7 Learning Solutions for Dealing with Mathematical Tests

This article can give you solutions about effective learning methods for dealing with Mathematics tests.

Today there is a Math test. Yesterday, you ‘ve studied furiously until late at night. But fitting ngerjain matter, why they wrote it difficult, yes. As a result, your grades are still bad, deh. Duh , do not make any difference ya want to learn or not learn. The edges will be remed too. Sad…


Never do not you ngalamin things like that? Is every Math test always like that? Hmm , if it does I think there is something wrong deh same way you learn. Masa does , already learned that much harshness still wrote REMED.

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Mathematics is indeed not an easy subject . Many formulas must be well understood. Therefore, just learning without certain tips will not be enough to be able to master this lesson. Moreover, learning a speeding system style last night. Duh , don’t hope you can get good grades.

So, what’s next?

Learning mathematics takes time. Must be paid in installments in advance. That is, not able tuh tomorrow exam, learning new tonight. In addition, you also need to know special techniques of learning mathematics so that the time you spend on learning is proportional to the value obtained. This technique can also be used as the right solution to obtain maximum results later. As long as we want to have a Final Semester Assessment (PAS) soon , here . You can start practicing now. How about that, curious? Read this article to the end, yes!


  1. Expand Practice Questions

Each question has its own characteristics and how to solve it. By multiplying the practice questions, logic and analysis of your thinking will increase. The more problems you solve Maths, it’s getting good, loh . So, learning Mathematics is not just from reading and listening wrote , yes.

Many practice work on the problems also can help you to remember Mathematical formulas, tablets . Just try to do 10 problems with the same formula, it must be memorized by yourself for a long time. Well , since there is still time for exercises prior to PAS, try deh you check the blog Ruangguru , there is already existing practice questions to prepare you to face final exams later.

Practicing problems can train your logic thinking. (source: pexels.com)

  1. Learn from mistakes

When you try to solve a problem, the most important thing is the process that you do in finding a solution. Friends, don’t be discouraged when you make a mistake in working on a problem. You must understand your point of error and try to find a solution to that error. Do not get to the test again you repeat the same mistake, yes.

  1. Master the Concept

This third point is arguably very important for you to apply. There must be some among you who still like to know the way or answer to a problem. Wow, that’s really dangerous. Why? If the problem is fiddled with a bit, you become immediately confused, deh. Better understand how, yes. You also have to remember that the material in Mathematics is presented sequentially, ranging from simple to complex (complicated). So it is important really ya to have a strong understanding of the key concepts in a topic Mathematics before moving to more complex material.

  1. Do the Problem Even though It’s Difficult

When studying mathematics, you must have felt confused in solving a problem. Usually, when you are faced with this condition, what you do is skip the problem and move on to the next problem. Now friends, from now on, you have to stop doing that, yeah. You should try to solve the problem and understand the process. You can also learn with friends who can be invited to discuss and exchange ideas related to problems that you do not understand. Do not let the questions that you pass it come out in the test later, you know !

Do not be proud to ask for a friend who knows better , yes! (source: pexels.com)

  1. Create a Distraction-Free Learning Environment

Mathematics is a subject that requires more concentration compared to other subjects. By creating a good and distraction-free learning environment, you will find it easier to concentrate. Learning while listening to music can also create a relaxed atmosphere and stimulate the flow of information more easily into the brain. Eits ! But, do not choose music that actually makes you not focus on learning, yes. Like the song “I Know What Entered You” by DJ Crow, for example. Tau own right later consequences. Hmm …

  1. Create a Math Dictionary

You must already know that Mathematics has a lot of formulas. These formulas will later be useful for answering questions later. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you make notes containing definitions and formulas from the material to be tested later. In addition, you can also add examples of problems and steps to solve them so that you can understand more. Do not forget to mark which points are important from your notes, yes.

Making your own notes is more effective than photocopying friends’ notes (source: pexels.com)

  1. Apply Mathematical Formulas to Solve Daily Problems

Mathematical formulas do look abstract, so sometimes you do n’t understand what they are for. But, make no mistake, tablets . Many simple formulas that you have learned in school are used to solve everyday problems. For example , the formula calculates the area and volume of flat shapes and spaces, or the formula calculates the discounted price of an item. By applying the formula into everyday life, it can change your view of the Mathematics, tablets . You can look for problems that can be solved by the Mathematical formula which will be tested later.


Now , friends, that was some technique that you can make a solution to face the Mathematics test later. In addition to running the points above, you also need to be confident to face the exam so that you don’t get too nervous and make what you learn becomes ambiguous later.


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