Last Day on Earth: Survival – How To Find A Gas Mask And An Acid Bath

A detailed guide on how to find a gas mask and acid bath in Last Day on Earth: Survival

Looking for the “elusive” gas mask in Last Day on Earth: Survival ? Would you like to build an acid bath to open infected containers from your extended zombie battles? After the release of the last few updates, this has become really possible! And all this will have to be looked for in the recently enlarged Alpha bunker.

Near the entrance to bunker “Alpha” you will find access card A. Thus, to get to the upper tier of the bunker you do not have to do anything. However, in order to navigate the sublevels, you need an access password. This code changes every three days and can be obtained by searching a dead soldier who randomly appears at resource extraction locations.

You can also get the code using a special radio – just craft it. When the code changes, an exclamation mark icon will appear above the radio. Interact with him and learn a new combination. In addition, the code can be obtained from your friend, read in various communities, because it will be the same for everyone.

Where to find a gas mask in Last Day on Earth

As soon as you find yourself in the Alpha bunker, there will be two ways to get a gas mask – loot or trade. You can find a gas mask on the lower levels of the bunker – but this is not a guaranteed way to get it! Therefore, if you want a gas mask in your hands for sure, then choose the second method.


This method requires 30 combat gear coupons. Using them in the terminal of the Alpha bunker, you are guaranteed to get four weapons, two sets of armor, a gas mask, and possibly paints and parts for the car. In addition to the gas mask, everything else falls out randomly – it is not known what kind of weapon you will receive and what kind of armor will be.

Where to Find the Acid Bath Blueprint in Last Day on Earth

There is only one way to get a blueprint that makes Acid Bath available for crafting. Fortunately, you will find it. However, getting to the blueprint is not easy as it is located at the end of the Alpha bunker level. This is not the place for those who do not know the game well, so you will need to carefully familiarize yourself with the strategy for passing the bunker, stock up on weapons, medicines and armor.

Acid bath

The Acid Bath Blueprint will be available after you pass the second floor of the Alpha Bunker. Once you clear it, you can pick up the blueprint and build a bath.

How to use a gas mask and an acid bath

Currently, the gas mask is used to survive in the gas chamber located inside the same Alpha bunker. Be careful – the gas mask disintegrates incredibly quickly inside this chamber, so after a few seconds you can die if you don’t keep an eye on it.

The acid bath is used exclusively for cleaning contaminated containers – you recognize them by their bright orange mucus. It is impossible to open these containers without an acid bath. Once you empty the containers, you can open them and retrieve their contents.


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