Vikings Coin Master: When does it come out?

The most anticipated and most incredible event in all of Coin Master. If you are just starting out in the game so far and wondering what is and when is Vikings in Coin Master coming out , you came to the right place to find out.

You may not know it yet, but Coin Master has a bunch of events that take place every month and each one gives you very specific benefits, by collecting cards, buying chests, completing villages, doing raids and many more, but when If they tell you about a Viking event, get ready because it means that a lot of very easy-to-win prizes are coming up.

When does Vikings come out in Coin Master


Unfortunately, there is no exact way to know when the next Viking Mission will come out, since the developers notify it almost the same day of the event, so all you have to do is keep an eye on the game’s official social networks and, of course, the notifications you receive. of the app.

Viking Mission Event

The official name of the event is “Viking Mission” and it is an event where the slot machine now works using coins instead of the typical spins. It looks like a new game within the same Coin Master app, but here, in addition to playing with the coins, you must complete a journey that has 10 different missions and when you complete them you receive more and more rewards.

To unlock this event, you first need to reach village #50 and have a lot of coins to be able to participate because it is what you will use throughout the event to win the prizes. The mission usually lasts from 30 minutes to several hours.

Viking Mission Rewards

The rewards of this Viking Quest can include large barrels of coins, chests of all categories, bags filled with up to 5,000 free spins, bottles of purple potion with which you can level up your pets and you can also receive a golden letter, the more difficult to obtain and exchange.

Another great benefit is that while you are in this event and earn coins, they will be protected for 3 minutes after each spin, so no one can loot them from you.

One of the prizes that rarely appears is up to 35 million coins, and the only way to have it is if you manage to have 3 Viking helmets in the machine with one of the spins.

Strategy to win in the Viking Mission in Coin Master

If you want to be a big winner, you will need to have a lot of coins saved up to do a lot of spins during the event, because the goals that the Viking quest sets implies that you do a certain number of spins until you win an exact amount of coins and with each level you clear , the demand will be much greater, as well as the rewards.

Ideally, you should start spending very few coins and as you advance in level, start raising the bet so that you have more opportunities to reach the goal that is indicated to you.


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