Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island.How to solve all puzzles, find every item, get secret achievements and more.When you first launch Return To Monkey Island, you will be prompted to select a difficulty level to complete the game. Most players, as a rule, in this case, stop their choice at the “normal” or “normal” level. In general, they click on the option that involves an experience of medium complexity. Sometimes there can be more than three such options, sometimes even two.

In Return to Monkey Island, which was released on Switch and PC, gamers are given the choice between two difficulty options: casual or hard mode. Since Return To Monkey Island is a puzzle game, the differences between the two difficulty options are not entirely obvious. Let’s take a look at each.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

casual mode

The text that accompanies the casual mode in Return To Monkey Island reads: “Full story and all the fun, but with easier puzzles.” Although the wording seems vague, it still captures the essence of the regime. When you select it, you will get the same story as in hard mode, but with slightly different, simplified puzzles. As a rule, in this case, the solution of many puzzles is simplified, so that you need fewer actions. Big puzzles get smaller. If you’re new to classic quests, unfamiliar with the Monkey Island series, or just want to enjoy the story, casual mode is your choice.

Hard Mode

As for this option, you will get more difficult puzzles that require more steps. You will get into a dead end a lot more often, which will take more time to complete the game. In addition, on your way you will meet a lot more puzzles. However, for players who prefer games of this genre, this is a real gift. If you’re the kind of person who wants to easily experience the story, perhaps you should avoid this choice. Also, completing Return to Monkey Island on hard means you’ll get fewer hints. However, as mentioned above, this will not affect the story part and you will get the same experience as in casual mode.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

Book of tips and advice

Even if you select the hard difficulty level, you will still have unlimited access to the advice book. The Hint Book is an in-game list of tips available to gamers in both casual and hard modes. With it, you can get certain clues to solve puzzles. However, at the beginning of the game, it will not be in your inventory. To get the book once in the city, go to the voodoo shop on Low Street. Talk to the man in the store and she will give you a book.

While the hint book won’t tell you exactly what to do, you can use it to get a general idea of ​​what goals you should be aiming for.


As soon as the game starts, you will control the young Guybrush, and Chucky will watch his every move. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the control scheme in the game:

  • By clicking on any point, you will instruct Gaybrush to proceed there. Double click and Guybrush will run.
  • Open your inventory by clicking on the bag icon in the lower left corner or by pressing the I button.
  • Interact with an object in the environment or a person by clicking on it. You can hold down the Tab button to select all interactive objects.
  • Sometimes you will have more than one way to interact with an element. One will be attached to the LMB and the other to the RMB.

You have a to-do list in your inventory, which at the moment will only have one item: “Buy Scurvy Dog”. Clicking on the toilet door will add another objective: “Find the toilet key”.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

Where to find the key to the toilet

Click on the open doorway next to the Scurvydogs sign to enter the store. Examine the items inside the shop – you won’t be able to get the grog on the right, but you can get the toilet key by examining the peg on the left and then catching the key.

How to buy scurvy dogs

After talking to the vendor at the Scurvydog Hut, you will learn that you need money to buy Scurvy Dog. Interact with Scurvy Dog to ask how much this dish costs. Each scurvy dog ​​costs half a piastres.

Leave the store with the toilet key in hand. Open inventory and take the toilet key and then click on the door to open it. Inside the toilet, look around all the objects to hear some funny lines, but what you are looking for is a small metal object between the grate on the floor and the door. This is a token that will pass for a fake piastres.

Return to the store and give the token to the seller. He will take it for a real piastres (due to poor eyesight) and give you two scurvy dogs. By doing this, you will receive two new goals.

To continue, head to the right of the scurvy dog ​​store and head into the next area. Here you will meet Dee. The task will be updated, you will receive a list of new cases:

  1. Check out the massive anchor by simply clicking on it. It is located at the entrance to the territory. This segment also serves as a tutorial on how to skip dialogue and review previously spoken lines.
  2. To beat Chucky in a race, challenge him at the start of the track. Then you need to wait for Dee to finish the countdown. Then double click on the finish line to have Guybrush run to the finish line – his speed is more than enough to take down Chucky.
  3. To feed the duck, first examine the picnic basket. The couple will talk at length about the shortcomings of today’s youth – use this time to quickly grab a piece of bread to their left. If they don’t talk, they won’t be able to take the bread. Use the bread on the duck in the pond.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

  1. To add some sauce to the scurvy dog, first look at the pile of red liquid to the right of the pond. As soon as you realize that this is ketchup, you can pick it up. Open inventory and combine ketchup with scurvy dog.
  2. To practice your sword fighting, simply click on the stage at the back of the area. Dee will refuse to train, but Chucky will comply.
  3. To find a four leaf clover, right click on the four leaf clover sign. There is one four-leaf clover on the field, but its placement is random. Use the Tab key to highlight objects. A circle will appear around the clover.
  4. To make a wish at the wishing well, go to the right side. You will find a coin on the ground next to the well – pick it up and then apply it on the wishing well. You can choose what Guybrush wants! It doesn’t affect anything.
  5. Save your game before throwing the coin into the well. Optionally, after viewing one of the wishes, reboot to see the rest!

After completing all these steps, you will complete one of the tasks.

How to find your real parents

Open the gate on the right side of the screen and go right. Approach the familiar pirate sitting on the bench. The prologue will be completed shortly.

Act 1. Friendly place

After greeting the observer, go down to the docks. Walk forward, examining the poster along the way to find out who the new governor is (and her motto) and then enter the bar. On the right side, you can chat with the new pirate leaders. Regardless of how you conduct this conversation, the end result is the same – you will eventually have to find alternative ways to start your quest to find the Mystery of Monkey Island.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

You can now try to board LeChuck’s ship by going down the pier next to the bar and talking to the quartermaster, but no matter how the conversation goes, everyone will know you are Guybrush. You have been blacklisted for attempting to board. However, this gives you a new goal: hide your identity and try to get a job aboard LeChuck’s ship. To do this, you need to find a mop and come up with some kind of disguise.

low street

Returning to the pier, you will see a familiar character. Follow her to the right, onto Low Street. There you will meet another familiar face, Elaine. Chat with her to find out what she does. As soon as you can, examine the bust near the arch, and then go left and talk to a few people. Having done this, you can explore the shops on Low Street.

First, enter Mojo’s house from the right side. Talk to Lady Voodoo. When you go inside, she will give you the “Book of Hints” that we talked about earlier (gives tips and recommendations for further actions). Keep talking to her to learn about Dark Magic, Elaine, LeChuck and get a hint on where to look for the mop.

After talking to Lady Voodoo, examine the empty disguise bag on the shelf next to the woman. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have anything, but she will talk about John Laney’s eye patch, a disguise artifact currently kept in the Pirate Museum on Mele Island. Here is a new challenge!

Examine the ceremonial knife and frog at the bottom of the screen. Having done this, take both items by right-clicking. You can also pick up a skull at the back of the store. Once done, exit the International House of Mojo and enter Wally’s Maps-n-More across the street.

Talk to Wally to learn more about the Dark Magic Pirates infesting Mele, and then try to pick up the monocle from the table. You can look at the maps, but you have already completed the main task (talked to Wally and took the monocle). Exit the store and go under the archway to the High Street.

high street

The department store and the alley do not interest you, but there is a locksmith on the left side. Enter the building to meet Locke Smith. Talk to the character. Note that Locke can create a key simply by knowing the lock’s serial number. It can only be seen with a magnifying glass. After learning this information, leave the store and head to the prison opposite. Here you can chat with Otis and Stan. During the conversation, you will receive a new goal: get Otis out of prison. Stan will ask you to bring a toothbrush from his office, but trying to do this will waste your time – his toothbrush is locked in a boarded up office.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

On the other hand, you can get Otis out of prison: use the monocle that you got from Wally’s store and use it on the door lock of Otis’s cell. Guybrush will write down the serial number and add it to inventory. Having done this, return to the locksmith. Provide Locke Smith with the serial number and you will receive a key – you can use it on Otis’ cell door to free the character. You will get nothing in return but the sweet satisfaction of helping an old friend. Yes, it was optional. It will not work to release Stan, because he is convinced of his innocence and believes that he will be acquitted, so he will remain in the cell.

After that, you can return to the street, go under the archway and enter the governor’s mansion. Here you will meet again with Karla, the master of the sword, who became the governor. After exhausting the conversation, inspect this place. Examine the books in the bookcase and memorize their names. Also, examine the stuffed toy on the right side – when Carla says you can take it, do so. The island has been studied, so it’s time to solve the tasks!

How to get to LeChaka’s Ship

A conversation with the quartermaster led to the fact that you needed a mop and a disguise, since Guybrush Threepwood is on the black list. Luckily, Mele Island has all the resources you need to complete these tasks. Let’s start with the mop.

Where to find a mop

Before we explore the rest of the island for the first time, head back to the bar. Upon entering the bar, you can grab a book from the table and talk to Cobb to get an achievement related to the very first game in the Monkey Island series.

Council . Follow the path to the Governor’s Mansion to open the Mele Island map and get fast travel.

At the back of the bar, chat with the pirate leaders, though it’s all useless. Go to the kitchen and try to grab the mop in the corner. A long conversation with the chef will begin. You need to carve the handle of a mop from a certain tree, but the cook does not specify which one. However, he will report that anything can become the second part of the mop. Before you leave, go through the door on the right and take the rope.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

Where to find wood for a mop handle

Leave the bar, return to the map of the island and follow the direction of the bar. Here you will meet a new character with whom you can talk. Chat with a man who will take you for a waiter and demand to bring food. Talking to the chef in the kitchen will indicate that he wants the dish that was served to him at the governor’s mansion, but the chef does not know the recipe.

Note . At this point, you can ask Wally to find the right wood to make the mop handle. He will say that for this he needs one chip. Therefore, you need to get a piece from the mop handle.

Return to the mansion. In the bookcase you will find the book you need – “Ingredients” by Barbie LeFley. However, the attempt to take the book will end in a lost cause – Carla wants an apology. Give her the frog that was taken from Mojo’s house – you need to write a personal apology on the frog.

Note. In casual mode, you don’t have to write anything on the frog. Carla will accept her on the first try.

Use your feather on the frog and choose from the following options:

  • Dear Carla,
  • I’m sorry I lost the book I borrowed.
  • I admire that you are exacting to gentleness.
  • … how your actions in Santo Domingo showed.
  • You scare the hell out of me.

Give the frog back to Carla. This time everything will work out, and you can borrow a cookbook. Return to the bar and give the book to the cook. While the cook is busy studying the book, you can use the ceremonial knife found in Mojo’s house on the mop in the corner. After getting the wood chip, return to Wally’s shop. Take the second monocle, and then give Wally the sliver. He will give you a map.

With the map in hand, head to the forest on Mele Island. Ignore the museum on the right and open the map. You should have a good idea of ​​what to do next:

  1. Go north from the forest entrance. While on this screen, use the Ceremonial Knife to collect a Carnivorous Plant Sample.
  2. Take the right passage near the purple flowers.
  3. Go north along the purple flowers.
  4. Turn right near the carnivorous plants.
  5. Take a left near the green mushrooms. Be careful when using the map as the perspective will change.
  6. Go to the middle exit near green mushrooms.
  7. Take the left aisle near the purple flowers.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

Note . In casual mode, you don’t have to worry about changing perspectives or choosing passages based on plants. Instead, simply follow the path shown on the map, using the left, right, and center passages as they appear on the map.

Following these directions, you will reach a clearing and the desired tree. Use the ceremonial knife on the tree to get a mop handle.

How to get a mop

In trying to make a mop handle, you picked up a few items that can be used as a second part of it! Combine the mop handle with any of the following items:

  • An item found in a bar.
  • Effigy from the governor’s mansion.
  • Skull obtained from Lady Voodoo’s shop.
  • A sponge that you may have already picked up if you went to the shipyard.

All options will allow you to get a real mop. Now we need to find a disguise.

How to get a disguise

Returning to the entrance to the forest, go to the Museum of Pirate History on the right side. There you will meet the curator Konrad. Talk to him and examine the exhibits. Of particular note is the display case with John Laney’s eye patch, which will be needed for disguise.

If you try to examine the lock of the display case with a monocle, as you did with Otis’ cell door, you will find that the serial number is unreadable. Instead, combine the two monocles you have to get a more powerful magnifier and use it. As before, you will receive a serial number. Go to the pantry at the back of the museum and grab a box of cracker mix.

Note . In casual mode, the pantry will be locked and you won’t need to pick up the cracker mix.

After collecting all this, return to the High Street and enter the key keeper. Give her a new serial number and you will receive a new key. Don’t rush to leave: give her the Cracker Mix found in the Museum’s pantry – you’ll be rewarded with some Stale Crackers.

Note . In casual mode, you can pick up crackers without needing the mix.

Return to the museum. If you try to open the display case, the parrot will alert Conrad and you will be caught. Instead, feed the parrot one of the stale crackers you got from the locksmith and then open the display case. Steal the bandage, after which you will automatically leave the store. Take Lady Wood’s headband to her shop on Low Street and ask her to charge it. She will ask you to bring the “Bite of a Thousand Needles”. Give the carnivorous plant sample you picked up in the forest.

Note. In casual mode, you don’t need to get Sting of a Thousand Needles.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

How to get a job on LeChaka’s ship

Having done all this, you will be able to get on board LeChuck’s ship. Head towards the ship and then go past the Quartermaster by hiding behind the crates on the left side. Here you can put on John Laney’s eye patch (as long as no one sees you). Talk to the disguised quartermaster with an eyepatch and you can trick her. Then give her a mop and you can board the ship, completing the first act of the game.

Act 2. Dangerous adventure

The second part begins on board LeChaka’s ship, or rather, in his hold. Here you will realize that leaving the hold is a little more difficult than it seems at first glance, so Guybrush will have to get creative.

How to get out of the hold

To get started, take the pamphlet that is next to the ghost chicken. Then take a look at the box and find out what is inside. The Skull will tell you that he is undercover, and you can ask him for information about what Captain Madison wants. As soon as you finish the conversation, go to the porthole.

There are a few screws to keep the porthole closed. Apparently, this is the only way out. It will not work to open the screws with a knife – they are too tight! Take a mop and wipe off the grease that Gullet (Throat) threw away. Then apply it to the porthole screws. Take a knife and unscrew all the screws. Once you’ve done this, scoop up the grease and apply it to the wall around the porthole. You need to do this three times.

When you get outside, you will find yourself on the outer edge of the ship. Go to the right side and go up the stairs to the deck. You will meet LeChuck and his team talking about the potion they are brewing to get to Monkey Island. They are missing one ingredient to complete the potion – a flattened skull. Guybrush is tasked with finding the final ingredient.

How to get a flat skull

Return inside the ship and go down into the hold. As soon as you get close to the hold, Gullet (Throat) will throw you inside. So do it, because that’s where you need to be. Then take the skull you found earlier. You can convince him to come with you or take him with you against his will – in either case, the outcome will be the same. Climb out through the porthole, then up the stairs and back inside the ship. At the bottom of the stairs, in front of LeChuck’s cabin, there is a washing machine. Interact with her to make her break.

You need to fix the washing machine, and, fortunately, you already have everything you need for this. Open inventory and use on the washing machine the screws that were pulled out of the porthole. Now that the car is fixed, apply a skull to it so that it becomes flat.

Return to the deck and throw the flattened skull into the cauldron. Too easy, don’t you think? In a few moments, a catastrophe will occur, the potion will deteriorate. Gullet (Throat) will be overboard the ship. You will have to prepare a new potion, but there is one problem – there are no more ingredients on the ship.

Climb up to the Crow’s Nest, which can be found behind the door leading back to the ship. Use the telescope to scan the horizon and make sure you’re not the only ship trying to create a potion and get to Monkey Island. On the other ship, the same problem – they do not have a skull to make a potion.

Go down to the Crow’s Nest and speak with Quartermaster Ironrose. It turns out that the team is not very interested in going to Monkey Island and they voted against it. Now your job is to convince them all to change their minds and vote to go to Monkey Island.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

How to convince the team to go to Monkey Island

Talk to each crew member and find out what they need to vote on your plan.

  • The Iron Rose is by the cauldron. Her problem is that she is experiencing a crisis of faith and does not know if she remains loyal to LeChuck and his mission. After restoring her faith in a common cause, you will receive the first vote for going to Monkey Island.
  • Apple Bean hangs upside down near the cauldron. He needs entertainment.
  • Flambe is in the crow’s nest. He wants scorched Alaska, his favorite dish. Putra cooks it, but it is not spicy enough.
  • Gori is inside the ship, near the entrance to the hold. She lost her grandmother’s whale knife and would like it back.
  • Putra – in the galley. She always votes like Iron Rose. Convince Iron Rose and you will automatically receive Putra’s vote.

After talking to the team, you will discover a few things:

  • Flambe has a joke book that will satisfy AppleBob’s needs for entertainment, but he doesn’t want to give it away.
  • Putra knows how to cook scorched Alaska, but refuses to do so because she is a cook, not a chef, and her promotion application is continually denied.
  • Gori’s knife is in the back of Gullet (Throat), which was overboard.

We need to collect all these items! During a conversation with Putra, she will throw a questionnaire on the galley table. Take her and offer your help. Examine the pepper pot to learn about the demonic pepper, which would make Scorched Alaska perfect for Flambe.

Go to the right side of the ship from Gori and enter LeChuck’s cabin. You will automatically start a conversation with him and eventually be thrown out of the room. Return, after which you can interact with things in the cabin (but not with everything, since LeChuck will swear if you, for example, approach his map).

Try to pass Putra’s request for a raise to LeChuck and he will categorically reject it, stating that he will not sign the document. Try to leave, and get a new task from LeChuck. You need to report five shortcomings on the ship:

  1. The greasy porthole through which you escaped from the hold.
  2. Give the ghost chicken on the right side of the hold the chicken feed you got at the beginning of the act. Exit and return to the hold to find chicken wings. Add them to the report.
  3. Pick something, anything in the galley. Guybrush will add the entire room to the report.
  4. The rest of the potion on the deck.
  5. Exit the hold through the porthole and look at the steering wheel on the left (not right) side. Get Granny Gori’s whale knife from Gullet’s back (Throats).

Give the report to Iron Rose and she will return it to you along with a whole stack of papers. Combine this pile of papers with a request for a raise and give it to LeChuck for signature. In doing so, you will receive a signed request for a promotion, which you must immediately transfer to Putra. On the way, give Gori the knife pulled out of the Throat. First vote received!

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

While this won’t make Putra vote for you, you can now ask her to cook Scorched Alaska. Climb to the deck and use the ceremonial knife on the rocket next to the cannon. You will receive a burning tip – combine it with Scorched Alaska. This is exactly what you need to satisfy Flambe. Moreover, he will drop a book of jokes from his hands, which he will allow to borrow for a while.

Note . In casual mode, Putra’s pepper pot is not empty, and she will cast a demonic pepper on Scorched Alaska, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself.

Pass the book of jokes to Apple Bob. You already have three votes! It remains to convince the Iron Rose that she must believe in the cause of LeChuck. It’s easier than you think – just give her the instruction booklet you picked up in the hold at the beginning of the act. The fourth and fifth votes have been collected!

Council . If you can’t give the pamphlet to Iron Rose, you may need to talk to her about her vision of LeChuck first to find out about her disappointment.

Climb the stairs to the ship’s helm and look at the bell. One hit will start the vote, two will force the entire team to gather around the cauldron, including LeChuck. For now, strike the bell once. The crew will meet, vote and agree to your plan. First goal accomplished!

How to steal LeChuck’s card

Now ring the bell twice in a row. LeChuck will come out of his cabin to yell at the crew. While the team is distracted, go down inside the ship and go to LeChuck’s cabin. To get a card from the table, swap it with the card that points to the tree for the mop handle. It was received from Wally in the previous act.

How to make Captain Madison’s Potion

Give Murray’s flattened skull to Captain Madison. It’s quite simple – to do this, put an object in a cannon and set it on fire. You will see a short cut-scene that ends the second act.

Act 3. Return to Monkey Island

Guybrush, along with the map, ended up at the bottom of the ocean. On the right side there is a sign that says that it is a 6-minute walk to Monkey Island. Fortunately, Threepwood is able to hold his breath for 8 minutes, so he has enough time to swim across the seabed to Monkey Island.

When Threepwood finally comes to land, go to the left side and take the skull lying at the base of the tree. Then go back to the right and follow the path leading north into the jungle. Open the LeChuck card in your inventory to see that you first need to find a bush with a red berry. It is located northwest of the beach from which Guybrush began exploring the island. But first, let’s explore the rest of Monkey Island.

Volcanic beach to the west

There is a ship and a beach to the west of Monkey Island. First go to the beach. On the left side, near the trees, you will see a skull. Pick it up, then leave the beach.

Northern part

Climb to the top of the cliff to enjoy the view. Go right and take the skull on the edge of the cliff.

Shipwreck in the northeast

Go to the indicated place and take the skull lying on the beach. You will be able to see the item once you enter this region. Then go to the right side and explore the shipwreck. When you’re done exploring, return to the jungle.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

Head of a giant monkey in the east

Go to the right side and in front of the fence you will find another skull. Pick it up. If you try to continue moving to the right, you will be stopped, but you will see the “Press to show” icon.

Go to the bush with red berries

Head to the red berry bush that is northwest of the beach you originally arrived at. Open the map to the secret and follow the instructions to see which path to take.

At a high difficulty level, the map indicates the following:

  1. Start your search from a bush with red berries.
  2. Follow the hand of the stone monkey.
  3. Stick to the trail at the wooden chicken.
  4. Sneak past the bees and pay attention to the sign.
  5. “X” marked the right place!
  6. Examine the “X”, then take the shovel.

Find LeChuck’s Secrets

The first thing to do is find a way to get back to LeChuck’s ship, so follow the pirates and talk to them to find out more. You can find them in the Giant Ape’s Head in the east of Monkey Island. They will offer to help you get back to the ship.

Volcanic beach

LeChuck’s ship is moored near the volcanic beach, so head back there. Then go into the water. You will have the same 8 minutes to explore the bottom. Move to the left, past the anchor, and pick up the last skull. Then pull up to anchor.

If you try to climb over the railing, you will immediately be thrown off the ship. Instead, go all the way to the left and return to the steering wheel. The throat is still trapped.

Now that you are not disguised as a zombie, Throat will not be so tense and you will see that he is writing something. Ask for a notebook, repeat the steps until Guybrush offers help with writing poems. Ask to show you poetry, but nothing will come of it. You need to convince him somehow. Open your inventory and take out the business card that the museum curator gave you earlier. Give it to the Throat, and he will give the poems. Once you have it, return to the Giant Ape’s Head.

Give the book to the pirates and they will turn it into a magical book that will disguise you as Throat so you can get back on board LeChuck’s ship. Climb aboard. Before climbing over the railing, use the book to transform. You will return aboard where you can uncover LeChuck’s secrets.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

How to find LeChuck’s secrets

Guybrush must find out the following information:

  • LeChuck’s favorite food
  • LeChaka’s catchphrase
  • LeChuck theme song

How to get LeChuck’s favorite dish

You need to go down in the galley to talk to Putra. Ask her about LeChuck’s favorite food and she’ll say it’s tentacles with chamomile sauce. Unfortunately, she ran out of tentacles, so head back to Volcanic Beach. There is a dead squid on the right side of the beach. Use the knife on the squid to cut off the tentacle. Then return to Putra, give her the tentacle and ask her to cook LeChaka’s favorite dish.

How to recognize LeChaka’s catchphrase

Go down to LeChuck’s cabin. It will be empty because the captain is on Monkey Island, but there is a book on the shelves to the right. Take it and scroll through. You will find several entries that talk about his catchphrase. Pay attention to “April 10”. There will be a reference to February 17 from the diary. This is the page where you will find the phrase you need.

How to get sheet music with LeChuck’s music

The last thing to pick up is a piece of music. She refuses to break up with him, so you need to find a way to distract her. Approach the ship’s bell and ring it once to call for a vote. When it appears, run down and pick up the leaf. After collecting all the information, return to the Giant Monkey Head and tell about everything you have learned.

Giant monkey head

Return to the head and tell the pirates that you have all the information about LeChuck. They will tell you that the first step is to play the theme song and send you to the right side where you will find Murray and some spikes. At the bottom of the screen, there is a freehand brush that you need to pick up. Having done this, place the skulls collected earlier on the spikes. Use the brush to hit each of the skulls and see what note it plays.

Open the sheet music and study LeChuck’s music. By hovering over the skulls, you’ll see what note they’re playing, and you’ll be able to play LeChuck’s music with ease. Hit each of the notes, after which the musical theme will play. When you click on the correct skull, it will vibrate. The skulls will continue to vibrate if you click on them in the correct order. If they freeze, you will have to start over.

When the theme song starts, go to the ritual table and say Lechak’s catchphrase. Then the last step remains – to eat the tentacles. When you do this, the map will show the location of the Secret of Monkey Island!

When you reveal the secret

Guybrush was in trouble again. After the cut-scene, Elaine will share information on how to restore the broken ship, so take the book from the stump and return to the jungle to the shipwreck. Before returning to the beach, go to the Giant Monkey’s Head and collect all the skulls from the spikes. They can be used to decorate the ship and get a secret achievement. When you get to the beach, open your inventory and flip through the ship repair book. Then use the book on the ship. The third act is completed!

Act 4. The situation becomes more complicated

Check out the to-do list when you hit Mili Island. The first task is to get to Lady Voodoo’s shop. Go back to Low Street and go inside to talk to the woman. After a short conversation, she will say that someone wants to talk to you outside. Exit Mojo’s house to meet an interesting character. The woman you’re talking to outside the store is Widee Bones. She will tell you that you need five golden keys to get to the secret of Monkey Island. Ask Widee about the secret and she will tell you a little more about each key.

In accordance with the additional task, you need to get a map of the sea. Once you’re done talking to Widee, approach Wally in Maps-n-More and ask her to create a sea map for you. After receiving the item, you will be able to explore even more islands.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

Note . In this chapter, you will have to travel a lot between the islands.

Milli Island

Follow Widie to the main street. Talk to her at the window above the previously closed shop. You can ask to borrow Wydee’s golden key. She will only agree if you have more golden keys than her. We’ll come back here later.

Enter the newly opened fish shop with Wydee above. It’s called The Cod’s Wallop. Talk to the shop owner, then take a look at the red flag hanging in the upper left corner. The store owner will say that it belonged to Bella Fisher.

Ask if you can take the flag, and the seller will tell you that it belongs to a semi-secret fishing society. Ask to join them and the shopkeeper will give you fishing bait. He will say that you will be able to detect the representatives of this society with the help of this lure, which they will wear on their clothes.

Now you need to get the flag from the fish store and become a full member of the secret society. The first task will be completed after you complete the second.

Before you leave the store, talk to the two pirates at the bottom of the screen. They’ll challenge you to a burp competition that you can’t win yet. Leave the store.

Exit the fish store and return to the bar. Outside, there is a pirate in green who is carrying a fishing lure. Take the fishing lure from your inventory and show it to the pirate. Choose any option to get a little training. When you finish the conversation, examine the green drink and take it.

Return to the fish shop and challenge the pirates again. Take a sip of an exotic drink and this time you can win. After that, you are allowed to take the pufferfish. Leave this place and return to the locksmith (key keeper). There is a fishing lure hanging on the wall – over there, next to a family portrait and a poster that says “Golden Keys” and five keys above the skull. Show the fishing bait to get new information. Ask about mother and golden keys. You will receive a probate order.

Exit the locksmith shop and go to the prison. You will find that Stan is not there and Otis is in the cell that Stan was in. Ask Otis where Stan went and he will say that he was sent to Brrr Muda. Exit the prison, return to your ship and travel to Tsinga Island, located north of Mili Island.

Tsinga Island

Travel to Tsinga Island and head into the hinterland. There is a camp in the northeast. First go there and try to find Elaine. She will not be there, but you will still stay and explore the camp. Look at the table and the framed photo. Pick it up, then take the note. Exit the camp and go southeast of it to the seagull that you see on the map of Tsinga Island. Approach the seagull and look into its nest. This is the second half of a torn photo from the camp with Guybrush’s face.

You won’t be able to take it now, so read the note and use it to determine where Elaine is on the island. The result will be different for each playthrough, but will give you directions as to which grove to explore. When you find Elaine, talk to her about the project and ask about the painting on the table. She will hand over her flyer. Approach the limes on the left and ask if you can take some.

Show Elaine the fishing lure (it’s pinned to your chest) and she’ll continue your training. Leave the island and head northeast to Brrr Mude. You need to click on the map to move it and see the distant islands (while you are at Mili or Tsingy, they are not visible).

Brrr Muda

Before you get to Brrr Muda, you will be stopped at a checkpoint. You need to hand over the limes and fill out a customs form before moving on. If you followed our guide, you should already have Tsinga limes. If not, go back there and get them from Elaine. When it comes to filling out the customs form, do not indicate that you are a pirate. Check the last box and sign it. You will be allowed to continue driving and get to Brrr Muda. When you get off the ship, go to the left, to the courthouse, which is located in the center of the city (and to the left of the town hall). Give the probate order to the judge and he will give you Mrs. Smith’s golden key.

Exit the courthouse and go north along the path to the center of the island. Go to the Ice Quarry in the lower right corner of the island. When you enter the Ice Pit, you will see a guard in a booth with a fishing lure hanging on it. Show him your fishing bait and he will teach you new tricks. He will also hint that the last person you want to talk to is Apple Bean from LeChuck’s team. Regardless of which order you do it, one of the characters will point to Apple Bean.

Talk to him about entering the Ice Pit and he will say that they have very strict rules and ask who you want to see. Tell him you’d like to see Stan and he’ll demand proof that you know him. Now you don’t have them, so leave the Ice Quarry and head to the Ice Castle to the left of the island. Enter the Ice Castle and follow the long and steep path up. Keep going until you reach the top of the path and you are inside the Ice Castle.

When you enter the Ice Castle, you will see that there is a golden key on the crown of the Snow Queen. Before you go up the stairs to talk to the Snow Queen, look at the firewood behind you. Check them out and pick them up. Look at the small firewood box, then take the matches.

Climb the stairs and talk to the Snow Queen. She will say that the only way to get the golden key of this island is to become the Ice Queen of Brrr Muda. To do this, you need to win three competitions.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

You can challenge the Queen during the first conversation, but you won’t be able to defeat her. If you decide to fight in any challenge, at least get to the town hall quickly (all contests are held there). If you don’t, make your way to the town hall on your own. While in the town hall, go left and up the stairs near the portrait of the Snow Queen to enter the room with one of the contests. Put the firewood you got in the Ice Castle into the fireplace, then light it with the matches. As a result, the icicle hanging from the ceiling will begin to melt. She will distract the Snow Queen.

Hit the triangle against the wall and challenge the Snow Queen in this contest. Wait for the moment when the dripping (melting) icicle will distract the Queen, and she will turn her head to the left, then swap the test sheets. Shortly thereafter, the contest will end and Guybrush will be the winner.

When you return to the town hall, enter the room on the left side where the contest of cordiality is taking place. You will need to read the sign at the back of the room to find out which fish is being cooked today. The competition will not start until you collect some fish, so we will return to it later. The fish you need to buy from the fish shop changes, so be sure to study the sign in this room.

The Severity Contest test takes place in another room in the town hall, which is located in the back. You need to make the Snow Queen laugh by saying a joke she hasn’t heard before. And again, there’s nothing you can do yet.

LeChaka’s ship

Leave Brrr Mudu and return to the ship. Return to Mili Island and see LeChuck’s ship to the east. Dock to LeChaka’s ship and take a look at the shore. Once you’ve done that, climb aboard and find that Apple Bean is still hanging upside down in its original spot (right in front of the door leading to the ship). Show Bob the fishing lure and he will teach you new tricks. Bob is still reading the joke book you borrowed from Flambe earlier, but in order to get it, you will have to find another book and exchange it with Bob.

Now that you’ve spoken to all the Fishermen’s Secret Society, return to the fish shop on Mili Island and show the shop owner the fishing lure. Use what you have learned from members of the community to tell the story. You will be considered an important member of society, and will be able to pick up the Bella Fisher flag from the store.

Do not rush to leave the store. Take the fish you need for the Heart Contest. Now we need to find a book that could be exchanged for a book of jokes from Apple Bob. Return to Carla, in the governor’s mansion. Carla won’t give you another book until you return the one you gave her to the bar chef. If you talk to the chef at the bar, he will say that he will not return the recipe book.

Return to Carla and talk to her about the queue of people outside the mansion, then ask her for help with the natural disaster. When she asks what you need it for, say that you want to restore the local business. Then exit and go down to the bar. Give the chef the IOU from Carla and take the book. If you try to give this book to Apple Bean, he won’t take it, so you need to return the book to Carla and exchange it for another one from the bookshelf. Take the “Never Ending Story of a Journey That Never Ends”, then leave the mansion.

Go to the island and move towards Stan’s shipyard. It collapsed as a result of the earthquake, so now you can take the items that were stored inside. Take the painting and the toothbrush from the building.

Leave the shipyard and go to the museum. Since you stole the bandage, the curator replaced it with a new item – another Bella Fisher flag. To find Bella Fisher and her key, you need to locate her secret fishing spot. The Bella Fisher flag from the fishmonger’s is full of holes so you can hang it on top of the Map of the Sea. However, it shows too many places, so you also need to take the flag from the museum to see if it helps to determine where the fishing spot is. When you talk to the curator about the flags, he will say that there are three flags in total.

Use the key you got from the locksmith earlier and open the display case. So you turn on the alarm, and the Curator will take the flag and start folding it next to the storage room. While he is distracted, break into the opened pantry and take the flag.

So, you have a book that you can give to Apple Bean. Return to LeChuck’s ship and change the book “The Neverending Tale of a Journey That Never Ends” for a book of jokes. While you’re here, go downstairs and make sure Putra refills her shaker with Demon Pepper. Steal the demonic pepper, then leave the ship and return to Tsinga Island.

Tsinga Island

Look for the seagull again. You now have a box of fish that you can use to distract the seagull. On the other hand, if you just throw it away, the seagull will eat the fish and do nothing. Instead, add Putra’s Demonic Pepper to the fish and then toss the box into the seagull. She will fly away and you can pick up the other half of the painting (photo). The fish is spoiled and you need to return to Meli Island and exchange it for a fresh one. Once you’ve done that, return to the ship and head to Brrr Mudu.

Brrr Muda

Go to Ice Quarry and open inventory. Find a photo of Stan at his shipyard and combine it with the photo frame. You can add photos of Stan and Guybrush to the frame. Do this and then show the guard. The guard will lower the drawbridge so you can enter the Ice Pit. Go inside and find Stan behind the Ice Pit (follow the path all the way and go to the far right). Talk to Stan and ask if he wants you to release him. He will refuse and issue a judge’s warrant.

Open inventory and give him the item made by Elaine. He will offer help, but not before he has served his term. Leave the Ice Pit along the path to Stan’s left, next to the empty shackles. So you will return to the town hall.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

Go inside, then go to the back room for a seriousness contest. Hit the triangle. Listen to the Snow Queen’s joke and don’t laugh. Then, when it’s your turn, take out the joke book and tell any joke you want. After winning the second contest, it’s time for the third and final one.

Move into the room on the left, with the fish above the door. Take the fish from inventory, then place it in the bucket. Sprinkle it with demon pepper, then hit the triangle. When the competition starts and the Snow Queen takes her fish, quickly open your inventory and drag the fish from there to your plate. The Snow Queen won’t be able to handle the demon pepper, so you’ll win the final challenge. After doing this, you will receive a crown and a second golden key.

You can now return to Mili Island and talk to Widee Bones to get the third golden key. But first, return to Tsinga Island and talk to Elaine.

Tsinga Island

Ask Elaine to come to the Ice Pit, but she will refuse. Instead, you need to find a way to convince Stan to break out of the Ice Pit. Leave the island of Tsinga and go to the island to the northwest of it.

Barebones Island is tiny, with just one person, a chest, and a tree. Talk to the man to find out that he is an accountant named Ned. He is hiding from someone, and you can ask who exactly. Turns out he’s hiding from Stan and was under the impression that Stan won’t be around for a long time. Show him the Judge’s Warrant and he will hand over the documents to be delivered to the Judge in Brrr Mudu.

Brrr Muda

Rummage through Ned’s papers and take the documents and license from him. Deliver the documents to the judge at the courthouse. He asks for a license from Ned, so combine the license with the photo and leave Guybrush’s photo on one side. Show the judge and he’ll change the ruling. Return to Stan and show him the court order. He wants to be free. Inspect his shackles with the double monocles and get another serial number, which should be taken to the locksmith on Mili Island. Leave Brrr Mudu and return to Mili Island.

Milli Island

Go to the locksmith and get the shackle key. Then follow to Widee Bones. You now have more keys than her, so you can ask for her golden key. She will say that someone stole it. Someone very similar to Iron Rose. This means that you need to return to LeChuck’s ship, but first follow Brrr Mudu to free Stan.

Brrr Muda

When you return to Brrr Mudu, go to the Ice Pit and use the key to open Stan’s chains. You will automatically return with him to Tsinga Island to speak with Elaine. You will receive a new item that you can use in the future. Take the pamphlet, then leave Tsinga Island and head southeast to the ship that is next to LeChuck’s ship.

Talk to the pirates and they will say that no one can board due to scurvy. On one of their lines hangs a flag – the last flag of Bella Fisher, which you need to get. You can show them the original lime flyer that Elaine gave and try to give them limes, but they will refuse. Instead, give them the new and improved flyer that Stan created. They will lower the ladder and let you on board. Collect the third Bella Fisher flag.

Open inventory and combine the three flags with the map. Bella Fisher’s secret fishing spot will appear on the map. It is located east of the drifting ship. Upon arrival, drop anchor and dive into the water. Guybrush can only hold his breath for 8 minutes, which is not enough to get to the right place. Remember Pufferfish from the burp contest? This is where it will come in handy! Open your inventory and select the puffer fish, then jump back into the water.

You can go straight to the bottom. Go right and you will see Bella Fisher and her boat. At the very end of Bella’s boat, on the right, there is a golden key hanging from the edge. Just take it.

From Bella Fisher’s Secret Fishing Spot, head north to the Isle of Terror. Once you have moored your ship, head east. You will see a skeleton and there will be a key in the chest. Take the key and leave the area.

Look to the northwest of the island, to the Mysterious Clearing. When you get there, go right until you see a skeleton with a lamp at the foot. Pick up the lamp and leave the clearing. Now head east to the Winding Path. Continue along the path, to the right, until you reach a gate with a strange sign painted on it.

Try to open the gate, but nothing will come of it. You need to tear off the sign, so use your knife on it. Use the key from the skeleton chest and go through the gate. Open inventory and use the matches on the lamp. It will light up and you will be able to explore the area. Move right again until you reach the warning sign.

winding paths

Move in any direction until you pick up any five pieces of paper. This will take a minimum of time. Study them in your inventory and they will be the key to getting through these paths. To begin with, to simplify the task, you need to return to the entrance. To do this, read the sign you removed from the gate to enter this area and you will be automatically teleported to the very beginning.

Return to the Winding Paths and open the stack of collected notes. You need to use them in a strictly defined order, guided by the seasons. On hard, these are notes related to spring, summer, autumn, winter and again spring.

Use the appropriate symbols to go through the passages to the other side. Go right and you will see the Pit of Agony. Jump into the water and it will immediately extinguish your lamp. It is necessary to make the lamp continue to burn under water, which means that you will have to return to LeChuck’s ship and get a demonic flame. Use the sign from the gate to return to the beginning, then leave the Isle of Terror and find LeChuck’s ship again. Climb aboard the ship and follow to the Crow’s Nest. Flambe is sleeping there: use the lamp on the pirate to light it.

While you’re here, you can pick up the fourth key that Iron Rose stole. Go down into the hold, and you will see that it is guarded by a ghostly chicken. Grab some chicken feed by the stairs, then feed the chicken. Exit the hold and come back to see that the chicken “dropped” the golden key. Take the fourth golden key and return to the Isle of Terror.

When you get to the Isle of Terror, go through the Winding Paths and then jump into the water. This time, the lantern will continue to burn and you will be able to go to the right. Follow to the end of the path, and soon Guybrush will fall into a hole. There is another old acquaintance here that you can talk to. Try to take the Golden Key (continue the dialogue until you can ask for the Golden Key), and soon you will be left without a lamp. Use the sign from the gate again and return to the entrance to the Winding Paths.

With all five keys in hand, return to your ship and you will automatically be sent to Mili Island. Return to Mojo’s house and insert the 5 Golden Keys into the large locked safe. Watch the cut-scene that ends the passage of the fourth act.

Walkthrough Return To Monkey Island – game guide

Act 5. Under the monkey’s head

The final chapter will begin with Elaine and Guybrush returning to Monkey Island and following the head of the Giant Monkey. During the conversation, choose any options. The head will be open and you can jump inside. Go right and you will soon meet a friend. Keep walking to meet LeChuck. Follow the zigzag path until one of LeChuck’s crew members appears and orders you to stop. Keep following the path until you reach the end. The only way is down, so jump right away.

Luckily for Guybrush, there is a ledge just below where he will land. Go through the door on the right and you will enter a room with several paths. One of them will be blocked, so you can go left or right. Read the message on the blocked door, which says that only an organized pirate can get through.

The further path is one big circle, so no matter which route you take, you will return to the same room. In each of the rooms you will find a statue of a Monkey. There are four of them in total, and they will all look like they are missing something. In the first room on the right you will find a Jolly Monkey. Something is missing in her hand. It is standing on the barrel, so place the empty mug of grog from your inventory into the monkey’s hand.

In the next room is a squinting monkey. Place your monocle in her hand, then go to the lower right corner of the room and take the pebble. Guybrush will say that it looks like a figure eight made of stone. Keep going and you will come to a frustrated monkey. Place the knife in her hand, then go to the next room. You will find another item you can pick up and a monkey with a parrot. Give this statue some crackers you took from the locksmith.

Once you do this, the door will open. Go back through each room and pick up all the items. Don’t worry, the doors will remain open. Return to the main room and go to the stairs. Before you go down it, take a look at the doorway and the picture above. Remember what you saw.

Now go down the stairs to the second floor. Read the message on the door that says you need to be observant. Pick up the coin that is in the southern part of the room and then head to the right. In the first room you will find Captain Monkeybeard and a large treasure chest. The second room has a statue of a Monkey with a Mop and a smaller treasure chest. When you enter this room, be sure to pick up the pebble next to the Monkey statue.

Now enter the third room and you will see a hut with a tiny treasure chest. In the middle of the circle in this room, there is another pebble that can be picked up.

You will now have 5 pebbles or 8 stone pieces. To solve the puzzle, you need to distribute the pebbles to each of the treasure chests. The idea is that the monkey with the biggest treasure chest should have the most coins, and no monkey can have the same number of coins.

To solve this problem, drop 2 pebbles on the treasure chest in the hut. Then go left, return to the room with the mop monkey and drop 2 pebbles on the treasure chest. Go left again and into the last room with Captain Monkeybeard. Throw the last 2 pebbles into the treasure chest. You now have 2 monkeys with the same number of pebbles in treasure chests, and no more pebbles. Open inventory and examine the last piece. Add an 8 to Captain Monkeybeard’s treasure chest.

The door will open. Before you leave, collect three coins from Captain Monkeybeard and pay attention to the sign above the door before heading down the stairs.

Before you start, read the sign on the locked door and you’ll be told that only a bloodthirsty pirate will get through. Go right and you will see a Sad Monkey with a drain underneath. Open inventory and use the knife on the sad monkey. Keep going to the right and you will see a screaming monkey in the new room. Do the same – use the knife on the statue. Go right and you will face another task. The third statue is broken so you can’t use your knife on it.

Return to the previous room and use the empty mug of grog on the statue. Fill it with liquid, then return to the broken statue. Use the mug of grog on the grate to add liquid to it. This will open the way further, and you will be able to go down even lower under the Head of the Giant Monkey. Notice the number above the doorway.

As you enter the next room, a giant wheel will be spinning on the other side. Go right and you will find another puzzle. There are 3 rings on the wheel. To find the starting position of each of the rings, use the pictures and numbers above the three doorways you just passed.

The face should match the red triangle above the wheel. The riddle is not so simple, and its solution does not open the door. Go back down the stairs and follow the path to the right, towards the lava. You will reach a stone slab. Read the hint to solve the puzzle:

  • After 4 additional years at sea,
  • Their knees buckled,
  • 3 steps to the right and 2 steps to the left,
  • Until they fell off the deck and met Davy Jones.

If we interpret it and transform it into a puzzle, we get:

  • Change the number 4 times
  • Rotate the inner wheel 2 times
  • Rotate the outer wheel 3 times

When the wheel is up, you can go through the door and find out the secret of Monkey Island.

There will be spoilers for the walkthrough and ending of the game. If you don’t want to know the secret of Monkey Island, stop reading!

Once you enter the door… (SPOILERS)

You’ll end up in an alley on Meli Island, next to a fish shop that looks a little different. Pick up the popcorn you see on the floor, then follow the alley back to High Street. When you get to the High Street, you will realize that you are in an amusement park run by Stan.

He will say that the park is closing, so it remains to turn everything off. Stan will hand over the keys and ask you to turn off the lights. Explore the sights as much as you want. Then, when you’re ready to go, interact with each of the locked switches with Stan’s keys to turn everything off. When everything is off, talk to Elaine – it’s time to go home.

Returning to the bench, Guybrush will talk to his son, who will ask what is the secret of monkey island. But what to answer him – decide for yourself …


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