrounded by a rainbow ring, you can be sure that it will be a topic of interest related to the LGBT community.

Clearly, this selection of colors refers to the LGBT flag , which since 1978 is a symbol of gay pride and was born with the purpose of creating a space for integration in the social network.

Instagram story no color / white color

When there is a non-existent white or colored circle in the history of the people you follow, it means that you have already seen all the content posted by them. This appears immediately after you’ve finished viewing all the stories posted by that person.

Therefore, if you come across a white or colorless story, it is an indication that you are up to date with the published stories of that user.


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