Getting to Know Testophobia, Fear of Exams. Are you that?

This article discusses the phenomenon of fear that often occurs in humans when they want to face a test. Fear of examinations, can also be called testophobia. So what is testophobia? Why can humans be afraid of examinations?

Entering the beginning of the year, it has become a tradition for students to start preparing to welcome a series of examinations. There are school exams, national exams, college entrance exams. All will take place vulnerable to adjacent time. There are those who welcome him happily, but not a few are actually upset.

The last few years, exams have always been a frightening specter for most students throughout the world. Many symptoms appear when the day of the exam arrives soon. In fact, not a few of the students who are dubbed the smartest in class, become those who often experience symptoms of anxiety.

Now, if the symptoms that appear to make heart palpitations, nausea, head start dizziness, shortness of breath, or even to the point of fainting, those are signs of a testophobia.

What is testophobia?

Testophobia is a fear that constantly occurs in forms of examination or evaluation. For example like you students who are often very worried, or even afraid to enter classrooms that have been arranged so far away.

Well, this testophobia is a type of situational phobia associated with negative experiences. Examples include bad experiences, traumatic experiences, unfulfilled expectations, or excessive demands.

There are two factors that cause the appearance of testophobia symptoms. First it arises because of genetic factors or decreased from parents. Then the second factor is social environmental factors.

These social environmental factors come in many forms, including the family environment. One reason is the lack of public knowledge about the ideal education, and what exactly is needed by a child.

Many of us meet in everyday life, when parents, siblings, neighbors, even teachers, put so much hope on the child when the child is preparing for the exam. Asking them to bring home high values, wanting to show off the child’s ranking at a family gathering, or comparing values ​​between one child and another.

Without realizing it, these experiences are recorded very clearly in the child’s memory, and make it anxious and anxious when they want to face the exam. The reason is one, afraid to disappoint people who have put their hopes in it.

As a result, when this student starts facing an exam, what arises is not curiosity to see the extent of the knowledge he has mastered from the results of learning so far. But just hope that the test results get good grades that match expectations.

Imagine if what was obtained was not as expected? His self-confidence fell even more, his laziness would increase, and the worst could be run away from home or like cases that had happened, suicide.

Therefore, to cure this testophobia, it is actually easy. As long as there is a desire to open our minds and expand our perspective on learning and also the ideal education . Oh yes one more thing, cooperation between the parents, the social environment, and also the school.

You must know that education is the right of all humans, and learning is a necessity. Why need?

We live in a world filled with many living things. There are humans, there are plants, there are animals. Now as living things, of course we need to eat to be able to survive. To know what we can eat on this earth, we need to study. Learn to determine foods that contain good nutrition, are non-toxic, and do not damage our bodies.

If you already know what foods we can eat and are able to meet our body’s nutritional needs, is that enough? Of course not. We must also learn, so that the food we can eat is not finished or extinct, so we can continue to survive. You do this by studying ecosystems, farming, and we know it with Biology.

Answered why is learning a need, and not a demand?

By the way, do you believe or not, if now, cool people and have a big attraction are people who have extensive knowledge, have high imagination, and have special expertise? Of course. People who have extensive knowledge, always know how to behave, talk to people from different backgrounds, and are also able to read opportunities. Likewise with people who have special expertise.

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Especially in a developing world like this, right? We take the example of technology. Technology continues to develop, and technology is always looking for cool people who are able to operate it to be something positive and useful. Now who else if not people who are knowledgeable and who have special expertise?

So, that’s the reason learning is a need. It’s no longer the demands of parents who ask us to make high marks in all subjects. It’s also not about the teacher’s desire that the class be the best because their children can get good grades all.

But learning is about you and knowledge of the reality of everyday life. If you understand and are happy, business is no longer the most messed around in the exam. Because what is in your head is, curiosity about the extent to which you master the lessons that you enjoy.

Maybe now one of you is starting to feel that you have testophobia. But, that should not be a problem anymore. Because you have read the explanation in this article about how badly we need to learn, and is learning only for grades? Of course not.

To be able to get knowledge and its application in everyday life, you must find a learning pattern that is cool and not boring. As someone who has already tried directly to watch a video of learning in a study room , it is strongly recommended that you use it as your medium for learning, not just to be able to take exams, or just chasing grades, but to know that what you have learned so far, is indeed very useful in everyday life.

Why can I say it like that? Because of the fact, the Master Teacher or tutor who teaches in the study room , uses contextual teaching methods. Take examples that exist in our lives, to be tested using the theories we learn in school. They teach really basic concepts, up to the application stage. An excellent learning method to help us better understand, and no longer have to fear examinations, whatever they may be.


by Abdullah Sam
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